After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


21. Preparations for the big finales

19. Preparations for the big finales

After ridding the house off their very conspicuous friends, who had not tried hiding the fact that they knew what Jason and Lena had been busy doing, even going further as to making sounds and cracking crude jokes, that made Lena as red as a tomato, Jason fiercely banned them from coming to his home, till he invited them all back. They proceeded to have a lazy weekend together, not leaving the house or being away from each other, they seemed joint together by the hip. Despite banning their friends from his house, they still came back once the weekend is over with no invitation from either party. 

By the end of the week, Lena is sure of her feelings for Jason, apart from the fact that their relationship is still in its early stages, she had falling completely in love with Jason, and with time, she feel and hoped he would feel the same way, because they are so compatible with each other and worked in sync, like they knew and understood how the other feel.

Jason is buying time, trying to come up with the best way to ask her to prom, and a way had been on his mind but he can't be too sure yet until, he can ensure everything he needed is in place and ready. Lena isn’t just any girl or girlfriend to him, she had become his best friend and confidant, he told her things he cannot even bare to share with Nate or any other person for the matter, he had let her in completely, and the trust he had placed in her can ruin him, if she chose to expose him to the world, but he is happy to take the risk, because to him she is worth the shot and all the effort, no matter how annoying or totally bitchy she can get, it defined her and made her different to him. He knew he would do anything to protect her, she meant that much to him and it had become hard from him to imagine a life without her in it.

All their friends, knew that Jason and Lena’s relationship is special, they can see it in the way they are with each other, no one can get to Jason or affect him as much as Lena did, Jason who is unmovable and did not think twice before doing anything, can be brought down to his knees begging by Lena, which made them want to protect her even more, the guys knew, they had enemies, mostly Jason and news had been spreading about how Lena, is Jason’s weakness. His enemies would do anything to bring Jason McCann down and the best way to do it is by taking a hit at his known weakness, Lenari Hastings. LenarI am not aware of this and the guys want to keep it that way, and are all silently protecting her from harm. 

Cole on the other hand, is pissed with himself, for getting himself involved with Paris Young. Paris is actually okay, when she isn’t being spiteful or hateful towards Lena and Cara, but lately she had been wearing her bitterness and jealousy around like a second skin, and it is starting to undo him, plus her constant nagging for him to ask her to be his girlfriend, when truly he isn’t sure he want to be attached to her in a more confirming and permanent way, when he still had feelings for Lena. He knew it is a hopeless love, because he can see clearly, how deep she had fallen for Jason.


I curled into Jason, thinking of the past days we had spent with each other, it feel right and I just can't imagine or remember how I am coping with my life before without him in it. I mean everything is just great and the sex an added bonus.

“Babe, I got something special planned for us, tomorrow.”

“You do? Hold up. What time tomorrow?”

I turn to look at him, he had this guilty smile on his face and I already knew the answer before he spoke up, grinning at me, he's so insufferable, but I guess I should go easy on him, he don’t know that I knew. He has been working hard trying to come up with a way to ask me to prom, and you know Jason he always wants to be different from the others, he said that is what classified him and put him in a class of his very own, and that is different from the other guys.

“In the morning, you have to miss school, and besides tomorrow is the only day we have left till your parents come back, you also have been quite busy writing your Valedictorian speech and also prom shopping, tomorrow is the only day I have left, so like it or not no school for you.”

“Whatever. I did make it up to you and you know it.”

I retorted coyly at him, he grinned at me, before he brought his lips down on mine, kissing me, till we got lost in each other and forgot about everything else.

“Why don’t we go to bed early?”

“Hmm, I like the way you think Jace.”

He groaned, and I giggled, I think Jace is a cute name and it fits him. We broke apart and hurried upstairs to his room, our dear friends have a bad knack of showing up unexpected, and have caught I and Jason in barely anything, and very awkward situations this past days and we had gotten tired of being rudely interrupted and simply did not want to take the risk.


Maria and I spoke, unlike before when she had gone to find dad, called me every day and kept me informed, she knew I am not staying at home but, obviously kept it from my dad, who would freak out. Louis is doing fine and he missed Jason and me, which is cute, because we missed him too. Jason hadn’t said a word about what he had planned for us but I wouldn’t force him, if he wants to surprise me, I would let him but it better be a good one or he is going to pay big time for me missing school.

I noticed where we are heading to and turned to Jason, who is now smirking at me, I cannot tell the road clearly, but I remembered it. This is the way to his bomb house in the middle of nowhere, what the hell has he planned?

When we got to the house, I looks at him and expected him to tell me, why he had brought me here.

“Okay, first of all, we are going to make bombs today, since you prove to be such a fast learner.”

“Wow, you’re such a romantic at heart, you do know how to give a girl a date she would never have expected.”

Jason smirked at me, before he playfully jabbed my sides, I roll my eyes at him and got down from the car, honestly we make bombs, that’s his special way of asking me to the prom, how lame, but definitely different and clearly him.

“You don’t even let me finish talking.”

“Oh I’m sorry, please surprise me some more.”

He came to stand beside me, and led me behind the house, when we got behind the house, to say I am shocked would be an understatement. Set out, where the bomb making materials and farther away, is this humongous piece of rock craving shaped like a heart.

“When we’re done making the bombs, as a treat you get to blow up the heart, since you clearly love blowing things up.”

He said beside me, before doubling over in laughter, I ignored him, and turned to him, wondering how he had come up with this unromantic but yet still very romantic idea.

“Well...” He started saying, scratching the back of his head “I had business to do, you know make bombs for my clients...and I thought, well since you know about it and can make bombs, you can help me out and also use it as a unique way to ask you to prom, a win-win situation.”

