After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


28. Tomorrow when the war begins

26. Tomorrow when the war begins


Three days since Jason has gone, it’s finally the day his father is to be put to rest. I cannot help but be worried about him; since he left he hadn’t called or bothered to stay in touch. I want to help him, but I don’t know how to. With me being here and he miles away from me, in fact I don’t know where he is to be exact. I knew he had to stay strong and be there for his family, be the man and carry much of the burden for them, meaning he won’t want to show any sign of weakness towards them, so I understood why he hadn’t spoken to me but it still hurts, that he wouldn’t pick or return my calls or messages.

In honour of his dad, and to mark his loss, I put on black clothes today, the sign of mourning. Of course everyone had asked me why I am sporting all black in the middle of summer and joked about me mourning someone, but they really don’t know so I cannot hold it against them. My day went by painstaking slow and I am in a solemn mood throughout, people don’t even want to stay with me for too long before I infected them with my mood. People had asked me where Jason is but I had ignored them and left them to assume whatever it is they want to.

When night came, I locked myself in my room and tried Jason’s number but like it had been throughout the day it is switched off, sighing heavily exhaustion took over my body and I found myself asleep. My phone ringing woke me up with a start and I sleepily searched for my phone, but by the time I found it the phone had stopped ringing. I looks at the caller id and saw it is Jason who had called me, I became fully awake and scrambled to re-call him, my heart beating fast and being afraid that I had missed my chance at talking to him, but I am saved as my phone started ringing again and I answered the call without a second to spare.


“Jason, I’m sorry I fell asleep, I don’t know you would call.”

“He’s gone Lena.”

“I know.”

I said to him, he tone sounded deflated, and I am hurting knowing he is hurting. I want to be with him, the line had become silent and I want to overcome this and reach out to him, let him know he can always count on me.

“How’s your family coping?”

“They are like me, he has been long gone to them, it’s just that he’s body is missing.”

“Oh Jason, I wish you had let me come with you.”

“It’s not the right time, Lena.”

“I know and I’m sorry, I just want to be there for you.”

“I know, just hold on and stay strong over there for me.”

“I will and you too be strong over there, be strong for yourself and also your family.”

“Oh God, I miss you so much Lena.”

My eyes started to tear up, he sounded so pained, and I missed him too, I just want to hug him and hold him, but he’s mum is there and I bet she would need his support right now more than anything. She would be the one to hold him and comfort him, doing all the things I cannot do for him at the moment.

“I miss you too, so much; I hardly get by each day.”

“I’m also staying strong for you Lena. I love you so much, I can’t wait to see you but I’m not sure when I’m coming back-”

Jason’s voice cracked at the end, and I feel pain slice through my heart and soul for him, I had to be strong to for both of us, we both needed to be strong to get through with this. It hurts me so much that he had cracked so much and to hear him break like this is heart wrenching, he is no longer the strong guy I met, just a hurting little boy, who don’t needed to show people he is strong and heartless, all he really needed right now is comfort and care right now.

“I understand Jason, take your time… I’m not going anywhere and I love you too, that isn’t going to change, I will be right here waiting for you, I promise.”

“I love you, never forget that.”

“I won’t, now go to your mum, I bet she needs her young man right now, just promise me you call me soon, I hate not talking to you.”

“I promise you.”

“Fine now, get going to your mum.”

But we both hesitated, not wanting to end the call.

“I miss you.”

“I love you, Jason.”

I said and ended the call and sinking into my bed, I reach up to my face and wiped my tears, I stayed like that for some minutes, before I got up, to change into Justin’s shirt. It’s the closest thing to him I had with me at home and I cannot exactly go and stay over at his place, without my dad being on my neck, I went there during the day to just chill and be surrounded by his things.


People have been wondering where Jason had gone but we cannot tell them. Jason had told Nate, Dylan and Stefan also why he had to leave, so they knew what is happening with him, Cole had clearly been kicked out of his good grace. Firstly we did ignore them and brush it off, before the questioning became too much and our friends are starting to get on our nerves, especially when they started saying Jason and I had had another fight that is why he is MIA. Dylan had finally sparked and made up a lie that, Jason had travelled, because he had some interviews to seat for, for the colleges he applied for and had proceeded to say that, Jason don’t want people to know he actually is pretty smart. I knew Jason is smart but, I wished that bit about him actually going to colleges for interviews is true; if he want to continue schooling we can go to the same college.

