After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


16. This has to be it

14. This has to be it


I had fired the nanny named Stacy. That chick is crazy and I had sensed it since I had first set my eyes on her, on Tuesday when Lena had taken Louis for his check up in the hospital, I don’t follow her because well…I don’t want to go, I hate hospitals. I had gone to my room to crash for a bit before they got back, when I had entered my room, I just lay on my bed, not expecting anyone to be in my house, I mean the nanny had gotten a day off, but my door opens and Stacy comes in, in her birthday suit.

The bitch is stark naked and she is heading towards me, what the faux! I had gotten up, while I snatched my blanket and threw it at her before I pushed her out of my room, before telling her to go pack up all of her things to leave and not come within ten centimetres of me or anyone I knew, while I gave her Nanny centre a call to report her, she had started crying and begging me that she thought I am interested in her, is she blind or what can't she see who I clearly is into? I ignored her and called to report her and also threatened to sue them for this act pulled towards me, of course I am not going to sue them, but it meant she got fired, because honestly she does not deserve this job if she hits on her boss. I called another nanny centre and asked specifically for a middle age nanny, that is interested in girls, they are shocked by my request, even thinking of it now, how stupid can I get and request for such, but I think God is on my side cause they happened to have one, but now I feel like the idiot, Lena claims me to be cause the new nanny has been checking and admiring Lena, I catch her looking at her, like I would and Lena is oblivious and interacts with her, in a manner which is quite normal, but since the nanny is a lesbian, she may think Lena is hitting on her. Hence this is what made me hurry with making up my mind and wanting to put a name to I and Lena’s relationship and I believe now is the best time.

I looks at Lena who had fallen asleep, like I had counted on, it made things so much easier for me, since I am making us miss school today and she being a school freak, will skin me alive for it, but it’s worth the risk.

Well the main part of asking Lena to be my girlfriend is going to happen back at home, but I want us to go on our first official date and I well, I may be such a bastard most times, but let it not be heard that I Jason McCann cannot treat his girl right

Lena had been worried for a while now, because Maria hadn’t called or answered any of her calls, but I had told her not to stress it. I mean on the bright side it’s cool that she isn’t back yet, that meant things are going well for them and what not; they are both adults and can take care of themselves

I got to our destination after four hours of driving; yes it’s that far away from where we live but more than worth it. Our first date would officially be Paint gun fighting, something fun for both of us and she really needed the fun, with that Paris being hard on her, no offence to Cole, but she’s as fake as fake can get and even Cara had dropped her as a friend, so why is she still holding on to a friendship that isn’t even appreciated by the other party? I shrug the thought of and woke up Lena.

“Lena, wake up! We’ve arrived at our destination.”

She groaned but don’t move, it’s still amusing to me that she slept throughout the drive, I mean in her sleepy state it don’t register to her that she should be in school, especially how obsessive she is about it.

“Lena, we’re totally late for school.”

She sprang up and awake, and her eyes widen at me, taking in our surrounding, she looks at me like she want to kill me and honestly I believe she did, but aye this is worth the risk.

“Where the hell are we?” she looks at her wristwatch and looks at me, looking ready to cry “What the hell Jason! Its past 12!” she screeched at me, she sagged into the seat and groaned, geez such a reaction, exaggerate it much more.

“I’m sorry, but it had to be today so eff school, but I need our first date to be today so shut up and be happy about it, I just drove for four effing hours, for this and if we don’t get moving, we won’t make it back home in time.”

I snapped at her, she blinked at me, she kept quiet, but she just glared at me, and there we are glaring at each other, until she snapped at me “Well why the hell are you wasting precious time now?”

I get down from the car and close the door, she got down and slammed the door, I growled and she opened the door and slammed it again, I give up with her, she's so fauxing dramatic. We walked silently brooding to the reception.

Instead of being in the same team, as I had planned, we ended up being in different teams, and we are so intent on killing each other, the game took on a whole new meaning and we made it personal.

