After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


15. Stupid, crazy, funny and cranky behaviours

13. Stupid, crazy, funny and cranky behaviours


I totally had a blast today, oh my gods, we danced and partied the day away, music blaring loud, relaxing on the lounge beds, tanning, playing silly games, having our own fashion show and pretending to be in a music video, as we played. I totally stayed out of the pool, but that didn’t mean I don’t get wet, when we all decided to have a water fight, by the time it is time to leave, we are all sad to part with each other. I definitely had new friends and can see why Aria hung around with the lots of them.

I hugged and Cara hugged Aria, Lisa, April, Mary and Sue before leaving, we are going to walk all the way back for exercise, but the plan of us exercising is tossed to the wind when we stepped out the front door, to see Jason getting down from his Rover.

“I see I’m just in time, Hello ladies.”

Jason said to girls, who smiled at replied his greeting, I looks to Cara, who just nodded for me to go along, with Jason.

“What are you doing here?”

“I thought you did be happier seeing me, seeing that I did come to pick you up, without you calling me.”

I smiled at him, he just shook his head at me “C’mere” he said to me as he hooked one of his fingers in the belt hook of my jeans shorts and dragged me towards him, when I am pressed up against him, he took captive of my waist. “I really missed you.” I giggled and he smiled at me before he kissed me, I got so lost in his mouth and the sensation his tongue is causing to my whole body while it tangled with my own, I don’t even realize we are still in front of Aria’s house and my friends are still standing there watching us, like we are some kind of movie.

“Okay, break it up, get going and off my front lawn…stop ignoring me, LENA! I’m coming over there, for God sake, stop kissing, LENARI HASTINGS!!!”

I heard Aria squeal my full name, that is when I remembered where I am and pulled away from Jason, and for once we both had mirrored smirks, Aria just scoffed while the others laughed and commented on how sweet but disgusting we are.

“Cara, you’re coming with us, someone would be happy to see you.”

I looks at Jason, glaring at him, why did he have to tease her, I looks at Cara who is, blushing, and walked over to us, I opened the back door of Jason’s car, while Jason got into the driver seat. Cara and I waved at the others, before hopping into the car and Jason drove off.

“Well, Nate doesn’t know you’re coming, but he sure has been acting like a fucking sensitive emotional bomb, and is acting like a sissy and it’s getting on all our nerves, but since it’s you that’s eating him up, you guys need to work your shit out, before he completely blows.”

“Jason, that is so insensitive of you.”

I screeched at him, and he just shrugged at me, I looks at Cara who hadn’t spoken, a word since we got in.

“You know you don’t have to go along with him, right?”

“Yeah, I do but he’s right, I’m tired of Nate games.”

"See Lena, she agrees with me, so stuff it will ya?”

“Can you be any ruder? Asshole.”

Cara started laughing and both Jason and I turn to look at her, she kept on laughing, till Jason and I started smiling at each other.

“Do you both ever do without arguing, fighting or insulting each other? I mean it seems you guys can never stay on good terms for long, but you both like each other.”

She explained to us, I sighed and rolled my eyes at her, while Jason smirked. He caught my eye through the front mirror; I ignored him and just pulled out my iPhone and plugged in my earphones, tuning them out.


“Dudettes I’m back and I missed all your asses.”

I shouted when I walked in and into the manhole or den, to see Dylan using his laptop, while he is talking to Cole and Stefan who are both busy battling with the Wii. All clearly ignoring and Nate the sensitive bomb is not in sight. I walked over to the fighting boys and pushed both of them till they fell and I walked out to Dylan and pressed the on/off button of his laptop, before closing it and stalking out, while Jason just laughed at the lots and well Cara stand awkwardly beside him.

I am heading upstairs when Nate came down with Louis in his arm and they are having a conversation, but stopped when Louis sees me and started shouting

“Leri! Tate me dan now!”

Louis squealed at me, and I giggled, Louis just started speaking a little while ago and his voice is so cute and adorable, and I totally love him. Nate obviously don’t put him down but once he got to the bottom off the stairs he handed Louis to me, nodded at me before stalking off brooding to the manhole before stopping when he spotted Cara, he looks to Jason, who looks back at him, not blinking or batting an eyelid, they seemed to be having some sort of conversation, as I watch as Nate physically sags and then walks over to Cara, without any warning, he takes her hand and drags her towards the staircase.

I bounced a happy Louis who squeals and hugged me tight, while Jason walked up to me, and took my hand, dragging me towards the front door. I dragged my hand out of his before looking at him, what the hell did he think he is doing?

“Where are we going?”

“For a stroll, got a problem with it?”

“Why are we going on a stroll?”

He just shrugged at me, looking at the door not looking at me, I sighed and caved in, why am I tough on him anyway, it’s not like he had dragged me into anything bad this past weeks and he had also been the perfect gentleman.

“I don’t know, I thought it did be nice for us to walk and talk about how our weekends went?”