Jason had been gone for a week now and although I tried my best to seem happy and okay, it is hard because I missed him so much and thinking of college scared me, I had decided which one I am going to go to, I want to ask him and beg him to go to college with me, but I already knew his answer and knew he detests school. He had only called me twice since he left and I missed his voice and touch every day.

I had been no fun to have around, yet my friends still tolerated me, and I found myself talking about Jason and the things he did, which got the girls groaning and saying things like "here she goes again" and I bet by now they would know a lot of things about Jason that no one would know or expect of him, despite my talking about him incessantly, they still laughed at the tales I told about him and I.

Paris had been gone since the fire occurred so it is shocking, one day while April, Sue, Mary, Lily, Aria, Cara and I had been chilling in the park and she approached us we all had been quite shocked to see her, more so the fact that she approached us.

“Surprised to see me? Are you all so dumb to believe a fire would keep me away?”

She said referring to me, singling me out. Of course the girls won’t understand what she meant fully, they did think she is just referring to the fire that brought her house down, they don’t know it’s all Jason and the guys doing, but I bet she expected me to know and she is right, I did know and I hated her.

“No one, bothered to think or remembered you ever existed.”

I said to her looking at her, after all she is the one who waged war with me, not the other way round. She scrunched up her face, like she had just got bitten by something nasty, but she levelled it out again and said before she left.

“This isn’t the end.”

After she left, we are all quiet for a bit, before we started talking about the nerve of her and how foolish she can be, I don’t get why she is still fighting with me and why she wouldn’t just give up, I don’t get it, hadn’t she learnt from messing with Jason? She being back meant she is ready to fight with Jason and I knew Jason wouldn’t hesitate to do something drastic and evil towards her.

We all thought Paris and her dad are back, but we saw no sign of her dad, which brought us all to wonder who she is staying with, because she made sure we saw her almost every day, but what crept me out is how happy she is, the last time she is happy, she is plotting something, so right now she is definitely plotting something bigger than herself and it is more than freaking me out, worse yet I cannot get Jason to voice my worries to, the guys are also suspicious about her, but so far no one knew where or whom she is staying with.

I gave up on calling Jason, his phone is always switched off, as if he got a new number and had deleted us from his life, because no one else can get him also. But I got depressed each day, not hearing from him, I had started to think and worry I had lost him. I am so worried, I don’t bother going out to meet my friends anymore and when they did come over, I don’t even participate in their conversations much, till they gave up.

Summer is coming to an end faster than I would have liked it, and the more days that passed the closer I got to going to college and leaving Jason behind, this is what love does to a being, it’s so hard and makes you want to forget everything, but in this society it’s impossible and I can’t forget my education because of love.


“That’s it get up, we’re going out!”

I groaned and closed my eyes, as the glare of the sun hit my eyes. I pulled my duvet up and over my head, but that is dragged from my whole body, I opened my eyes annoyed, to see Maria and Cara holding my curtains wide open, while Aria held my duvet in her hands.


“We’re going out; we’re tired of you moping around, like a lost puppy, because Jason isn’t around.”

“I don’t act like a lost puppy!”

They all looks at me, like I had two heads, and maybe they are right, who am I even trying to kid, I am lost without Jason.

“Well, whatever we are going on a girls day out, just the four of us, we’re going shopping and getting pampered to our heart desires, and of course we get to gossip without the presence of any guy we know and also when we come back, Liam and Louis would be gone from the house.”

Maria said to me, Cara came over and dragged me out of bed and I landed on the floor, I groaned at her and shot her the evils while I said to her “Thank you.” In a sickly sweet voice and she replied me “You’re welcome” in an even sicklier tone.

They got me to have my bathe, then proceeded to pampering me, they picked out my outfit for the day, and even made up my face and hair for the fun of it, before dragging me downstairs to Aria’s car and they are speeding of to God knew where.

