The love of my life

Yep so this is a Austin mahone movilla don't hate
It's my first movilla:( sorry


3. Chap.3 bad morning,bad ideas

It has been a month sense Austin came over that weekend. Every morning I wake up ether throwing up or my stomach stinging like cray cray. I am going to the doctors today because Austin thinks I may be prego. If I am I will probably cry because I'm not ready for a kid yet. But he is coming with me to the doctors all I have been asking him is If he used a condom. He don't remember I he did or not so I'm scared. All that I can be happy about is that it isn't some dorks baby if I am. Ah! Do you ever get the feeling ur ready but not ready. Yea... That's how I feel. Well we are on our way to the doctors to check and it was silent the whole way till we got there. That is when I started to flip. My stomach wasn't to happy with me it felt like I was going to throw up and guess what I felt it and ran to the bathroom. Austin was right behind me holding my hair and I was throwing up:( I'm so sorry for Austin this will ruin his life if I am pregnant. He may leave me! Oh um yea he asked me out about a week ago!!!! Ah! I told him yes and we have been dating since. But the doctor messed up my thoughts and we walked in the office thing. She took some blood from me and told me to pee in a cup ew! That's so nasty who the hell would want a cup full of piss?! Austin was waiting for me in the room and he was talking to hisself so I just walked in and he smiled. He's so cute! Well after the doctor came back in she gave me a prego test ugh! So I went back in the bathroom and peed on the thingy mickbober. It had a fucking plus on it! I cried and cried and cried till Austin came and nocked on the door asking if I was ok. I told him to come in and he did he saw it was a plus and cried to putting my head in his chest. Well yep I guess I'm pregnant:/

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