I walk up to him, holding Louis and put my hand in his “I’m sorry.” He looks at me and pecked my lips, I smiled shyly at him and we left his house. He took Louis from me and I am secretly thankful I cannot carry him all the way he's heavy.

We walked in peace, where I tell Jason about my weekend and how fun it is at Aria’s I told him about some things, but not spilling anyone’s secret, I told him about all the activities we engaged in, and even showed him pictures, on the Tumblr page Aria had created for this event and had had us all become members of it and post the pictures we took. He is laughing and commenting about everything and it is peaceful, even Louis is being peaceful and agreeable, when we stopped and Jason looks at me worriedly.

“I have news to tell you.”

“Well what? You’re scaring me, spill it already.”

“We got rid of Dennis and the bombing case has been solved.”

I feel my heart drop, and fear set in, the bomb case had been solved, did it mean Jason had killed Dennis and the police knew it is us who had done the bombing?

“What the hell did you do? And what will happen to us now or should I say me?”

“No Lena, it’s not what you’re thinking.”

“Then what Jason, because you just told me, Dennis is dead and the police has caught us.”

He pulled me into his arm, trying to calm me down, but I am beyond calming, my life start to flash before me and I knew I would have to be on the run from now on.

“You underestimate me and the guys, we won’t ever let anything happen to you, now calm down and listen to me. We blamed the whole thing on Dennis, sent an anonymous tip off to the police and it tallied of with everything they had about the case. We found out where Dennis is hiding and paid him a visit, we spared him his life and just gave him enough time to leave this state and he can’t ever come back, because he is now a want criminal and everyone knows his face.”

I pull away from Louis and Jason and looks at him, renewed respect and fear in my body, towards him, I would never want to mess with him, I mean look at Dennis now. He looks at me waiting for a reaction out of me, but honestly I am more relieved than anything else, Dennis wouldn’t be able to hurt me anymore and is clearly out of the picture. I shocked Jason by hugging him tight, before I started to sob, he just patted my back, while Louis patted my head. I wiped my tears and smiled at both of them after calming down, I pecked Louis all over his face, with him squealing and laughing before I kissed Jason on the lips.

“Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome, anything to protect my girl.”

I scoffed at him, and rolled my eyes, while he just laughed, it warmed my heart what he said and his laughter, but I feel like being a little sassy and said jokingly but covering up in a serious tone.

“Although it’s your fault I am in that mess and is this messed up.”

He groaned and looks at me apologetically, but I only giggled at him and he knew things are alright with us, he took my hand and we walked back in the direction of his house, talking to Louis who is making us laugh.

“I’m back bitches!”

I shouted once I stepped inside Jason house again, Louis had fallen asleep in Jason’s arms, so he won’t have heard me, I self-assured myself.

“Welcome back, Lena.”

I heard chorusing back to me, yay! They had learnt from my previous entrance, I walked into the manhole which I had nicknamed the den/parlour.  When I walked in to say I am in shocked would have been an understatement.

Nate had Cara on his lap and they are making out, oblivious to their surroundings, my sweet little Cara in Nate laps, is quite shocking and too much for me to take in so please excuse me. Jason wolf whistled, while he hollered get some Cara and good job, praising Cara, I see Cara go red and is about to pull back but Nate held her face while flipping off Jason, who just growled and took out his iPhone took pictures and recorded them, I sighed and hit him but he ignored me, so I turned to take in the rest of the people in the room.

I notice a youngish woman, who looks like she is nineteen or twenty, wondering what she is doing here, she is seating on a couch and had been watching Stefan who is playing a game with the Wii, but now looking at me still and Dylan, setting about packing up his things and last but not the least Cole and Paris talking in a corner, my eyes widen at the sight and I tugged on Jason, who looks at both of them and I cannot tell what he is thinking as his face went unreadable, it isn’t news that Jason don’t like Paris.

“Not meaning to be rude, but who are you?”

I asked the lady sitting on the couch, as politely as I can, this caught everyone’s attention except from the making out couple.

“I’m the nanny, Stacy.”

I smiled at her, before turning to glare at Jason. He smiled sheepishly at me; I put both my hands on my waist and said to him.

“What happened to you, saying you are going to look after him by yourself?”

“Well, with what happened yesterday…what do you expect?”

Jason replied me giving me a meaningful look, which all the boys caught and they all looks even Nate from Jason to me and Jason just nodded at them, I nodded my head to and smiled at all of them, showing them my thanks and they grinned at me, the other women in the room, just looks confused, but they cannot ask, I mean it’s clear they are not included in our little exchange.

“Please would you do what I am paying you for?”

I see Jason say in a clipped tone to the nanny who is still sitting down, but after hearing Jason she jumped up hurriedly and took Louis from him and made her way upstairs, while giving Jason the evils and Jason just looks irritated, I touch his cheek, chuckling before going to seat down beside Cara.

Nate glared at me, but I ignored him and asked her to tell me how things went, since she and Nate had clearly made up, she told me how everything went, with Nate scoffing beside me, until he cut in and said the last bit of the story.

