After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


3. Taken by criminals

1. Taken by Criminals


Why in the name of God, did I choose to help Maria get baby food from Mattie’s? Firstly I have to go on the thirty minute walk to Mattie’s, the store which is the closest to our home and neighbourhood. I seriously don’t understand how a mother can forget her baby materials are practically finished until it’s gone all together. I highly doubt it’s only baby food Louis is going to need.

Louis is my baby half-brother, and he is really adorable, sweet and cute like most babies are, I love babies in general. So back to Maria I guess it’s expected, that she would forget. I mean when your dad’s new wife is twenty-one and his first child me, is only seventeen. With a four years difference in age between Maria and me. People mistake us for sisters and it gets even worse when my dad comes along, they think he’s our dad “Your daughters are beautiful.” Super awkward, they just turn red and look sheepishly at each other as they explain the situation. I don’t even know why they even bother; Yeah I feel bad for them, sometimes. 

It was a huge shock, when Maria confessed that she and my father were in love and were getting married. Note Maria had been my nanny, best friend and sister, before the death of my mum, but she became a permanent figure when my mum passed away when I was twelve years old. It’s kind of cool for dad, who would have thought a forty-year old would be lucky enough to find genuine second love in beautiful and sexy Maria, who would also agree to marry him and love him so unconditionally, not that dad looks bad or anything he looks like he is in his early thirties.

Finally reaching the store, I decide once and for all to buy other baby stuff Louis might need. Maria or dad would pay me back. I am busy picking out baby diaper from the back when I hear some sort of commotion coming from the front of the store and nosey me goes ahead to peep and regret it, because I literally jump out of my skin in fright when I take in what is happening.

How can this night go from bad to worse? The saying being in the right place at the wrong time, clearly explains my dilemma and try to never ever let that happen to you. Five male bodies dressed from head to toe in all black, even their face masks are all holding vicious looking guns, positioned and ready to shoot at anyone who dare to defy them, I notice that people are cowering or lying on the floor face down, how did I not hear all this going on? One of the robbers is busy offloading money from the register into a small black bag, while the dude at the register just   stand there fear written all over his face. I thank my lucky stars that they cannot see me from the position I am in but I can see and watch them.

The money is kind of a lot, I did say Mattie’s is the nearest to my home and neighbourhood and further down. Due to me watching their every move, I unconsciously move my hand and my basket hits something, which alerts one of the masked guys to my dismay.

Because he is heading right to my hiding corner, I am so busted.

The masked guy stops when he sees me, my heart starts beating frantically, we just stand there looking at each other. His gun raised and aimed at me, I swear I can see my body shaking out of fear. Finally he drops the hand holding the raised gun and my accelerated heartbeat reduces, before he reaches out for me and drags me to the front, where he pushes me to the floor.

I hear the loud sound of a zipper closing or getting zipped up, hearing the entrance to the store opening and hurried footsteps leaving the store, before the door closes with a resounding bang in the now dead pin drop silent store. I guess we are all in shock.

When I finally find it in me to look up the guy at the counter is just staring dazedly at the open cash register, I don’t want to spend another second here or out on the streets, I want the safety of my house. I cannot leave without the things I came to buy for Louis. Gathering my shaking self from the floor I grab my basket and go up to the counter and drop everything, I’m about to pay when the cashier stops me “Take whatever you came here for everyone, it’s on the house to show how sorry we are for this happening.” After he is done talking he reaches for the phone and calls the cops. Isn’t he a bit late for that?

Witness or not, I don’t want anything to do with the authorities, so I leave in a haste, I half walk and run but my body is still in shock and isn't really cooperating with me, I want to get home to Louis and Maria and also out of the unsafe streets at this late hour, but fate has other plans for me.

When I get to the deserted road with no buildings nearby just trees, I see a car, which seems to have a flat tyre. I can make out the shape of a guy who is in the process of removing the back tyre, while a tyre waited in the hand of another ready to fixed; as I get closer I get choked on my fear. The guys are five in number and are all wearing black just like the guys at the store earlier, the only difference is that they aren't wearing the face masks they had had on and they are all definitely looking at me, I cannot make out their faces and I don’t want to.

I look away from them, praying they won’t remember me, I see one of the figures break out from the others and clearly is heading in my direction; the last thing I remember is a soft voice that is silky velvet to my ears say “This is gonna hurt a teeny bit, babe.” Before I feel a sharp pain from my neck, but before the pain can fully register, blackness engulfs me.


My head feels extremely heavy, like someone has been hammering it, my body is painfully stiff and worse yet I cannot move, I finally pry my eyes open, but I cannot make out anything, not even an outline, shape or door; there is no light streaming in either from any crack. The pounding in my head becomes unbearable making me lose consciousness.

I wake up with a start, due to some sort of disturbance or something; the bright light momentarily makes me blind when I open my eyes. Blinking away the brightness my eyes adjusted to the light and fully took in the room. I am in a den or living area done in black and white, the couches are black leather, the decoration of the room is breath-taking beautiful and manly at the same time. The biggest flat screen TV hung on the wall with different gaming appliances connected to it, I sit up slowly trying to remember how I had gotten to this teenage boy paradise, when five extremely hot guys that I know all too well except from one, stride into the room.

