After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


7. What's a party with no drama?

5. What's a party with no drama


Avoiding Jason is easier than I thought I hadn’t seen him since I ran away from him, or maybe he’s avoiding me too…I hope Louis is okay and the noise isn’t disturbing him.

“Lena!” I turned to see Cara Kass and Paris heading for my direction, I guess she got Cara in or I don’t actually know how they go for parties.

“Hey Lena, I need to pee and Nate said to ask you.”

Typical of Nate, I bet he is off snogging a girl and judging from her flushed embarrassed face he may have…I don’t know her though.

“Sure leave this room, take a left and look at the signs on the door, okay.”

She hurried off and I turned to my awaiting friends, who had finally reached me.

“You know Jason McCann? Hosting a party with him?”

Cara asked me looking wide-eyed at me…I cannot tell them exactly the truth cause well he would own me and I made an oath, beside Jason and I’s relationship is weird, especially since we just met yesterday, I don’t even like him or did I?

“You should have seen her today, when we are looking for Louis, she marched all the way here angry and started banging on his door, I am scared cause, you know no one messes with McCann, but as soon as he opened the door, she pushed him and started shouting at him, and the strangest thing is he let her, before telling me in kinder words to get lost, and no one gets in without invitation, while she just barged in.”

She narrated this to Cara who is awed; I started blushing due to embarrassment, she turned to look at me, I hate parties, I hate socializing unlike them and it is me who unfortunately had the cursed honour to be of interest to the most known dude in our neighbourhood and school--how hadn’t I known his name?

“He’s Louis…no um; he helped me find Louis one day when he got missing like today. Thanks Paris, did she tell you, she is off making out with Cole while Louis is on her watch, totally forgetting about him. What if Jason isn’t the one who took him?”

That took the attention of me and Cara turned on Paris to scold her, better her than me, anyway I wondered who let them in, so I asked to know if I had to go back on gate duty.

“Jason, he told us to ask his guys and you on how to move about.”

“Jason is at the door?”

“Yeah we met him there.”


“Lena is out of bound...for you.”

Cole had come out looking for Lena, so I decided to tell him the basics, I don’t just kiss around or anyone for that matter according to popular belief that I had any other girl every other day which is shit to me because I don’t have the time to waste on girls. They aren’t worth the effort, time and all the bullshit they bring along with them, not to talk about trusting them. But the freaking Lena babe is different and had gotten under my skin, and till I sorted things with her no one can have her and I know Cole want in, so I had to make it clear to him, she is off limits and mine for the time being.

I don’t really like her, cause she’s annoying, her mouth is too hot and she don’t filter anything, more so the fact that she’s not afraid of me, unlike everyone else she don’t flinch or scare away from me, instead she held her ground and fought, just like Nate would…the guys may try but if I am being serious they would never move me.

But I bet all those things about her is what is causing my attraction…she isn’t like the normal girls around, I can see it. She’s not like that bimbo Danny, Nate is always getting his fix from her then he did toss her aside when he is done with her for that day, yet she still kept going back to him.

The Paris babe, I'd advise better get Cole to fall for her or else, Cole would be a very miserable dude.

“Nah man, I know…my mum already told me she would break my heart.”

“I do like your mother, though.”

“Sure you do…even if, I see your interest and I know that means she’s off limits--dude its clear.”

I want to ram something his face when I see him smirking at me, but we started laughing, he gave me the bro hug, before he went back inside.


Little miss hot mouth had to talk to me if she want her brother back, so she can avoid me all night long…in the end she still had to come to me and it would be annoyingly fun seeing her do so.

My hand went to my cheek and rubbed it involuntarily it stung a bit, making me remember how she had slapped me, a flash of anger went lose in me, but it went out as fast as it had come, no one had dared to hit me and the last person who had, is my mother…who I don’t want to think about.


“Hey b! Let’s go dance.”

I looks up from my drink too see Alex Collins looking at me, I don’t know why I grew up among fine hot  guys, for example he’s a model and not ugly…his face on its own attracts people and he knew it.

“Sure, why not.”

He took my hand and dragged me to the midst of dancing bodies; his hand went directly to my waist flipping me around, till my back and butt is pressed up against him, guiding my waist against his body we started to move to the music…I love dancing; being busy with school I’ve had time to dance lately, so now I gave it everything in me.

By the time I am tired of dancing, I am hot and we both are sweaty, he offered to get us a drink, while I found us empty seats to occupy. I caught Dylan looking at me and his expression he is wearing looks like a warning and he is shaking his head no at me? Before he turned away from me; what is his problem?

“There you go...”

 He gave me a cup and drank out of his, as I am about to take a sip out of mine, a hand flew out and took the drink out of my hand.

“The ultimate party rule…never take an open drink from anyone.”

Alex who had been ready to protest angrily turned red when he realized it is Jason, who had taken my drink and spoken, I don’t get what is wrong with him getting me a drink?

