After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


11. The birth of a new criminal

9. The birth of a new criminal


I got out of the car after Jason threatened me that If I don’t get out and carry out my given task he would kiss me in front of the whole school and as much as I would like that...No way am I going to allow him do that, in front of them when every time we kiss I tend to get carried away and forget myself and where I am, but he is threatening me, so I have to stand my ground as dumb as it may seems.

I clicked on number 5 on the doors’ intercom call pad, since it’s the number to Dennis Locraft my seduces’ apartment. My outfit isn’t revealing at all, I am wearing a random crop top a vest below though, the only thing is that I am wearing shorts that isn’t remotely revealing they are just random shorts, that aren’t really short at all.

The neighbourhood looks so shady and all, with Dennis’s building beside a bridge railway, so I bet it’s not comfy sleeping here at all. A gruff voice finally came from the intercom

“Who are you?”

“Looking for Dennis Locraft.”

“I asked who you are.”

Crap, think of a random name to call...Paris, she should forgive me.

“Paris Young.”

“I don’t recall, knowing any Paris Young.”

“Because you don’t notice me, I’ve been crushing on you since forever and Goddamn it, you never notice me so I got tired of waiting and trying my luck.”

The line went quiet, God I’m not that bad in flirting is I? I mean I put on the right voices when I am speaking or pleading. I heard the door open and I smiled triumphantly, I beckoned for Nate and Jason to come out of their hiding spot, they rushed in, Nate gave me thumbs up while Jason don’t look at me.

“Go ahead; we’ll come upstairs in a bit.”

Is all Jason said to me, I just shook my head annoyed at him; Nate is a clown honestly because as I passed them he is like.

“Do ya thang girl.”

I don’t know what got into my head, cause once I am in the elevator, I decided to try and look slutty, I removed my vest and stuffed it in my backpack bearing my midriff for the whole world to see and rolled the legs of my shorts up some and released my hair from its messy bun.

It’s a good and bad thing the boys don’t come up with me, cause Dennis Locraft is waiting for me, he looks me up and down before looking at me in the face and smirking, first of all he looks so droopy and skinny, his hair is dirty and his hands oh lord! Please don’t let him touch me. If the guys had come upstairs with me, they would just have grabbed him and be done with but now I had to act like I liked this piece of shit.

Thankfully he don’t touch me and led me back to his apartment which door is open, I entered gingerly his house despite his appearance is better and looks kind of liveable. But that isn’t my worry in his sitting area, three young guys are seated and they looks wasted but stronger than sleazy ball over here.

“So you’ve been wanting me?”

I turn in the direction of the voice and the relief that rushed over me is so hard to mask but I manage, this person is Dennis how I am sure of this now is because he is wearing a chain with the letters DL on it.

He’s okay and looks decent apart from being stoned. I smiled and blushed, playing a shy slut...I nodded timidly, he smiled at me, before beckoning for me to seat on his laps, I hesitated and he and the other guys laughed.

“Baby, come here and seat on my leg and I do bite, besides your hot bud is making me pants tight.”

I bit my tongue to hold off the nasty comment I am about to toss out, besides I am kind of scared, where the hell is Jason and Nate? Or are they selling me to these guys? Hell no.

I sat down on Dennis’s lap and he placed his hand on my butt and squeezed it, he took my legs and made me face me, before wrapping my legs round his waist and pulled me closer to him, until I can feel his hardness, It took everything in me not to fly off him, but I cannot help the embarrassed blush that took over my face.

“I hope you’re not playing any game with me, cause I would rape you, give you too the other guys to have their way with you before we beat and kill you.”

I feel a shudder go down my spine, what the hell had I gotten myself into, I shook my head timidly, he then smiled at me, before crushing his face to mine and grinding his middle against mine. I want to scream, but there’s no way I am gonna let his tongue enter my mouth, and he seemed oblivious to my resistance and finally the door burst open.

Dennis don’t pull back and I feel myself being pulled off him and dropped out of the way, I fell to the ground and crawled to a corner in the room, I immediately grabbed my backpack and brought out my vest and rubbed my lips vigorously, disgusted beyond belief I feel very molested and cheap.

