After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


18. Things that break a bond

16. Things that break a bond


“Maria! I’m home and ready to kill you.”

I shouted once I let myself into the house Jason behind me, I knew she’s around cause her jeep is parked out front, and I am ready to kill her for not speaking to me throughout her stay with dad but Jason, well I am exaggerating about the killing her part, well cause I am a killer, I killed those people on the train, may their souls rest in peace.

“I don’t think so my wife is as precious to me as you are.”

My dad appeared in the doorway, stopping me and Jason, he and Maria may be in good terms but not us, he had been a shitty dad this previous months that he is gone.

“Jason meet Liam, my absentee dad, who happens to grace our presence.”

I say sarcastically, I knew Jason can feel the tense air, between my dad and I and I want it that way, I want my dad to know, I hadn’t forgiven him and it wouldn’t be easy to get me to forgive him or for him to waltz back here and into my life again.

“Ja!” Louis happy baby voice squealed as he crawled towards Jason, like his mother it seems he prefers Jason to me. Family and their hypocrite ways. “Hey buddy!” Jason says at last and crouches to pick up Louis.

I left the doorway and went to the kitchen, where I knew I would find Maria, she squealed when she sees me, running to hug me. I stopped her with a simple “Don’t” she approached me timidly and my fuse box blew, I honestly isn’t really mad at her, but seeing my dad made me mad and more angry than I should have been.

“You can't return my calls? Messages anything at all! You just had to ignore me and then you call Jason to leave me a message. How can you?”

I accused and screamed at her, she planted the idea of dad cheating in my head and I am worried sick, I am the one who made her go see dad, the one who got her to be boyfriend to help take care of her baby, even if I would have done it either way…she’s my best friend.

“Hey Lenari, calm down…we get that you’re angry okay, but don’t talk to her like that.”

I turned to look at my dad, he had no right to tell me that, it’s his bloody fault that I am this mad anyway, why did he have to come back now?

“Oh you’re right, it is you I should let out all my anger on, your own baby doesn’t even know who you are, you desert your own family and hide behind the cover of work, but don’t make any move to come back, until your wife comes looking for you, you should be ashamed of yourself and of course I am mad.”

“Lena, it’s enough…”

I look at Jason, who is holding a crying Louis and the look he had on his face is unreadable, I cannot even read him, my head is reeling and I cannot think properly. I walked out of the kitchen and headed for the front door, I needed to get out of this house and be alone.


I watched Lena leave and slam the door, the bang echoed in the silent kitchen, apart from Louis sniffling, Maria came to take Louis away from me and smiled gratefully at me, but I can see that she looks like she want to cry and she did look strangely resigned and the smile hadn’t reach her eyes.

“I’m so sorry Jason, you needn't have experienced that and I am so grateful for all you have done for Louis and also Lena, you’ve been such a good thing for her.”

“Anything for the little man and Lena of course Maria, don’t sweat it. She’ll come round don’t worry, I’d better go after her now.”

I said to her, reassuring her and wanting to leave the couple to talk, cause I knew they both want to and I had the strangest feeling again that it isn’t going to be pretty, but as I am about to leave Lena’s dad stopped me.

“Who are you?”

He asked me, Lena just introduced us and I knew he knew who I am clearly, but I knew why he asked, he's wondering who I am and why I happened to be close to his family, not my fault you aren’t around now, is it?

“Jason McCann.”

I stated, not saying anything else, right now I cannot actually like him, cause he had hurt Lena and Maria, I just knew it. He looks me up and down sizing me up, if he is judging Lena’s taste in boys, he better kept his mouth shut, and if he is trying to intimidate me, he better think again because it’s not working. The only thing or person that can intimidate is my mother and little siblings.

“Who are you to Lena?”

“Her boyfriend.”

“Let him go after Lena, and cut him some slack, you would know him if you had bothered to come home.”

Maria snapped at him, and my eye widened, I am right things aren’t right here. Liam frowned at me, before he looks at Maria sadly, when he went to approach her, Louis started crying and hiding in Maria, Lena is right once again, Louis don’t know his own father and Louis never acted this way around anyone, he’s always happy and cheerful.

“I’m going after Lena.”

I say, not bothering to look back, or care if they heard me, I needed to get out of here and fast. Now where did Lena go to? I walked out of the house and tried her phone, it went straight to voicemail, I headed in the direction of the park, but I don’t find her there, I started searching everywhere, even going to her female girlfriends houses but she isn’t there, getting frustrated I went back to Lena’s house, but she isn’t there and now Maria started crying while her dad called the cops, I held Maria because she fell unto me; of course this don’t earn me points with Lena’s dad who glared at me, because of I am embracing his wife, deal with it prick.

The police came over and questioned us, but you know the legal shit, they can't file for a missing person, until after twenty four hours, I cannot stand not doing anything and I started to get mad at myself, why hadn’t I followed her when she had first left the house.

I called the guys and they said they would help me, search around for her, after our search became fruitless, I left them and went to my house, when I entered the man cave, I see a glass cup and threw it at the wall, it shattered and fell to the floor, my hand went to my head in frustration, I bet my hair is sticking out all over the damn place, I sunk to the floor and held my face in my palms, as I let out a loud tortured groan.