An hour had passed and I still hadn’t caught her, I had remotely cooled down and cursed myself, for the way I had reacted, I mean of course she had the right to be mad, I made her miss school for my selfish reasons, and instead of explaining to her calmly I had snapped at her and added to the fuel, that is her anger. She loves school and unlike me had bright plans for the future that involved her become somebody, unlike me who already knew what I want to be and already providing for me without the help of anyone.

I hear a loud alarm ring and an announcement that it is only I and Lena left in the game, before everything went silent again. I groaned and shouted, knowing she can hear me from wherever she is hiding.

“Babe, I’m so sorry…I know I had no right to do this, but with all that had been occurring I thought it did be the perfect time.”

I heard no reply, but I moved to change my position from where I am hiding, in case she snuck up on me.

“You have the right to be mad at me; I am totally out of line earlier. But I just want us to have our first date already and to prove to you how serious I am about you isn’t that what girls want?”

I moved again and came face to face with her, she smirked and shot me, a girl just shot me, let it not be heard a girl had shot me, even if it’s just a measles game. I scowled at her, but I just ended up sinking to the ground and I started laughing dropping my gun, as the alarm went off and announced which team had won.

“That is fun Jason; we should try this again sometime.”

I looks at a smirking Lena, and I just shook my head at her, she don’t seem mad anymore, so I tried my luck, I  stand up and moved close to her, and engulfed her in a hug, as I whispered into her ear. “So our first date isn’t ruined?” I asked her, pleadingly as I waited for her to reply me. “Yes, it is a total disaster…but no it isn’t ruined, it’s something I expected from you, I mean the whole turnabout of our date.” I sighed and pecked her cheek, before kissing her “Let’s go home.”

On the ride home she is silent, and hell no am I going to go through a four hour drive without talking this time, besides I need to get her happy and giddy, for this night when I would ask her to be my girlfriend.

“Lena! We can’t not talk through this drive; can you tell me about your mother?”

I asked her, I know her mother is dead, but I still would like to know about her, I looks at Lena who is looking at me weirdly before she smiled at me.

“No one has ever asked me that before, but I will tell you, if you tell me about yours.”

I am shocked when she said that, but I am not surprised, it's fair if she talks about her own mum, I should tell her about mine, and that's how I spoke about my family, I cannot speak about my mum without involving my siblings, to another person in the years since they kicked me out and the drive instantly became better, as we talked and even when we stopped talking, it is to be in comfortable and mutual silence, to continue talking again.

We got home a little past six, and we both are extremely hungry, we had been laughing at ourselves in the car as our stomachs rumbled respectively, we rushed to the kitchen as soon as we got home to feast on the Chinese we had ordered, the nanny paid the guy who had come to deliver it, we ate to our hearts desire and I feel like I cannot move, but I knew we had to cause the main event of the day hadn’t even started.

I dragged Lena upstairs, so we can go play with Louis and relieve the nanny from duty for a bit, Louis happily came with us, and we went downstairs to the backyard, where I left them on the sun lounge, claiming I want to use the toilet.

The sky is already turning dark and soon it would be fully dark, I had gotten a message on my phone, Nate and Dylan were here and they are going to help me, in my asking her to be my girlfriend, you know how for prom everyone had an extraordinary way of asking a girl to be their date, well I want to ask her in an extraordinary way to be my girlfriend and I cannot do it all by myself.

Once everyone is set and ready, I returned to Lena, who is lying back lost in her thoughts, with a sleeping Louis beside her, I pecked her forehead and she smiled at me, I took Louis from her and returned him to the nanny, moving fast now, because knowing Lena, she would soon fall asleep.

Once I stepped into the backyard, the lights come on startling Lena, who sat up and looks at me smiling, as I move closer to her, music started playing, and of course I knew she can dance I watched her dance at our party.