I looks up to see Cole with them, when had he come? They are all engaged in an intense physical combat...but Cole is the only one asking for the money owed, while he fought off one of Dennis’s goons who are trying to hit back, I mean for stoned people they are pretty strong, but it slowed them and their reflexes down.

Jason is punching Dennis really hard and he looks so angry and livid all I can hear is "Mine...Effing... Bastard..." Honestly Jason himself deserves another slap, for putting me in such a situation.

I heard a sound that is so loud and alarming to my whole being, I almost peed my pants, scared beyond belief. The gunshot momentarily stopped everyone, I opened my eyes and looks towards the direction the shot had come from, praying no one is dead. It is sleazy who had fired the shot but at the ceiling thank God...Wouldn’t whoever that lived above complain?

Sleazy aimed at Jason, who looks ready to kill someone, this gave Dennis an advantage and he is able to connect his fist with Jason’s jaw and knowing Jason he would be beyond livid...He is about to hit Dennis when Sleazy fired at him, but Jason’s reflexes saved him and he moved away at the nick of time, I just stayed at my corner, not knowing what to do as I watched the horrors unfold before me. Dennis got up and Sleazy threw the gun to him which he used it to threaten the Jason.

“I’ll blow your head off, get your guys off my men.”

Jason don’t do anything he just clenched his jaws together, but Cole and Nate moved to him. Wow so they hadn’t had the mind to bring a weapon with them? Don’t they know who they are facing? Or is my life so meaningless to them? What kind of idiotic criminals are these?

“Give us our money, you piece of rip off shit.”

Nate said and Dennis just laughed

“No way, I can just kill you now.”

“Go ahead, kill us.”

Jason said is he stupid, this guy would kill him without the bat of an eyelid. I don’t see it coming but he shot Nate in the arm, I almost screamed but I covered my mouth and muffled my scream has my eyes started to water, It is like the movies Nate went down on one knee clutching his bleeding shoulder letting out a loud groan, Jason charged for Dennis not caring about the gun anymore, I guess he cared about Nate the most, I noticed their bond.

He got Dennis right in the shoulder blade and the gun went flying across the room, hence the fighting began again, I had had enough of this, my head is spinning until it went unhinged and I don’t know what I am doing anymore, seeing Nate fighting though he is injured affected me and it is my last straw, I lost common sense. My hand grabbed something in my backpack and it is my bomb.

I crawled to an upturned table and grabbed a lighter and screamed to get all their bloody attention, because all the fighting had unleashed an angry beast in me.

"Stop fighting or I’ll bloody blow this place up.” I said sobbing. When they sees me with the bomb and matches this promptly stopped them and Jason’s eye sparked and he shook his head no at me, but I am lost.

“Pay them their effing money. You effing scums.”

Dennis just looks angry at me before he punched Jason and I lit the bomb...Everyone stopped and Cole shouted

“Lena what the hell did you do.”

I am watching the light eat up the thread, while I cried and Dennis and his goons started scrambling for the door, but Jason rushed to me and grabbed the bomb from my hand and threw it out of the window, before he carried me and ran out of the apartment Cole and Nate behind him, nothing can stop us from hearing the explosion and God is it horrible and deafening, Jason made us pass the backdoor.

I can hear screaming, fire crackling as it consumed whatever that is in its path and metal exploding and buildings breaking as the ground shook and building shuddered, I held Jason tight but I see the damage I had caused.

Jason had thrown the bomb so far out that it had hit a passing train and the train had exploded destroying the bridge and the nearest building which happen to be Dennis’s, I started sobbing uncontrollably because it is my bloody fault this had happened and the people oh God the people who...who had been killed, no matter if it is Jason who had thrown the bomb--It is my entire fault.

“Lena, it’s alright we are fine. I’m sorry, so sorry.”

Jason kept on. Repeating himself telling me how sorry he is as we drove away from the scene of my crime, I really don’t know what he is sorry. For what had happened or if the fact that it is his fault I had to go through all that or everything that had happened since the day I met him. Jason is in the back and he hadn’t dropped me since and to be honest I wouldn’t let him. I needed to be held and he held me as I cried into his shoulder, I needed to be in close proximity with another human to know that I am alive and I hadn’t just nearly committed suicide or killed Jason and everyone else, even if I am the cause for the death of the lives lost today. I am a criminal now they don’t know it but they had successfully made me one of them now and I hated it.