My head shot up, and I looks towards the door and there she  stand, she approached me and I engulfed her in my arms, never wanting to let her go, my body started to unwind itself, now that it knew she is safe and in my arms. I looks at her and she yawned, looking at her more now she looks like she had been sleeping.

“Where have you been, Lena what the hell! You had us all worried out of our minds.”

“I fell asleep in your bed, I don’t want to go home and I thought you would come here.”

I closed my eyes, as my brain processed what she had just said, she had been sleeping in my house, in my bed, she had been safe this whole time and she hadn’t run away. I let out a breath of relief, clutching her waist tightly as I squeezed her into me.

“Don’t ever scare me like that again.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to I just needed to think.”

“About that, I don’t think its Maria’s fault she don’t call, and I think something is up between your dad and Maria.”

“Can we not talk about them; I just want to be with you.”

As much as I loved that statement, I needed to call everyone and tell them Lena is safe and is with me, she had had us all worried for nothing because she had just been sleeping in my bed, I shook my head at her, before I started laughing, telling her why and she started to blush, she's so gorgeous.


Jason took me up on my words and made me forget about everyone but him when he is done informing everyone; I cringed with embarrassment because of how I had not purposely made people worried and think I am MIA.

Dad had called me and told me to come back home, but I cannot face him and I still don’t want to go home, I asked Maria not to tell him where Jason lived, thanking my lucky stars that his property is unlisted and my dad can't find us.

I slept wrapped in Jason, and woke up full of him, I blush thinking about what we had done, but back to the present, I went back home and Jason is here with me, for moral support as Maria had called me and told me she want to explain everything.

“Lena, I’m so sorry I don’t call. Liam and I had a lot to work out, and are still working it out right now, we’re trying to get back to the happy couple we once are, because I love him and I have forgiven him for what he did.”

“What he did? How come I am sensing its more than him not coming home, Maria what happened out there?”

“I am right Lena, he is cheating. But he is your father forgive him like I have for the sake of the family.”

I feel my world crash around me, nothing mattered but the words, he is cheating. How can he cheat, why did he have to do this…I cannot believe this.

“He told me not to tell you, but I can’t keep it from you and I am sorry I don’t call you since, he apologized said he is sorry and is trying to make it up to me.”

“Maria, he cheated, he effing cheated! I hate him.”

I scream and got up, tearing my hand from Jason’s own, I had forgotten he is here or the fact that he had been holding it and ran away, but I don’t get far this time as Jason caught me and crushed me to his chest.

“Lena, things are going to get better trust me.” He kept saying over and over again, as he led me back to the house, as I let myself cry. I knew things aren’t well and he don’t have the good grace of telling me. I hate him, why did he have to do this to us?

I feel myself being lifted and Jason is about to drop me on the sofa, but I clung onto him, not wanting him to drop me or leave me “No don’t let me go.” I pleaded to him, and cried harder. When I finally calmed down, I realized something, if he cheating affected me this much, what would it be doing to Maria, I needed to get a grip of myself and be strong for Maria. She needed me right now.



“I’m so sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing Lena, you don’t do anything.”

“Yes I did, it’s all my fault, you went in first place, and had to find out he is cheating, and he is my father, and I am so sorry.”

I start crying again, but Jason shushed me up and kept telling me it isn’t my fault, Maria came to seat with us, tears in her eyes and said to me

“Aww Lena, don’t worry we’ll get through this and no one or anything can keep you from being my best friend.”

I hugged Maria, who hugged me back hard, Jason just sat there awkwardly, because I am sitting on his lap, Maria smiled at him and he smiled back sheepishly.

“I’m going to kill him.”

I gasped, when I heard Jason menacing tone, I looks at him and I noticed for the first time that, he is angry.

“No you’re not.” Maria said to him, but smiled at him, I hugged him and whispered a thank you into his ears and he squeezed my waist and kissed my forehead.

“I hate cheaters more than anything, a man who can’t treat his woman right, doesn’t even deserve to be called a man.”

“Says a boy.”

I looks from Jason to see my dad standing in the doorway, Maria scoffed, while Jason gently placed me on the couch, has he stand up to be at the same height with my dad, he's a little taller. My dad looks loathingly at Jason, who also had the same expression directed at my dad.

“At least, I won’t ever cheat on Lena.”

My dad approached Jason, looking like he want to hit him, and my heart started pounding as I watched, I knew Jason can fight but my dad is bigger and fit, I told you my dad's hot for an old guy, which I think now is a curse, if he used it to his advantage and cheat on his wife.

But before my dad can land a punch on Jason, Maria and I screaming, Jason got him with an uppercut and my dad is on the floor groaning. I really hate my dad at this moment. I get up to go to Jason but stopped when I heard him speak.

“You should be ashamed of yourself not proud. You just caused irrevocable damage to your family.”

With that he left my dad and looks at me, I went to him and hugged him, Maria just sighed and left the room, I want to go after her but Jason stopped me, saying she needed to be alone.

“Let’s get out of here, Jason.”



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