The love of my life

Yep so this is a Austin mahone movilla don't hate
It's my first movilla:( sorry


2. Chap.2 the weekend

So it's the weekend, me and Austin are good friends now we like alwase hang out. He's really cool all I know is if one of my friends went out with him, I would be so jelly. He's coming over today so and we have been hitting it off really well. He will be here in about 30 min. 

*skip to him getting there*

" hey" he said after I opened the door. " um hey we can go to my room if ya wanna?" I said kinda scared. "Yea shur I really don't care" he said with a smirk on his face. He alwase does that and he's just so hot it makes me want to cry. I took his by the arm and went to my room upstairs. He still had a smirk on his face so I asked him why he was making a face all he did was smile. We say on my bed and didn't k ow what to do all this sudden I here my name "um hey Tayler?" He said "yea?" "What if I kissed you right now?" All I could say was I don't know. He looked like he was going to cry so I turned his head and dumb me I kissed him! All I felt was a shock but it was a good shock. So I kept kissing him. He started rubbing up and down my spine. I was playing with his hair this kiss got deeper and deeper. He took off his shirt and all I could see was abs. I started to think I'm going to loose my v to the cutest boy ever. He started going up my shirt and he took it off. All I was in was a bra and pants. He started kissing all over me. He cupped my boob and messed with it he took off his pants and started rubbing me. I could tell he was ready he was hard. He took my pants off and kissed all over till he got to my panty line he bit my panties and dragged them down.he licked my clit and  stuck his tonge in me. He kissed my lips again and placed himself above me about to go in. I nodded my head and he pushed himself in me. It hurt so bad at first but than it felt good. After about 30 min. Of that he pulled out and layed next to me and we fell asleep like that.

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