After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


20. You'll never forget your first time

18. You'll never forget your first time


Weeks had passed, since I shared my story with Lena, I don’t know what it is with her that made me act the way I did towards her, I don’t understand the depth of feelings I am feeling for her, yes she’s different from other girls, that is very clear. She’s strong and held her own ground with whomever, she don’t care what other people thought or in fact what would happen to her for defending whatever cause she is going after.


I groaned inwardly, I had been gifted with the blasted nickname by Lena, no matter what I said or did she wouldn’t stop calling me the name, so suddenly she had become my weak spot.

She started giggling when she looks at me, I guess my face held my dislike for the name. She came and sat on my lap, I remember when I had to drag and hold her captive, whenever I want to hold her against me in school, but now she sat there every chance she got even if an empty seat is right beside me. I knew it, I am that irresistible.

“Guess what tomorrow is?”

Tomorrow? Is there something important she told me, oh shit I am so in for it now, she’s going to take my head for forgetting, no she wouldn’t she liked me too much to kill me, with that thought in my head, I started smirking, she is looking at my face with an amused expression.

“Of course you’d forget, well my family is leaving tomorrow, so you can stop sneaking into my room in the night, and I’ll just come and live with you.”

I grabbed her face and kissed her, ever since she sat on my lap, and started talking I have want to taste her sweet lips and mouth of course, and adding to the fantastic news she just said, I cannot hold back, but she clearly isn’t complaining as she kissed me back, with just as much enthusiasm and passion.

“McCann! Hastings! Lunch is over.”

Lena abruptly sprang away from me, and blushingly looks sorrily at the teacher who had interrupted us. The teacher gave me a look of disapproval, and Lena one of a lost cause.

“Your relationship, with Mr McCann is going to ruin your school grades, you are at the top months ago, and now you have slacked so much, someone can easily overtake you. Do what is best for you and you know what that is.”

What the faux is the dude saying, I can feel my anger growing. I got up not able to take the shit he is saying to Lena and asked him

“What is that meant to mean?”

“That you’re going to ruin her and everything she has worked for.”

I took a step towards him, my anger about to get the best of me and make me do something that I would definitely not regret.

“Enough! You don’t know what’s going on with me, for you to jump to such conclusion sir, thank you but what you just told me is highly unnecessary and if I may say rude to a degree, even if you are a teacher. I will pull my weight and no one will ever ruin my education.”

With that she left the room, leaving the stunned teacher behind. I barged past him, making sure to hit him hard with my shoulder. Lunch is over and we both knew that clearly, we both had a free period now, the only one we had together during the school week.

He had to ruin such a happy moment for both of us, blockhead of a teacher he is, damn but if Lena hadn’t spoken I would have punched the  light out of him, Lena's the most hardworking person I know and everyone knows how hardworking she is. She may seem okay and extremely happy to the outside world, but she isn’t she’s one of the strongest person I know and that teacher unknowingly and stupidly just took a shot at trying to break her.

I found her outside seating under a tree, I sat behind her and dragged her in between my legs, and she sighed and rested her head on my chest.

“I don’t get it, I know my grades dropped a bit, but don’t I deserve to take a break? My grades are still good enough to earn me any scholarship I want and trust me when I say I have many. So pathetic isn’t it, using my grades to talk about his disapproval of my relationship, which is clearly not his business.”

“Let’s forget him shall we, so you’re going to be living with me, for how long?”

She moaned and I looks down at her surprised, she had a goofy smile on her face as if she is lost in thoughts, I started grinning cause she’s really cute, she’s got my head all messed up and mushy.

“Two weeks, they want to be around for prom and obviously graduation.”

“I have you to myself for two weeks; I am the luckiest man on earth.”

She smiled at me, before she sat up and claimed my lips and I let her, I liked her sudden boldness with me, she took delight in surprising me like this and surprising me she did very well. I never saw it coming, either she is throwing herself at me and demanding my lips or curled into me, like she can't get enough of me and I am basking in the attention.

She had become more than my girlfriend in the past weeks, she also had become someone I can confide in without being judged, well of course she did insult me and made me feel like the dumbest person on earth when she believed I warrant that treatment, which is occasionally.

I pulled out of the kiss, because we’re in public and especially on school grounds, we don’t want to do anything we are going to regret, well something she is going to regret.

We heard the bell ring, and she pecked my lips couple of times before she dragged herself away from, I am so irresistible. I watched her go before getting up and stalking towards my next class, with Nate. I got there before him, when it hit me--Two weeks and some days from now, it would be time for prom. Oh no, no. I had used up the entire romantic in me asking her to be my girlfriend, I groaned and heard someone snicker seating beside me.

“Nate we have got a problem.”

“We? Don’t you mean you?”

“No dipshit, of course I said we because I am referring to myself.”

“Okay calm your tits boy, what’s eating at you?”


“Holy faux...”

Is all I heard Nate say, if I am not thinking of how I am going to pull asking Lena to be my date, I would have laughed at Nate’s reaction, cause he also had become silent and pale.


“He still doesn’t have a clue does he?”

I looks at Cara and Aria, who are waiting for me talk expectantly, I told them about my dad’s infidelity eventually, and they had been helping me along with Jason, I knew they are all worried about me, but I can say I am fine now, I had forgiven my dad and Louis although wary about Dad, is comfortable around him, but he still preferred Jason to the lots of us.