“I just almost effing killed us, but ended up killing a hell load of innocent people instead. I hate you...If you hadn’t dragged me along this won’t have happe-n-ned in first place!”

I finally sparked and started punching Jason who let me and don’t argue, when I started crying harder than I am before Jason crushed me to his chest and held me tight.

I don’t know how I did it, but I fell asleep my mind gave way to exhaustion and I can sleep despite what I had done. I woke up, in Jason’s lap still clutching him tightly; I looks around my surroundings to see we are in his den with Cole and Nate sitting around looking sore and battered. Nate had a bandage on his injured arm, which meant it had really happened and I had unintentionally killed people.

“Lena are you alright?”

“Do you expect me to be alright!?”

That shut him up and he had the grace to look remorseful. Cole and Nate are looking at me now, what did I have a different look now that I am a criminal?


“You are going to kill us all.”

Nate said incredulously, like he can't believe it, I mean thinking of it, yeah I am going to kill everyone including me, but I feel like I am in an effing horror movie and I lost control. What’s wrong with this people, people are dead all because of me.

“It’s all over the news. Lena never handle a bomb in your life again, I mean how can you be so stupid?”

I shifted uncomfortably, well the thing is when it comes to bombs when I can make one, it should be Cole not handling one. And he should watch it, I knew what I did is stupid no need to state the obvious. Jason scowled at him

“Jason! Nate! Cole! I caused the bomb explosion, although Jason helped but how can you stay here not doing anything?”

“What are we meant to do Lena? Turn ourselves into the fauxing police? Hell no! I know this may sound wrong and you’re thinking about it and all, but you’re going to have to live with it, you can’t change it. Only ten people passed away, it can have been worse so consider us lucky! Now our main problem is the investigation that’s going to occur and protecting you and me.”

“Now I’m at your flipping level.”

Is all I can say resigned, I can beat myself over the fact, but he is right there isn’t anything I can do to change it and report myself to the police, of course I wouldn’t do that, I had my fauxing life ahead of me and I cannot be thrown into jail...Not now, not ever hopefully.

“The baddest and top criminal spot, my dear.”

“I’m scared.”

“We’ll protect you, since you are only trying to help us with your bombastic move and we don’t get our money, but a fauxing good pounding.”

“The only person I feel sorry for is Nate and I for being very molested by that scumbag.”

I see Jason clench his fist, I eyed him before saying

“Not my fault you don’t come up in time is it...In fact I am mad at you for not coming in time; I am very molested all because of your stupid idea.”

“It is Nate.”

“Aww man, Jason really? Man up and stop ratting me out to the bomb girl, I value my life.”

I turned to Nate. Who is smirking, while Jason is snickering beneath me. I said annoyed and pissed at both of them now.

“I take my words back, glad Dennis shot you...And I am never going to cancel my normal girl life for you ever again.”

“Take it or leave it, right now you’re a want criminal.”

I stuck my tongue childishly at Jason, who tried to touch it, but thank God he don’t or I would have bitten his finger off, no joke...

“Where did you get such a dangerous bomb from?”

Ugh! Cole always the intuitive one, in fact he is getting on my nerves why did he have to ask, Jason tensed, yeah yeah your big bad secret well I can lie my way out of this one.

“It is just there and well I went mad so I took.”

Cole looks at me, before shaking his head and not saying anything else, okay good he better not talk anyways.

“I’m sorry you guys, for almost killing us.”

Jason just dragged me closer to him, while Nate shrugged and Cole is just sitting there playing with his iPhone.

“I think I should erase that scum touching you from your mind.”

I turned to look irritated at Jason, what is he saying nothing can ever get that feeling off me, no matter how hard I tried, but before I can protest he carried me and left his den.

“Where the hell do you think you’re taking me?”

“My room, for some privacy.”

“Why do we need privacy?”

“I intend to make you forget about Dennis ever laying his hands or lips on you.”

My treacherous body started to sing at the dirty thoughts that went through it and I can feel myself getting flushed.

Jason threw me on his bed and climbed on top of me, his necklace dangling down as he came face to face with me...

“So where did he touch you?”



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