After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


17. When the closet is full, things tend to fall out

15. When the closet is full, things tend to fall out


Talk about awkward! Jason made sure to have me glued to his side when we got to school, the minute I stepped out from his Rover, and I cannot even escape from his arm securely wrapped around me, if I want to. He don’t have to be worried about his rep taking a beating, from the video of him asking me to be his girlfriend, going viral, I mean no one had dared to utter a word; they just stared at us as we passed them, and I knew my face is red to the root.

“Ah! The whipped boy and his belle.”

I let out a breathe of relief and smiled at Nate, who had just approached us, but he's such a hypocrite, when he accuses Jason of being whipped, so for once I defended my boyfriend, yes I can say boyfriend! I cannot wait to fangirl with Maria when she got back. Jason is right, I should stop worrying if things aren’t fine with Maria and dad, and she would be back by now.

“Yeah, look at who’s talking…I better call Cara to put you in line and hence your performance of who is more whipped.”

Jason smirked, before he started laughing, Nate childishly stuck his tongue out at me, I rolled my eyes at him, extracting myself from Jason, he pouted and I just pecked him on his lips, still conscious about everyone looking at us.

“I missed school yesterday! Gotta go get my stuff and start explaining to the teachers.”

“I got us covered yesterday…Maria helped with that bit, I kind of have letters written by Maria, in case we both had to look after Louis and not go to school, in cases of emergencies and yesterday is one.”

Wow Jason, very smooth, note my sarcasm; but I cannot stop the smile from forming on my face, and he is grinning at me, I shook my head at the guys who are both wearing mirrored grins, trying to extract myself from Jason, who isn’t letting me go.

“I want more than a peck, what are we? Kindergartens”

He answered his own question, before descending and ravishing my lips, till I forgot the staring people, but not enough to forget I am in school, I pull myself away from him and run away to my locker before he can catch me.

“Girl you got a lot of talking to do.”

Is the first thing I heard when I approached my locker, to my awaiting entourage, including Cara, Aria, Sue, Lisa, Mary and April, I smirked at them I am used to this now, they are my girlfriends ever since Aria’s sleepover we have been inseparable, we talk, gossip and chill out with each other, that is when I am not with Jason and the boys, basically we do what girls love doing together and also we have had a study date.

“Talking? Doesn’t the video say it all?”

I retaliated at them, they moved so I can get my books from my locker, it’s funny because we had done this to Cara, when I mistakenly spilled the beans about her and Nate, but Cara isn’t mad at me, besides she liked them and she said since Paris already knew it wouldn’t be a secret for much longer. I wonder what happened between the two of them all of a sudden. Paris gave me the evils, but one of these days I am going to walk up to her and let us hash it out of our system, this useless bitch piss fight that we had going between us.

As soon as my head disappeared into my locker, they all started gushing, and talking about how they want me to tell them everything from the beginning, of course I would indulge them and tell them, but I needed to get to class, I love school.

“During our free period. I missed school yesterday.”

“So, I’d gladly miss school and get away with it.”

I am about to reply to Sue, when Cara cut in and said to her “We all will, but Lena, loves school.”

They groaned, but we all moved to go for our first period, yeah call me a joy kill, but I love school and my education comes first.


I had gushed and told the girls about yesterday, not leaving a single detail out, we spent our free period talking about Jason and I, which is quite a long time if you ask me, but I cannot have been happier to indulge them.

At lunch, Jason made sure to have me seated on his lap, while we ate from his tray, which is packed because well we both love food. We jokingly fed each other, till I rubbed ketchup all over his mouth, and in revenge he kissed me and rubbed his face on mine.

“Eww Jason!”

“It’s your fault not mine. Maria gets back tomorrow; she sent me a message right before lunch, just remembered.”

“She sent you a message!”

I screeched at him, he smirked at me. How treacherous of her, oh my gods and I am the one who had been worried about her and she can't even call me once, me her family but she calls Jason, I feel so betrayed.

“Ugh! You both really annoy me.” I say, as I tried to get up from his lap, but his grip tightened on my waist, not letting me get up.  “Let me go, I need to give a certain Hastings a piece of my mind.” I say fighting but, of course he's stronger than I would ever be.

“No! If you want to do that, do it here, right on my laps…I like you on it. She said she’s coming tomorrow and will see you after school, she said she would pick Louis from baby day care herself so not to worry.”

“Well, I might as well give it to her tomorrow, for betraying family over a rich guy who can take care of her baby.”

“I am not just any rich guy, I am your boyfriend.”

“She doesn’t know that.”


“Well, as much as you’re enjoying my butt pressed up on your privates, I need to go meet April before lunch is over, and you’re starting to lose your badassness.”

“Lose my badassness? Hell no it just got hotter, I got the hottest chick and one none has bagged before. I’m the top King.”

I blushed, I can feel the heat rushing all over my skin, I kissed him hard and long till he stiffened beneath me, when I pulled back from him, he groaned and I smirked, before releasing myself, going to meet April.

As I walked out of the cafeteria, I notice Paris walking alone on the passageway and I rush to go and meet her, I want my friend back and I won’t take sides in whatever she and Cara had going on.


