After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


5. Pre-party jitters!

3. Pre-party jitters!


Louis is tugging on my hair in delight, he is sitting on my shoulder, all they guys are shocked when I assigned myself baby watching; it’s embarrassing, but none of them can take care of babies and I have had experience with them, I have two younger siblings and I like kids, they are innocent unlike the rest of us.

Everyone is busy setting up downstairs for the party, no one but me is allowed upstairs…me and Louis though, I sent someone to buy me baby toys so I can keep Louis occupied. Louis totally loves me; word about the party had spread with positive feedback. Like there did been any doubt.

I heard a pounding on the door, and I left Louis playing with his new toys and went to open the door…I am caught unsuspecting and got pushed so hard, I stumbled backwards.

“Where is he?”

The faux? I see the girl Cole had been eating the face off and Lena who is raging, looking half-crazed and mad at me--she caught on real quick although hours have passed since I took Louis.

“You might as well come in, not you…you’re only allowed here for the party or by invitation, goodbye.”

I said before shutting the door in her face smirking, she is outraged…that’s what she gets for keeping her eyes off Louis for  any sort of second when she should have been watching him.

“That’s totally uncalled for McCann. Where is my brother? What have you done with him?” She looks at me menacingly “Don’t bullshit me, only you would do something like that.”

“You just met me yesterday; you don’t know anything about me.”

I see doubt flicker in her eyes plus how afraid she really is, that I caused and injected…I feel bad which shocked me to my core, but her mouth had to ruin it and made me lose the emotion.

“You are a criminal, you can do it.”

I smirked at her, did she expect me to get mad, I am a criminal and I am proud of being one.

“That’s what I am.”

“Please, are you with him?”

“I’ll tell you where he is on some conditions.”


She said defeated, I smiled now this is how I want a bitch when I am talking to her.

“You are coming for our party tonight…you are our host and you are to make an oath that our secret is safe with you, because we do need a girl in our midst it would do us some good.”

She looks up at me, annoyance evident in her features, but she only said to me.

“Whatever, I’ll be the host and I will take your bloody oath, I am not telling the cops on my life and if I do, you own me. But I am not going to be the girl in the midst of you guys…now my brother.”

I don’t think anything would keep her hot mouth shut, I led her upstairs to Louis, who squealed when he sees us and crawled towards me, see he is taken to me I carried him and placed him on my shoulders. Lena is looking at me clearly in shock and the floor on my rug, where the toys are. I blushed slightly.

“Wow! Who would have thought Jason McCann, liked babies?”

“Shut up. See your brother is fine and safe here, go bring your stuff, you are dressing up here and I am keeping Louis till the end of the party.”

She looks alarmed at me wanting to take him, but I stepped out of her way, he is my only leverage.

“We can’t leave him by himself.”

“Who said we will? He’s going to stay in another room, with a nanny I hired for the night.”

“Another room?”

“If you haven’t noticed this is my bedroom and I can’t trust anyone to stay here and I have lots of empty rooms.”

“You aren’t changing your mind?”

“Nope, Louis is mine and you better not tell anyone about this. Now get going.”


“Actually, I am a badass, but a bitch is definitely what you are.”

She just flounced out slamming my door on her way out. Damn, she looks hot in what she is wearing a short pink flowery summer dress.

“Louis, you live with couple of sexy females…unlucky for you, you are related to them.”

Louis just pulled on my hair and I decided to go and check downstairs, the guys were back and they had encountered Lena leaving, as they looks at me questioning with Louis still on my shoulder.

“Badass Louis here and I are hanging out, deal with it you jealous dykes.”

They threw stuff at me making Louis laugh and they did too, I told them I am holding Louis and Lena hostage for the day, and her being a host for the party, before I took a seat and we chilled for Lena to come back.

“I think Lena has to commit a crime to join us…we have to make her commit a crime.”

They all looks at me as if I had gone mad and maybe I have, they addressed their views and after arguing and everything they still had to agree and even little Louis who is currently playing with Nate’s hair. Which meant if she joined us, we automatically earned a baby too…since he is the only thing she happened to care about the most.

