Allergic to Allergies

Riley Sanders isn't exactly the "all-around" type of girl in her town of Gainesville, Florida. You'll usually hear girls blabbering along about One Direction or Pretty Little Liars, but Riley isn't like that. When One Direction is brought up, all she can think is, "disgusting". But what happens once Riley meets an un-expected savior?


1. Chapter 1 - The Concert

*Riley's POV*

Autumn leaves swept across my ripped up Converse, allowing the goosebumps to pop up along my tan skin. My body ached, trying to keep itself warm but was failing miserably. Crossing my arms across my chest, I sneaked a chomp at my cheap candy bar. I knew I shouldn't be eating it, but it's all I had since a had spent all my money on my dumbass sister's concert merchandise. She had insisted that I spent my cash on something, something other than food or water or anything maybe useful.

"Lost much?"a thick irish accent cut right through my ears just like a butter knife, interrupting my thoughts. "Because the expression on your face seems like it." I slowly perked up my head and took a step back.

"I'm not suppose to talk to strangers," I spat at the boy in my view. "Especially blonde, irish strangers." A gust of wind flew by again, making me hop up off the ground gracefully. The crunch of pebbles broke the silence between our small talk as my soles hit the pavement. 

"Technically, I'm not a stranger." he spoke, adjusting his flat-cap to show his golden hair a bit more. "Don't you recognize me?" I shook my head, rubbing my shoulder in embarrassment.

"Am I suppose to?" I questioned him, cocking my eyebrow. "Are you a friend of my sister or brother?" He began to chuckle, snorting as he did. He flexed his arms behind his neck and stretched his hands out in the air.

"I'm Niall Horan," he smiled. "From One Direction? You probably don't know it's me since it's so bloody dark out." I then began to burst out laughing, not just a small giggle.

"I probably don't recognize you because I believe your band is stupid." I pointed out to him, then after placing my hand over my mouth to hold in my response of chuckles. A smirk appeared on his face as he crossed his arms across his striped t-shirt. 

"Oh? So you're not a fan?" he grinned, eyeing my body all over. "Then what's with the shirt?" My eyes popped out of their sockets when I then remembered that my sister has forced me also to purchase some merchandise to "go with the group", so I had gotten a silly shirt that  had "1D" printed in festive colors. I blushed, my face was burning up since I would make myself a even bigger fool if I had told him that story, but what choice did I have?

"My...-- um, sister made me buy it at the concert," I shyly told him. "Which shouldn't you be at it?" He shook his head, a frown appearing on his face.

"It ended about forty minutes ago," he stated. "You were at the concert, but then left? Isn't that a bit low?" 

"No, that's not it!" My mouth began to blubber out a whole bunch of words, un-able to "keep my cool". "I was there, but then my sister wanted me to buy some drinks that they didn't sell there, some protein thing she and her friends are on! I went to get some, but got totally lost!" Of course, I was making a huge fool of myself, as always. The performer though had his shiny white teeth glowing in the moonlight along with his blue eyes glistening just as bright. 

"To be honest, I never actually enjoyed your band." I finally breathed out.

"To be honest, neither have I." I stared at him, my brown eyes searching him over.

"What do you mean? You have it all."

"It's not like that, it's just too much for me." he began to lower his body down, setting his bum at the edge of the sidewalk. "That's why I'm out here, in the open dark. Around these parts, people are too poor to even know who I am, that's what I enjoy about it." I too lowered my bum down, sitting myself beside him.

"That's a bit harsh, don't you think?" 

He shrugged his shoulders and slid his hands behind his slim back to hold his weight up. 

"Isn't the whole world harsh?" For the first time, I returned his reply with a smile and then flicked my eyes up to search the midnight sky for the stars. 

After a few minutes of complete, necessary silence, Niall poked my shoulder.

"Do you want to use my cellphone?" he questioned me, digging his hand into his back-pocket.

"That would be nice I guess," I responded, sticking my hand out to retrieve the device. Niall removed his phone from his back-pocket and carefully placed it down into my palm. I nodded at him as a "thank you" and unlocked the home screen to start and dial my mother.


A few seconds of ringing and buzzing, my croaky voiced mother answered the phone. She gets "croaked" when she has been sobbing and bawling a whole lot.

"H-hello?" she sniffled, blowing her nose into a something useful.

"Mom? It's Riley. Can you pick me up on Sickemore? It's by Palo's Prescription Drugs." 

"RILEY! Riley, do you know how much I've worried in sorrow?"

"I get it, just punish me when I get home, okay?"

"Honey, I found your phone in your room. Who's phone are you using?" I checked my eyes over at the One Direction celebrity who was whistling a funky tune and messing around with his hat. I shook my head, thinking to myself in my head that my mom would probably repeat the name which would lead to Karen, my sister, to have a seizure. 

"I just used a restaurant's phone." 

"Oh, smart girl! I'll be right over, Sickemore, Sickemore..." my mother mumbled the street name as she hung up the phone. I sighed, powering off Horan's cell phone and waltzing over to him. He faced me, taking back his phone and dropping it off into his back-pocket.

"So you're name is Riley?" I looked at him innocently and nodded slowly to inform him yes.

"Riley what?"

"Riley Sanders." He began to step closer to me, his warm breath reaching my face.

"And can I reach you any way, Riley Sanders?" My cheeks brightened to a rosy mix of pink and red as I reached behind my back to itch a un-bearful itch. 

"You can't, you'll just have to find me."


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