After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


2. Prologue

Gemma Hastings watched her little girl play with her nanny and friend Maria Silver. Maria had been a blessing for her family, despite her having gone through a rough childhood and was now under foster care with the Hastings being her foster parents. It amazed her how both girls’ looked so alike and were sisters to each other in every sense. Knowing Lenari would always have a beautiful friendship with Maria that would last till their ends warmed her heart.

Any day now she knew she would not wake-up from sleep. Nothing was wrong, she was as healthy as a well bred horse and she just knew her time was coming to an end. She had come to terms with that fact and had embraced life, like a mother would her child. Treasuring these last moments with her family in which Maria was a part of.

“Mummy! You’re back.” 

Lena beamed when she spotted her mother standing at the entrance to the den, she got up from the rug she and Maria were sitting on and rushed into her mother’s open arms.

“We missed you Gemma. Lena made sure we felt the impact of your absence.” Maria greeted, while teasing Lena in the process and like she knew Lena would, she declared only in the way a saucy twelve year old girl would “I did not.” 

Gemma smiled at the exchange and decided to tease her cute and sweet little daughter. “Oh! So you didn’t miss me? Should I leave once again?” Maria sniggered while Lena clung to her mother and let out series of plea.

“No! I missed you so much, don’t leave again mummy.” 

Tears glistened in Gemma’s  eyes, how could she tell her she was not leaving when she would be gone for good in some days to come, instead Gemma just hugged her and said “Alright, can you lots help me put my bags upstairs while I make us a treat.”

Maria and Lena gladly carried her luggage, already laughing about something while they walked together. Gemma only hoped Liam would find someone who would care and love him more than she did love and care for him and the family even more than she did, someone who would be capable of giving him more than one child and Lena more siblings. She could only give birth to Lena, and giving birth to Lena had been a risk to her own life but she would never regret the near fifty two hours she had brutally spent in the hospital bed trying to bring Lena to the world. 

Gemma knew her death would affect Lena the most and she wished she could ease the pain when she would be gone, but she knew Maria would take care of her and comfort her. It was hard being strong when she knew she would be gone from the people she loved the most in the world.

The Hastings family plus Maria were one happy family and everyone knew how unbreakable their bond was, how they loved and cared deeply for one and another. Not long after dinner, Maria and Lena were sent to bed, in order to get enough sleep for school the next day. But like usual Lena always snuck into Maria’s room to talk to her until she fell asleep. 

Four days later, Gemma Hastings passed away peacefully in her sleep. The days before her death, she had showed and reminded her family of how much she loved them. Her daughter Lena, surrogate daughter Maria and her husband Liam could not doubt her love for them; only she had left this realm of life and left them behind forever.

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