I want to see if she can take care of herself at a party, if she can defend herself from drunken hormonal teenage boys, jealous bitches and shit. She don’t know it but last night had definitely changed life as she knew it.

Lena came back and Cole went to open the door, she came back holding Cole by the ear, which made us, burst out laughing.

“You know, I pray Paris slaps you hard for the foolish stunt you pulled, how can you?”

Damn, Cole is in for it. Paris told Lena what had happened, Louis seeing his sister left Dylan alone and crawled to her, seeing that made me miss my little brother and sister. Time to get tough again.

“Yeah like Cole really gave it to the Paris babe, I mean she got so distracted that I stole Louis…who happily came with me.”

Lena released Cole who scrambled away, to turn her full glare on me, but it isn’t effective.

“Come let me show you your room.”

She don’t know it, but every guy here had their own room, even little Louis. I am telling you he's my man.

Lena might be annoying but, her body made up for it and it is one I set my claims on so Cole better back off and settle for Paris, they all knew I am staking my claim. I don’t like her that much but otherwise.

I showed her to the girlish room which fortunately is beside Louis room, I had made Louis room look remotely comfortable for a baby, even got a crib set up. She is so shocked when I showed her his room.

“Here’s yours, now keep what you’re wearing and let’s go over party plans downstairs with the guys.”

She nodded her head, she hadn’t really said any bitchy thing so it is quite new for me.

“By the way, Lena I’m going to initiate you and make you a member, whether you like it or not, Louis is just a first.”

“Oh sod off, McCann you’re such a sore loser.”

She would see who would be the sore loser when I had her where I want her to be. I mean, any other girl would jump at the chance of being among us--five hot guys, who everyone want to be and girls want to be she had a free ticket but is denying it. Now we the guys had to ensure that she becomes one of us.

For someone who don’t trust me she handed Louis over to me and skipped downstairs to join the other’s the nanny is coming by six and I planned to wear Louis out much, so he would sleep when she got here and not miss either his sister or me, when the party would commence.

We went downstairs to see Nate and Lena playing FIFA--Wait she’s actually good I joined the rest and watched them play; by the time the match is over Nate had only beaten her with a three scores difference. She is that good? I needed to challenge her, I can even see Nate’s respect for her and he don’t respect girls. I would so challenge her later. Now we had to talk party and how we needed to keep people out of rooms with valuable things…I am locking upstairs; no one can go there, not only for the sake of our personal things but also Louis.

“Guess who Jason invited for the party.”

I heard Lena say, she is looking at Cole, I don’t know where she is going with this, so I paid attention; I guess everyone is too, it seemed like it is going to be funny

“He told Paris she isn’t allowed here only for the party or by invitation, meaning she is definitely coming and you have some explaining to do.”

She said so calmly and she had the biggest smirk on her face, I tried to hold in my laugh, but Nate’s loud one got me laughing, and the others joined in Cole turned red, but his face had an expression of horror as he turned and glared at me.

“Sorry dude, it’s not my fault. I don’t want her in the house at that moment…but you can tell her not to come.”

This set off laughter in the room again and Cole flipped his middle finger at me.

Louis wailed out and Lena took him from me and asked me where I kept his bag, she left the room and everyone used the time to voice out their opinion about her especially Nate, who is gushing about his game with her, I am telling you Nate would love anything that knew soccer well, and Lena apparently knew it well.

We went about locking downstairs room that won’t be used and out of bound, no one knew my house is monitored, I had to know whatever shit that goes down in it.

When I had gone to Mattie’s to buy my own share of party stuff, the guy on duty looks me up and down not smiling especially when he sees Louis seating on my shoulders, I bet in his head 'baby daddy' is going through it. They had gotten some security dudes now, too bad a robbery is what made them get security. The guys in this store are such dickheads. I threw their money on the counter for them, the guy gave me a look, but like I am no wimp and he can tell, so he just best did his job and I left the store like the dope king I am.

The boys left to get ready for the party and hurried back before people started coming by seven, the nanny had arrived and Lena isn’t back yet. I instructed the nanny and told her why I am locking her upstairs, she agreed when I opened the door to Louis room, I see Lena she is holding Louis on a rocking chair and he is asleep and so is she. Cute, too bad I had to wake her up to go get ready.



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