Birthday cake came on the remix, in which Rihanna featured Chris Brown, I pulled her to her feet and she started laughing, as I make us start dancing and grinding on each other, by the poolside, by the time the song finished, my pants had become tighter and she truly knew how to dance, where did she learn to dance like that? I mean Cara had told me, that she never went for parties and is just a normal random chick. She giggling hugged me and sat back down on the sun lounge.

“That is fun, I love our first date Jason, who would have thought you can be such a romantic.”

“Well, if you think this is romantic then what I am about to do next, will be more than romantic.”

She looks at me, like she don’t hear me properly, and that's when the fireworks went off, and she gasped, covering her mouth with her mouth, wide-eyed looking at me and the fireworks, I counted to ten and asked her.

“Will you?”

I had a lot of money and I might as well, put it to good use, I really liked Lena, and I knew the feelings I had for her are more than a simple like or crush, because I had never feel this way towards any other girl, none of them, made me feel like Lena does, they don’t even dare to fight with me, like she does, so she's one of a kind and one I would like to keep around much longer.

The fireworks, had cost a couple of thousand dollars, I mean I made them spell out in the night sky, “Be my GF” I looks at her, shocked form, and move closer to her, she still hadn’t said a thing to me…but I stop moving when she threw herself into my arms and hugged me tightly.

“This beats going to school, a hundred do-overs.”

I smiled at her, and she looks into my face, the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face, and it made her so beautiful, I cringed inwardly, on how gooey and cheesy I am being, but God help me, she is truly beautiful.

“Is that a yes?”

“Oh my gods, I don’t answer you. Yes! I am your girlfriend.”

I laughed and she laughed, and we're both happy, at this moment, till I feel something hit my body and both I and Lena are falling into the pool, Lena letting out a deafening screech.

I surface from the pool, still holding Lena, and we both look at the culprit who is no other than Nate, who is laughing his life out

“Did you get that Dylan?”

“Sure did, uploading it to YouTube and sending it to everyone in school right now.”

I let go of Lena and swarm out of the pool, why did this two idiot have to ruin the night, I jump out the pool and push Nate into the pool, before going for Dylan who had already started running.

“Oh let them go, Jason.”

I hear Lena shout at me and I turned around, to see her and Nate laughing, as he helped her out of the pool. Why should I? They just recorded my cheesiest moment in life, and it would make me look soft and I damn right isn’t soft. Besides they took a private moment in my life and shared it with the world.

“Why should I, they just ruined my perfect plan.”

“Oh suck it up, whipped ass. Dylan and I recorded it like professionals; it looks like a rehearsed movie, getting all the right angles and views.

“I wish I don’t have to ask you guys for help.”

“I’m happy they recorded it, I don’t have to explain it to Maria, when she comes back she can watch it.”

I groaned and Lena came up to me and hugged me, I let her, since we both are wet, Nate started making useless sounds behind us, but she ignored him and kissed me for the first time as my girlfriend, I want to rip the clothes off her body, but I cannot do that right now, with the audience and useless guest we happen to have in the house.

“I say we go find Dylan, and royally dunk him in the pool, since we are all wet.”

Lena says when we broke apart, I smiled, she why I choose her to be my girlfriend? I am so happy, that Lena knows almost everything about me and I don’t have to hide or lie to her about what I did or my whereabouts most of the times. Nate and her grinned at each other before taking off, I stand there for a bit reflecting on the day, I Jason McCann, finally had a girlfriend, my first girlfriend, because I don’t do relationships and I am happy about it.

I took off after them to look for Dylan, I still want my revenge against Nate and Dylan for recording it, the only mercy they had is Lena, don’t mind, but I did mind and I will get them both back most definitely, but for now, I will be happy and enjoy the rest of today, as it's a memorable one.

“Jason! He’s heading in your direction.”

I hear Lena shout, and I prepare myself to take him captive, as I can see his outline moving closer towards my direction, Dylan should know its game over for him now.



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