Firstly, we went to different stores, and they made me try on dresses, but at the end of the day my mood is already lifting and I willingly tried on dresses with them and is striking poses with them, we went to more than twenty stores and tried on tons of clothes, jewelleries and shoes, before heading to a makeup boutique, where they made up our faces for free, but we all ended looking like clowns and washed our faces of all makeup.

From there we went to a restaurant to buy food to eat, due to my stomach grumbling and protesting to my dismay, when we had eaten to her heart desires, we left for the final treatment of the day, lounging at a spa, which we got pampered and left alone to talk with one and another in our white towel coats. 

I had such a ball, I cannot remember the last time I laughed this much, or spoke with so much life with me, it’s good to have friends that cared about you and your wellbeing, with them I knew now, that I can be alright and can overcome something’s, as they easily made me forget my worries and problems.

When we got back home it is kind of late, cause we had to go and drop Cara off at Nate’s then Maria had gotten hungry and we had stopped at Dinghy’s, before we headed home, Aria is going to sleep over tonight.

We decided to watch a movie and the movie we all decided on is the classic How to lose a guy in ten days, which never failed to get me laughing. When we finally reached the house, we piled ourselves lazily into the den, before we split up.

Aria is going to get us the food we are going to eat from the kitchen, Maria is to go bring pillows and duvets for us to use to cover ourselves, while I am going to my room to hunt out the DVD.

I lazily dragged myself upstairs to my room, trying to remember where I kept the disc, so when I entered my room and put on the light I don’t notice the odd figure on my bed until I went to my bedside to check my bed drawer did I notice, Paris sitting on my bed with a disfigured smile on, I screamed in fright, before I steeled myself and got angry

“Why the hell are you in my house and in my bed!?”

She stretched and looks at me, the disfigured smile still in place, as she answered me.

“Patiently waiting for you.”

“Get out of my bed and out of my house.”

“You see I can’t do that that would be ruining my plan.”

And with that she sprung out of my bed and pushed me into the nearest wall, digging her nails into my hair, I am in shock so I don’t react at first, but when I got a hold of myself, my hand went flying into her hair and I started fighting back, I pushed her into my beauty table and the things on it went crashing around, digging my fingers into her hair, I slammed her head into the mirror, as she kneed me in the stomach, I groaned but don’t give up, her hand let go of my hair and moved to pinching me. I punched her in the face and she screamed, and launched herself at me, and I went flying out of my room to the floor, where she used all her strength to have me locked on the ground, her nails digging my scalp, has she started to bang my head hard against the floor, my eye began to water, because I cannot defend myself, no matter how I tried, she had me in such a powerful lock.

When I am about to give up hope, I feel her being dragged away from me kicking and screaming, I went to hold my head, to see a blurry Aria struggling to hold her, while Maria rushed towards me, I went into her arms, crying my head feel like it would explode at any second. My vision isn’t clear and my eyes are swimming.

Paris cracked and let out a demented laughter, which chilled me to bones, she continued laughing, that I had to shut make her stop, but no one can do anything, with Aria still struggling to hold her and keep her from moving, but I think Aria snapped and slapped her really hard, I can feel the pain in the effect of the slap.

She stopped laughing and left us in eerie silence, I opened my eyes and my head had cleared a bit and if I am angry before, now I am livid. But my head still hurt, but to my horror I watched as Paris, tore out of Aria’s grip and sent her falling down the stairs, I let out a strangled scream, but Maria’s own rang out, I am frozen, I cannot believe Paris just did that. Maria ran past me forgetting Paris and down the stairs to Aria’s fallen and crumbled form at the bottom of the stairs. I knew Aria had been knocked unconscious cause, as soon as her body collided with the floor, she had stopped screaming.

I lunged at Paris, I never want to kill anyone as much as I did at that moment, and if I did manage to kill her, I knew I won’t feel any regret about ending her measly life.

Part Two: When the war began.


I took her to the floor, and started punching and clawing at her, asking God, why I had to have a past associated with such a beast of a human being. I heard glass breaking, and Maria screaming. I stopped clawing at Paris and asked her smirking form below me

“What have you done?”