They take different seats all facing me and staring solemnly at me as if they are bearers of bad news. I know four of the boys well, because I grew up with them. The last member caused quite a stir when he moved here and bought the Grayson’s Mansion, which I guess is the house which I am currently held captive, a house which is harbouring the least expected kind of criminals.

I know their parents, although none of them are like superbly rich kids, they aren't lacking in anything and their parents can afford a lot of pretty decent stuffs. I am getting annoyed and I let it show, why had they kidnapped me and taken me in such a brutal manner as if they don’t already know me, my head hurts a bit, neck stings and body feels like lead.

"Where are the baby stuff, I was carrying?”

I look at them all, of all things to say that is what I can think of because I need to go home to my family who are waiting for me and my, I bet very hungry brother.

So yeah, let me be a bitch and get my things and get out of here.

“Lena, what you saw tonight… it can’t get out.”

Are they shitting me? I look at who had spoken to me, Stefan Woods. I thought he’s an easy-going guy who is a popular basketball player for our school’s varsity team, but I guess part-time he robs banks–seriously I have exchanged couple of greetings with him before today, like every other boy in the room expect from the last guy. The expectation my neighbour Cole Fray, who I speak to a lot, I wonder how Tom and Clary Fray, his parents would feel if they found out what their beloved son is up to.

“I would have killed you on the spot. But my guys over here told me not to. But I just can’t let you go now, can I?”

“I appreciate your concern boys, thank you for not killing me.”

I address him and everyone else, my voice dripping with sarcasm, I cannot believe myself right now, I think being sore all over, annoyed as hell, emotionally and physically drained made me toss caution to the wind and become a prissy bitch.

I look at the guy who appears to be their leader fully for the first time to see him staring at me, his eyes piercing into mine. He's actually beautiful and hot, I bet girls always fall over themselves over him. His golden brown hair looks so soft, really contrasting to his hard looking body. But despite the look of indifference he is sporting, I can see right through his façade, beneath the mask he is wearing to protect himself from the world, there is anger, hatred and sadness. He is hurting, but the thing I can really see is his unhappiness. 

“What about the baby stuff? I really need it Cole!”

I turn looking at him, he shifts a bit uncomfortable not looking at me and he better not be comfortable I would skin him. The guys looks amused at this, I cannot care about them at the moment, Maria definitely is worrying and Louis I don’t want to think of the state he should be in, I feel a slice of pain in my heart, thinking of Louis crying uncontrollably, while Maria is in full out panic mood, because I bet by now word about Mattie’s being robbed will have gotten round and judging from things I've been out for a while and hours would have passed.

“How old are you? That you have a kid already? Baby daddy didn’t stay?”

What the hell? Seriously he knows nothing about me, meaning he shouldn't be saying shit either, he especially shouldn't assume things like that, I am not that kind of girl. Ugh! My frustration is growing and wearing me out by the second, I just want to go home.

“I do not care if you robbed a bank or kill the president, it is your life and you don’t see me saying anything to you about it. Just give me my baby stuff and let me leave, so you guys can nicely rot in hell for all I care, I don’t exactly give a fig so let me go!”

It burst out of me, to their surprise and mine, I get up and start for the door, when whatever his name is but hot guy springs on me, holding my wrist tightly and holding me captive. I see red.

“I don’t care who ever the hell you are or what you do in life. But you have a serious problem. Let. Go. Of. Me.”

In normal circumstances I bet I wouldn’t be acting out this way, but I am far gone from being sane or rational, I can see clearly that this guy could kill me on the spot and not care. He also has the hard and rugged look, that of a bad boy, which would have somewhat made him attractive if not for the fact that I am totally pissed, yet I still can see why girls get attracted to him, but I never cared a day about him or thought to ever speak to him when I saw him at school.

“You can go for now, but a word about who we are or what we do, just know you’d be sorry. By the way I'm Jason McCann.”

I shrug and drag my hand away from his loosened grip, turning around I see the baby stuff in the bags deserted in a corner to my relief. I run home not looking back or stopping once he let me out.

Jason McCann. Who the hell does he think he is? When I let myself in Maria collapsed on me crying like she is the baby and not Louis. Like I had predicted she is hysterical, when I opened the door, she was carrying Louis and the both of them made quite the picture, both red in the face and bawling their eyes out. Louis is wailing at the top of his tiny lungs. "Lena, I thought… oh my goodness.” She is in a trance like state, she cannot even hear Louis, she is more than stressed, I notice now how she looks like she hasn't slept for weeks; I sit her down and carry Louis from her, bouncing him up and down trying to appease him a bit, while I quickly make him his food, I sit him down on the couch and give him his feeding bottle, he immediately feeds himself.

“Maria go settle in for the night okay, I’ll take care of Louis. I say coaxing her out of her state and she gratefully hugs me, before quickly leaving me and Louis. When Louis is done I give him water to drink, before carrying him on my shoulder patting his back, I take him to his room and change his clothes and diaper and he giggles tiredly all through the process.

Afterwards I carry him and walk around till he falls asleep, I lay him face down in his crib turning on his night moving objects light, on top of his crib, before going to my room exhausted and drained from the night occurrence. 

I strip and soak myself in my bathtub for a much needed soothing treatment bath for my sore body, I swear the next time I set my eyes on Cole he is so in for an earful from me.

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