“He is just getting me a drink like a gentleman.”

I snapped at Jason who is looking at me with those scary looks that makes you want to crawl up somewhere and hide, for once my mouth remained shut.

“Who would have thought someone as prissy as you can be so naïve and fall for such a lousy trick like this?”

What the hell is he bipolar? I turned to Alex who Jason is glaring at; I noticed Nate, Cole, Dylan and Stefan close in on us, causing quite a stir among the guests.

“Alex what did you put in Lena’s drink?”

“I don’t do anything, just got her a drink.”

Jason’s hand clenched around the cup he is holding. Dylan is looking at me and is clearly mouthing to me “Told you so.” What did Alex put in my drink?

“I don’t fucking repeat myself, but I ask you one more time, what did you put in her drink? What exactly did you think you can do to her?”

“Nothing…Man let it go. Lena its cool isn’t it?”

But I am not so sure anymore, the guys knew something is wrong and where protecting me although annoyingly embarrassing and I feel like useless crap…due to the public attention

“Don’t ever speak to her again. No one messes with my clique and Lena is take note of that. Party over.”

A loud groan went round, but Jason isn’t done, he’s fist went flying into Alex’s face I heard a loud crunch and Alex doubled over on the ground, clutching his nose.

“You broke my fucking nose.”

“You’re lucky it’s all I broke. Get the faux out of my property, Lena and us. You have used up your welcome.”

Alex struggled up and shuffled out of the house, clutching his very bloody nose, Paris and Cara stayed behind, but Nate showed them the door.


I watched that sleaze ball Alex approach Lena, who is taking a break from roaming around and is sipping from a boxed drink “Ribena” how did she get Ribena in and at a teenage party?

She had gone off to dance with him and he had the audacity to touch her intimately and the stupid bitch let him, I had to restrain myself from going over and punching Alex in the face, and verbally assault her for going all whore like on him too.

She finally got tired and left the dance-floor, Alex in her toll, he is getting too close for my liking…I see him say something to her and she nodded, before smiling at him, before going towards a set of empty seats to sit down. I tailed the room and I see Alex getting two drinks and spiking one--the one he offered to Lena and she accepted it, don’t she know partying rules? She really needed to be taught the etiquette of being a 21st century teenager.

Since I am already angry with Alex, and want to bash him up, this gave me all the right to do so; I got to her just in time to take the drink before she can drink out of it…Alex better watch it.

I came back to earth too seeing the guys with bin bags picking up trash from the floor, while Cole is talking to an infuriated Lena, ungrateful bitch.

“Look just don’t trust anyone you don’t know at a party in fact even the ones you know.”

I heard Stefan say and Cole and Lena turned to look at him, surprised he had spoken.

“Don’t attack him, I tried warning you Lena you’re just being dumb, you know if Jason hadn’t been watching, God knows what he would have done to you.”

Dylan backed Stefan up, I smirked but how come he gets to insult her and she doesn’t spark like she did with me. I can see her face starting to fall, I scoffed at least their words are getting to her.

“Lena, you have to sit up! I mean you are part of us can’t appear and can’t be slacking behind.”

Lena looks shocked at Nate, before saying resignedly to no one in particular.

“I don’t agree to this…I don’t want to be.”

I heard the unspoken words at the end “don’t want to be a criminal.” Yes she had nothing binding her to us and that is soon going to change ever since the party ended I had not spoken to her or anyone. I had made sure the nanny is well accommodated and I bet asleep now.

The party ended quite late so I wonder who would come knocking on my door at the middle of the night, I left the room to go and check on the caller.

“Maria, to what do I owe this honour of your visit at this ungodly hour?”

It is Louis mother, damn she looks so young and like Lena, just more matured, she definitely did not look like a mother.

“I want my baby and Lena…you kidnapped them or so I heard.”

She looks annoyed and fed up, but the clear one is how exhausted she looks, I wonder why but I feel like pulling her leg a bit.

“If I kidnapped them, then I surely don’t want to hand them back.”

“Isn’t it enough…Louis had to be here for your raging rave.”

“Don’t belittle me, when it comes to Louis, he is my number one priority and responsibility and right now, he is in his room with his nanny both of them are asleep.

“His room…nanny?”

I let her in and took her straight upstairs, where I unlocked the main entrance door before moving on to Louis door and opening it for her too see for herself, she is impressed none the less.

“Louis is my little man… and Lena’s room is beside his either he can stay here over night or you take the risk moving him.”

“How do you get so much money?”

“Well that’s my business now isn’t it? Your family is safe and under my care don’t worry. In fact a break from them shall do you good…say they come home on Monday, of course Louis in the morning you can have Sunday kids free?”

Maria started crying and I am relieved to see it is happy tears, she hugged me and said she did go get things for Louis, see I had a way with women of all ages.



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