The love of my life

Yep so this is a Austin mahone movilla don't hate
It's my first movilla:( sorry


1. Chap. I school

Ok so today is Monday the worst day of the week. I want to be homeschooled so bad, but the good thing about today is we finally have a new student. People are saying that he's really cute. The bad thing is i haven't seen him yet. I'm in my first period now an it's English. I have a 69 in this class I know not the best grade. It's only because I sit next to the cutest boy I have ever seen his names garret. He has blonde hair like me and all the girls want to date him. I stopped trying because I know I'm not going to get him to like me. That's the sad part I get bullied everyday they say I'm to short I'm anerexic hand in as dumb as a hippo. Oh let me tell you something's about me my name is Tayler I'm skinny blonde long hair and I'm 18. I have never had a boyfriend before I'm still a V and u can say that I can be bad when I want but it will never get that far. 




ok so I'm at lunch and all I'm doing is drawing dont ask what I draw. All this sudden I see a shadow above me I look up and I have never seen him before but e is really cute! "Um may I help you?" I say covering my notebook up. "Oh um... No I'm Austin I'm new here and I was wondering if I could sit here?" Oh great what does he want he wants to bully me like all the rest? I told him he can. We talked for a long time till the bell rang. Well I get to go home now so I told Austin bye and left to go home. 




hey guess this is my first time righting a movilla I know it's bad. Give me some ideas!!!!

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