“What? You want congratulations on bagging Jason from me, well okay Miss Queen Bee congratulations.”

“What the hell Paris? You’re acting so out of line, wait what Aria invited us for a sleepover and you aren’t deal with it. If you hung around with me and Cara more often, than those people who you call your friends, you did be friends with Aria now.”

“Now you’re insulting my friends? Who do you think you are, just because you got the popular guy and the popular girl is now your best bud?”

“Look, I never pushed you out, I want my friend back and not this bitter person you’re now.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yes I am sure, Paris I have known you since we are little, you’re one of my oldest friends and that is never going to change.”

She stopped and looks at me, but the look on her face is unreadable. I knew she always want to be the most popular and liked fame and attention, that’s why I don’t complain when she hung out with the wannabes and even left me on our outings to go out with them, yes call me dumb and how she isn’t much of a friend, because beside those nasty aspect of her, she really is a great person.

“Never be sure about that, things are never gonna be same between us Lena, once again without even trying you have stolen the limelight from me, especially when I finally bagged Cole, you just had to do something bigger.”

“You know what, I’m done. When you have gotten rid, of that green snake wrapped around your neck, come find me…I can’t with you.”

Is all I said before walking away, annoyed as hell, really how can she blame me, like I planned all of this, why am I even listening to her, she's just a jealous bitch, that happened to be my friend, God, she just had to complicate everything, she said I stole the limelight like always? When has the limelight ever shone on me? At least until presently, I may be happy and enjoying the outcomes of it, but don’t mean I am basking and gloating in the afterglow of all that had happened to me, I mean behind the spotlight, there are the dark shadows I had have to endured this past weeks.

“What’s up your ass?”

I looks up to see Cara and April sitting together, at me and April’s desk in sociology class, we three had this period together. I want answers and I want it now, I want to know what had happened between Cara and Paris.

“Paris is what happened and now why are you and she no longer friends?”

“She called me a whore, said I never truly is her friend and just had to use you to get Nate, who doesn’t even want me, just the sex he is getting from me and when he’s had enough fun he did discard me like every other girl he plays with.”

“She said that to you?” I asked her, not believing this, but somehow still believing it, because of what had just happened

“What the hell!” April said

“Tell me about it.” Is what Cara replied, now Paris needed to get her head set straight and stop being a nasty bitch. I totally would understand why Cara won’t associate with her anymore and truthfully what Paris had said is unforgivable.

“Don’t let that bitch get to you, I went to talk to her, believe me if you had told me what she had said to you I won’t have gone to her, she accused me of being a popularity hog, isn’t that rich coming from her, when she hangs out with all the wannabes? Anyway she said I stole the limelight and accused me of everything she actually is.”

“Wow, I can’t believe she is once our friend, I knew she's spiteful, but I never knew she can ever have been this mean. The funny thing is, Nate always stops before anything can happen and even if I want to have sex with Nate he won’t want to. He said he wants to take things slow.”

That promptly ended all the dark thoughts in my mind, did Cara just kind of confess she want to have sex with Nate, oh lord my sweet sweet Cara is talking about sex and isn’t even shy about it, she's growing out of her shell “Somebody is horny I can tell.” April said and we all started laughing and with that we forgot about Paris and took on a lighter topic and started laughing and talking, till the teacher came and Cara had to go seat with her partner.

“I want to have sex with Nate, I just know he is the right one.”

Okay, April is right she's definitely horny, my eyes widened at her and Aria just laughed, while April rolled her eyes. I looks at Cara who had a faraway look in her eyes and her skin is turning red.

“Well then, tell Nate you want to have sex with him.”

I told her and she blushed and shook her head in embarrassment, if she wants to have sex with her boyfriend then she should, she's seventeen after all and the legal age to have sex with a fellow minor, oh wait! Nate isn’t a minor, he's eighteen, but whatever he's her boyfriend and whatever that went on with them is fully consensual.

“I hope you’re not worried about what that bitch said? Nate clearly treasures you…unlike he did Danny, that poor girl practically sold herself to him for his love but all he did is use her for sex…oops I shouldn’t have said that.”

Aria and I just burst into laughter, while Cara turned red and also April, because of what she had just said to Nate’s girlfriend but she's right. Maybe Paris words did affect Cara and come to think of it, it should have, Cara's innocent and a kind little sweetheart, which Paris obviously knew and preyed upon.

“Who’s the bitch and what did I miss?”

Aria asked so we filled her in on what had happened, and she is livid when we are done, she even said she purposely came to meet I and Cara when Paris isn’t with us because she don’t want to invite her for the sleepover, she said she don’t like wannabes and people who feel they had to impress and live up to people’s standards and not for themselves.

Invited the girls over after school to Jason’s and of course they teased me mercilessly, on how I currently is living with my boyfriend and how married I sounded, what the hell though, we just started dating. Now Jason isn’t going to flip because we are sort of having a barbeque and Cara's obviously invited but it would do us good to have more girls around.

After School, I and Jason went to pick up Louis from day care, before going to his house, to get dressed, of course change into my bikini, a great barbeque party involves swimming and I am taking advantage of the pool in the backyard, even Louis and his nanny are invited for it.