“You took away my friends and everything, your boyfriend burnt my house to the ground because of he is trying to save your useless ass, so I’m just repaying you for your kindness.”

I let go of her and rushed down the stairs, to search for Aria and Paris, but what I see froze me, the back of my home is on fire and it is slowly moving towards the main house, but not only that, Aria and Maria were knocked out on the floor and tied up, Aria clothes were bloody. I started crying and ran towards them to untie them, but I feel strong arms go round me and my feet left the floor. I struggled kicked and screamed, I even bit on the back of whomever that is carrying me away, but he don’t even budge or move a muscle.

He carried me up the stairs and into my bedroom and flung me on my bed, Paris  stand beside him and that is when he revealed himself to me, and I cannot help but to be surprised, Jason had been right to hate him and protect him from me. Paris really needed to die for this.

“Missed me?”

Alex Collins asked me, but instead of replying him, I had tried making a run for it, but Paris caught me and dragged me back by my hair, she threw me on the floor and stomped on my legs and I let out a loud howl, because it hurt.

“Be a good girl and I won’t let Paris hurt you so much now.”

Paris laughed, and stomped harder on my feet, I bit my lips hard not wanting to howl my life out and give them pleasure in my pain, instead I growled out.

“What do you want to do with me?”

Paris and Alex but grinned at each other, before they took positions beside me and Paris started to talk.

“Revenge, Alex hates Jason as much as I do and I hate you and want to ruin you both, while Alex has a thing for you and after all Jason did break his nose and ruined his chance with you back at the party, he’s going to get it now. Killing two birds with one stone, since Jason really likes you, hurting you is hurting him. Not to add, by the time we’re done with you, your house would have started burning and you also lose your home and everything you ever had.”

I tried running but, my legs had become numb, Alex moved and pinned me to the ground while Paris started ripping at my top, there is no way I am going to let her win, I had to get away from them and help Aria and Maria downstairs, I am struggling hard, but it don’t deter them, and Paris managed to rip my top open, I got pissed when my chest and bra is exposed, and I tried my hardest and moved my leg to kick Paris who had gotten off them, it is with enough power to have her flying backwards and crashing to the grounds, hitting the back off her head on the ground with a resounding crack and she don’t move again. This got the attention of Alex and made him slacken his hold on me a bit, which is enough for me to rip myself away from him, and I ran as fast as I can, with my whole body on fire with pain, I fell the rest of the way downstairs when I had gotten halfway, I half walked and crawled towards Aria and Maria, they are both awake now and are trying to release themselves, when they sees me they started crying and I struggled and rushed towards them, tearing at Maria’s bonding. The fire had spread and it is indoors now, the power of the house is out and the smoke had gotten thicker now, has I got to the last of bonding tying Maria’s hand, I feel myself being dragged away from her, and I let out and horrified scream and turned to look at Alex, who isn’t smiling at me, he threw me against the nearest wall, I screamed in agony as my body collided with the hard wall and the things placed on it, tears freely falling from my face.

Alex came and held me up against the wall, holding me by the neck, and I knew this is it, I would surely die today, I had lost all hope of any help coming, when Alex let go of me and I sunk to the floor. I looks up to see Maria had hit him with a chair and he had collapsed, and she rushed back to Aria and is helping her untie herself, I started crawling away when my leg is grabbed and before I can scream Alex had thrown his whole body on me, his hands strangling and squeezing my neck, as he said

“I guess your boyfriend is not here to protect you now.”

He is looking at me with so much hatred and is strangling me so tightly I cannot breathe anymore and I knew before long blackness would take me under, when his hand slackened on my neck and his eyes went cold and dead, I feel his body being thrown of mine and myself been thrown into somebodies strong arms.

“Lena, please stay with me, I’m so sorry.”

I heard someone say in a very familiar voice, a voice I had been yearning to hear for a while now but I just can't remember who, I feel myself go light and I am being moved, but what I knew am I want to comfort the person who is talking, tell the person that I am not leaving, but blackness had come again and this time, it won and took me under with it.



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