I groaned to them, you did think the dumb boy, would get the hint I had been throwing his way, I knew he had noticed there is something different about me and the way I had been acting towards him, but he isn’t picking up on my subtle moves.

“Poor girl, at least you can rest assured he would be willing to sex you up. Nate is dead strong on us waiting and it's killing me. I want him to be my first doesn’t he get it, he is the right one and the way that he is so against it, is so sweet and makes me want him even more.”

“Oh shut it you two, you both have the guys you want, while I have to move on from mine, I finally had the courage to man up and corner Dylan, I even kissed him.”

“You what?”

I screeched at her, poor Aria and Dylan. Dylan is perfectly happy with his boyfriend and I knew this because he confided in me and I had warned him about Aria, he had been shocked and feel like crap for a while, but eventually I am able to talk him out of his self-induced depression, I had advised him to approach Aria and tell her the truth, because she would accept it.

“I know, I am so mortified, he pushed me away as soon as our lips touched and he said we can only ever be friends and he would never be interested, he only sees me has a sister.”

My heart went out to Aria, whose face is flaming red at the moment, having to retell her ordeal, I took her hand in mine and squeezed it, she looks at me with tears in her eyes and both I and Cara comforted her.

“I guess, it’s time to move on...I wonder who would be the lucky girl that would capture his heart.”

You mean guy, my dear friend and his heart has long been captured, by him.

“So you girls down, we meet up with April and the rest to go prom shopping together?”

Prom, I don’t want to go for it, because it’s not really my scene, apart from the dressing up bit, which I would totally love, but I promised my mum that I did go, so of course I had to go.

“We won’t miss it for our boyfriends.”

I said and Cara and Aria sniggered, glad I can see Aria had remotely cheered up, now with prom on her mind she started talking

“I wonder what outlandish way your boyfriends are going to ask you both, I promise myself that the person who asks me in the most extravagant way will be my prom date, since Dylan is clearly out of the picture.”

“You know what, Aria I am looking forward to the way Jason is going to ask me, but if I don’t lose my virginity by tomorrow night, Jason McCann's attempts to ask me to prom will be in vain.”


Oh hell no, Cara and Aria are laughing and by the looks of it they might fall off from their chairs, I turned around to see a smirking Jason looking at me, and a sniggering Nate behind him, a bemused looking Cole who looks very sheepish, and a nervous Dylan.

“You can have just asked me Lena.”

This is so embarrassing, but now that he knew, I might as well accuse him of his naïveté and obliviousness towards my entire attempt at getting him to do something about it. I stand up, and carried my bag.

“What do you I have been trying to tell you the past weeks, with all my actions?”

With that said, I used up my last dignity and left the room, still flaming red in the face, I am not even out yet when Nate lost himself to his laughter, I am joined by Dylan and I gave him a knowing look, he nodded and smiled sadly at me, but he is relieved, I can tell, because he had done the right thing, no matter how painful it had been for Aria.


I and Dylan turned around to see Jason behind us, Dylan said he did see me later and quickly left Jason and I, I turned to look at Jason, my face turning red all over again. He stepped in front of me and held my face as he looks into my eyes.

“Lena, I did be honoured.”

Is all he said before he kissed me, I don’t know how long he had me pressed against a locker, but his lips are suddenly torn from mine and I see him struggling in Nate’s arms, when he finally released himself, he punched Nate who doubled over, but is painfully laughing.

Cara looks alarmed, but Jason had no eye for her, he grabbed me and lifted me like a man with a mission to his car, and drove like a mad man to his house.

Once we got into the house, he slammed the door and had had me pressed up against it, his lips attacking mine.

“Why should we wait for tomorrow, when we can do it right now?”

I grinned and his lips reattached themselves to mine, my inside is melting away at his aggressive but yet still gentle touch and claiming of my mouth, body and soul.


“Nate, why won’t you just have sex with me that is hot?”

I turned to look at Jason who is just as shocked as I am, my dear gods, if Nate doesn’t sate Cara’s hunger soon, I bet she would rape him, and what the hell though, why were they listening to us!

“Jason, we have weird friends.”

“We won’t have them any other way, no matter the weird shit they do, because of that I respect Dylan and Stefan.”

I sat up forgetting my sore body and looks at Jason, who is smirking at me.

“Thought I don’t know?”

Well duh, of course I don’t know he knew, but how? They never mentioned Jason, Cole or Nate knowing, but if he knew that meant he don’t care about their sexuality at all and accepted them for what they are.

“How did you find out?”

“Of course you just have to question me don’t you? You little wench.”

I stuck my tongue out at him, he sat up and dragged me back to him and laid me on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me.

“I have camera’s recording in the corners of my house, that no one knows about but you.”

“What the hell Jason, you’re such a pervert. I bet you saved the videos of me.”

He just laughed, I am shocked, but not surprised it’s something Jason would do, so it’s not the least be surprising.

“No I don’t, why would I? When I have the real girl with me.”

“Jason, home is with you.”

I cannot tell him, I loved him, in fact he can never find out and that’s the closest I can ever come to letting know, how I feel about him. He pulled me closer and held me tighter, as he rested his chin on my head, and I heard him say before I drifted off to sleep

“My home is wherever you are Lenari Hastings.”



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