“I asked her to be my girlfriend and her said yes. Got a problem Hastings?”

I squealed and hugged a blushing Cara who hid in Nate, I giggled, there's the sweet Cara I knew and boy am I happy for her, Paris shouted over her congratulations to her, too caught up in her talk with Cole.

“If I hadn’t told Cara to follow us when I went to pick them from Aria’s this won’t have happened. You owe me bro, big time and I recorded you just now.”

I thought Nate is going to pounce on Jason, when he growled but he just glared at Jason and looks away making us all laugh, when Paris screamed

“No way. Wait!”

We looks at her confused and even Cole looks as confused as we are, now that she had all our attention, Jason rolled his eyes, she continued speaking.

“You both went for Aria’s sleepover?”

 I and Cara just shrugged at her, not getting her point or where she is going with it, I mean its public knowledge that we went and got invited to it.

“How can you guys. You don’t even tell me you are going so I can have come with!”

“They got invited and only people that get invites should go for a party. She don’t want you there.”

Jason said to Paris, who looks at us hurt as if we had betrayed her before turning to glare at Jason, who just stared back at her.

“Look, Paris we are sorry, but she dropped it on us yesterday during lunch, if you had sat with us, she might have included you in the invite.”

I said trying to appease her, she may act like a bimbo sometimes, but deep down she’s that strong willed girl I have known all my life and one of my close friends, just lately she hasn’t had time for me or Cara and I also have had couple of rough weeks.

She just shook her head at me, Cara did not say anything, she isn’t even looking at Paris, Nate whispered something into Cara ear and she blushed and nodded and they both left the room going upstairs. I watched has Paris whispered something to Cole and they both got up and left the room, I heard the front door slam and I turned to Jason, who looks in a daze.

“Isn’t what you are expecting huh?”

I asked him, he smirked at me and nodded, he helped me up, and wrapped his arm round my waist holding me from behind, he starts kissing, licking and sucking my neck and my overheated body betrays me and I let out a moan, which makes him smirk.

“Glad to know the effect I have on you.”

The front door opened and slammed again and Cole’s voice echoes to me as he approaches us

“Lena, can we talk?”

He appears and sees me wrapped in Jason, so he groans, and Jason smirks at him, Cole just rolled his eyes at us and lets out a frustrated growl.

“I can see you both are clearly busy, well then, talk to you in school and I am leaving.”

He grabbed his things and walked out, leaving us more stunned, Jason released me and took hold of my hand, dragging me towards the kitchen.

“What the hell is wrong with everybody?”

“I know right, they are making us look normal and sane.”

He laughs and I smile, I like agreeable us like this, it’s comforting and peaceful, I feel at rest with everything and like nothing can ever possibly go wrong. Jason brings out packed food and microwaves it, as we wait for it to be ready, he grabs me and places me on the counter, separating my leg till he is in between them, I wrap my leg round his waist and look up at him, as I leaned closer and brought my lips to his, his hands grips my waist and I crush my body towards his as the kiss gets deeper and my self-control and inhibition is being forgotten by the second, his hand starts fumbling with my top, until I can feel his warm hands on my bare skin, I shivered but not from cold, as his hand continued its journey upwards, we got rudely interrupted by the microwave going off.

We broke apart and sighed, our breaths jagged and hearts racing, he removes his hands from my waist and grips my butt and squeezed it hard, I shake my head at him and he just smirked, before helping me down and proceeding to dish out our food.

We ate talking quietly about random things and getting to know more about each other, but I knew I can still feel his lips on my and the tension that is in the air told me, we are not done with what we had started and would most likely continue.

"Sleep in my bed today, I want to hold you while we sleep.”

Jason asked me and I blushed as I nodded to him, this day can be one of my best days in history, if I let it be, we hurried up with our food, before packing up and putting the dishes in the dishwasher, we went about securing the house, before heading upstairs, when we got to the top, we saw Cara and Nate coming out of his room, Cara is going home and Nate is escorting her, I hugged her goodnight and Jason tugged me to his room.

“I want to go change.”

“I’ll give you something, there’s something about seeing my girl in my clothes, major turn on.”

I shoved him and he laughed, but I still waited for him to hand me his clothes, I went into his bathroom and put on the top he had given me reached half of my thighs so I wore them only and came out, Jason wolf-whistled and pounced on me, I giggled and he carried me and dropped me on his bed.

He climbs on top of me and I smile up at his face, before I started giggling at him, he smiled and kissed my nose before his lips descended onto mine and we start making out all over again, I don’t know how long we are pressed up against each other like that, but when I finally came up for air, we are both panting, he laid down beside me and we both look up at his ceiling

“You’re such an amazing kisser, McCann.”

“Likewise, Hastings.”

We giggled and he pulled me to him, cuddling and I sighed and closed my eyes as I rested on him, my exhaustion finally catching up with me, I had had a long day.


I feel Jason lips on my forehead, but I don’t know if he replied me because, I am long gone to dreamland by that time.



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