When we got to the house, everyone is already there and of course they start teasing me endlessly, about I and Jason being married with a baby, honestly they act like a bunch of preteens, I hand Louis to his nanny, before going upstairs to change into my bikini, which is really a killer set, modest and seducing at the same time, well as modest as a bikini can get.

My door opened and I don’t have to turn around to know that it’s Jason who entered, because I feel it in the air, whenever he is near me.

“Hmm babe you look so nice.”

I hear Jason say, as he wrapped his arm round my bare waist and his lips descend on my neck, he started kissing my neck and my eyes fluttered close as I involuntarily let out a moan.

“You should wear bikinis more when you’re around me.”

He whispered seductively into my ear has he nibbled it, Before I knew it, he turned me around and his lips, devoured my mouth in a dominating and hot kiss, our tongues tangled in a hot and passionate dance with our mouths, his hands grab my butt cheeks and squeezes them.

“Jason, we shouldn't people are waiting for us.”

“Your body is telling me to go on.”

I moaned betraying my weak attempt for him to stop, he gets me so hot and bothered, I cannot stop his advances, because of how badly I want them.

His mouth still attached to my lips, he pushes me till I am sitting on the edge of my bed and he slowly left my lips to kiss his way down my neck.

He winked at me, I blush and started to tie my bikini back in place, it had somehow become undone, when he brushed my hands away and tied it back himself. When I stand up from my bed, he slapped my butt and I gasped, which he took advantage of and kissed me, I moaned but drew myself away from him, because I knew if I don’t we wouldn’t be joining the people downstairs anytime soon, but still I hesitated.

“If you don’t get going, I won’t only be imagining you in my imagination.”

I blushed and hurried downstairs, mortified at myself and Jason he's so crude, but I knew I liked it about him. I stepped outside and everyone gave me a knowing look and I turned red all over again, Paris is here but she looks uncomfortable, as she sat beside Cole far away from the girls. Well why shouldn’t she? She single-handedly caused this upon herself attacking Cara and I, plus the glares the rest of the girls were giving her to would kill her if it are possible, I just decided not to pay her the slightest of attention.

Nate and Cara were playing in the pool, while Aria and Sue were lounging on the beds, April is playing with Louis in his own kiddie pool, which Jason had bought for him. I sat beside Aria and Sue, who obvious started making fun of me and guessing outrageously the reason why I look thoroughly flushed, out of embarrassment at their audacity, I asked them if they want a drink, cause I needed one, I am very thirsty.

I walked into the kitchen and checked the fridge, but there isn’t any Ribena in it, I grabbed Aria’s and Sue’s drinks, before going to the store to get Ribena’s to put in the fridge and I wished I never went to the store in the first place.

Oh My Bloody Gods! I blinked a couple of times, trying to process what I am seeing and my brain trying to tell me I am not dreaming and it’s real, my face and body turned pink, it might as well stay this shade, due to the amount of times I have turned this colour today.

“I…I am so...sorry I...I don’t know…know this place is occupied.”

I finally stuttered, to Dylan and Stefan, who are looking at me, with pained and guilty expressions and their eyes shined like deer eyes that had been caught in a car's headlight. I hurriedly grabbed my Ribena and is about to leave when Stefan spoke up.

“Please don’t tell anyone about us.”

I nodded and left quickly, still needing to get my bearings, believe me I had nothing against gay people, I am just in shock that's all and Aria, oh my gods poor Aria, I had to break it to her that Dylan isn’t the least bit interested and never would be, but without telling her Dylan and Stefan’s secret, I understood their privacy, people wouldn’t understand and they did be judged harshly. I turned back to them, who are now quietly following me outside after I put the Ribena’s in the fridge.

“I don’t care okay, I won’t tell and I most definitely will not judge you.”

They both looks relieved before they smiled at me, both hugging me, normally I did cringe if a guy came near me in a near to naked stage of dressing, but I had no worries, they are clearly not into me or trying to cop a feel of me.

“Free hugs? I want one too.”

I turned to see Jason, coming in our direction, they let go off me and awkwardly left, giving me one last appreciative look and going to join the others.

“I won’t hug you, so you won’t get over excited again.”

“Aren’t you the cheeky one?”

Jason said as he carried me, and I squealed, outside and dumped me in the pool, the bastard. Aria and Sue came to the edge where I am and both dunked me underwater.

“That is for keeping us waiting.” Sue said to me, while Aria laughed and said in a mock serious tone, “And that is for not even bringing our drinks.” Before they both stalked away inside to get the drinks themselves.

Jason went flying into the pool, letting out a loud growl and I turned to see Stefan and Dylan laughing, Stefan winked at me and I called out my thanks. Jason swam to me and dragged me under water with him, and before you know it we start playing and Stefan went ahead to start grilling the food, it’s a barbecue get together for a reason.

Everyone except from, Stefan, Paris and of course the nanny and Louis, who is happily playing in his pool, got into the pool to play and Paris ignored all of Cole’s pleas to come join us, thankfully, right now Paris is on my bad side and at this moment, I am not ready to forgive her.



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