I cannot believe him, he had this smug look on his face, I shook my head at him, he is so unbelievable, and he out rightly said that to me, what an idiot, but fine he is right, I actually kind of liked learning to make bombs, but the Joke about me liking to blow up things, isn’t the least bit funny.

“Let’s get started then shall we, win-win my arse, I may as well blow you up, instead of the rock, you ego is becoming of you.”

“You love me too much to blow me.”

Did he realize what he just said, he don’t even seem to notice the slip, is he that arrogant to assume that I loved him, well if that’s the case then, I so wouldn’t be revealing to him, how much my feelings for him had amounted to, so I simply ignored him and got to work on the bombs, of course I got it wrong a few times and Jason would have to come and help me, in total it is fun, and when we are done, I excitedly took the little bomb I had made compared to the rest to blow up my heart rock.

After packing up everything, and ensuring that the bombs were in well air conditioned packages, we went back to my rock, attaching my bomb to it. Jason handed me eye protector and huge ear muffs. 

He struck a match and I set my bomb on fire, we ran as fast as we can, to safe grounds, and watched as the rope finally finished and the bomb set off and took the rock down with it, even though my earmuffs, I can hear the resounding effect, and it is raining rocks and sand, but it cannot affect us from the safety of the house.

We started laughing, and Jason removed our ear muffs, before turning to look at me fully. “Isn’t that fun?” I cannot deny it, it is. “Hells yeahs!” we start laughing again, before Jason pulled me into his arms, and kissed me thoroughly.

“Would you be my date for prom?”

The moment is perfect and much more perfect, when he produced a silver bracelet from his pocket. The charms on the bracelet where the letter J, a baby, a heart and the number 1.

“I am going to give it to you and ask you, but I decided to include this, besides if someone asked you, you can tell them I gave you this.”

I am short for words, so instead I hugged him, squeezing him as hard as I can. I looks at the bracelet which he had slipped unto my wrist and I released him, asking him

“I know the J   stand for you, Baby obviously Louis, and the heart our relationship, but why the number one?”

“Cause, I am your first of many things and I intend to be more.”

That is the most perfect answer anyone had ever given me, I almost blurted out I love you, but I guess it had to wait, it don’t feel like the right time to anyway.


When we got home, the house is crowded, with everyone. When I say everyone I mean my friends and Jason’s friends and even some people I don’t know. What the hell is going on?

“It’s a pre-prom private party. I guess, everyone has a date, so no one is going stag, except from Stefan and Dylan.”

“So all the people, I don’t know must be the dates, and how come I don’t know there is to be a party?”

“I don’t know too, I am just informed on our way back.”

I looks around the manhole, I guess April, Sue, Aria and Mary had all gotten dates and I want to know who the lucky guys were, especially Aria’s, she did say she did pick, the person who asked her the most spontaneous way of all, I bet if Jason had asked her the way he asked me to prom, she would definitely say yes, or run away in horror and report him to the police, I concluded.

Nate and Cara, aren’t making out for once, and are just talking, Cara on his laps, resting her head on his chest, and she looks so small and adorable. Stefan and Dylan were conversing with the girls dates, while Cole is beside a bright looking Paris, wait what bright? Last time I checked, she is gloomy and seemed like a pain in the arse to Cole, but for once they both look happy and even Cole looks relieved. I turned to Jason who also had noticed.

“Don’t worry, we all wonder the same, even Cole. She hasn’t been this happy in a long time and it’s unsettling.”

I turned to look at Cara whom had just spoken, I moved towards her direction, Jason following behind me. When I got close to her, she noticed my bracelet and smiled at me, I smiled back at her and she got up from Nate laps, he started protesting but, she just ignored him and dragged me away from Jason and him.

“She’s finally back.”

Mary say when we approach the girls, they had dismissed their dates to, I guess its time for us girls to gossip and spill all our prom deets to each other.

Aria’s date had gotten, her parents involved with his asking of her to be his date, which is really sweet, he isn’t scared to ask for her parents approval, when I knew that, Aria’s parent are hardly around, yet he managed to bring them home. They had set up the house and everything, and her parents even spent some days with her afterwards before leaving. I guess Tyler most really like her.

When I told them about Jason giving me the bracelet bit and made up some silly excuse about us going to an amusement park for the day, when in fact after leaving the bomb house, we had gone to deliver the bombs, Jason said there is a guy he trusted, and the guy is his messenger, only his messenger knew who he really is. The messenger is the one who brought the job and delivers them, when done.

Cara said she don’t care about the way Nate asked her, and had told him, the only way she did accept his asking, is if he slept with her, of course we all started coughing and teasing her about how adapt she is in her pursuit of Nate, but she held her ground proudly not even blushing once.

The others shared their stories and we are all laughing... until Aria turned to me and said.

“Why is that bitch talking to Jason?”

And truthfully enough, Jason and Paris where having a conversation, and Jason looks anything but calm, I wondered what Paris thought she is gaining riling up Jason. I watched as Jason angrily walked away from her and towards Cole, who we can all tell that Jason is asking him to send his girlfriend away, before he added in a low but loud voice, that we can all hear.

“I never want to see her on my property again.”

Before he stormed out of the manhole, I followed him with my eyes, turning back to look at Paris, who is holding her phone, despite looking scared had a smug smile on her face, what has the bitch done now.

I turned back to my friends, with pleading eyes and of course they understood, I got up and went after Jason, Cole stiffly made his way to Paris, anger and confusion etched in his eyes, but I don’t stay long enough to learn about what had happened.

I found Jason outside, by the pool side. He clearly is pissed, but I can see how worried he also looks, I sat down beside him, and he startled up, he is so lost in his thought that he hadn’t noticed me seat beside him.

“What happened?”

He don’t talk, but instead he took my hand in his and squeezed it hard. Pulling me closer to him, he put his arm around me, and kissed my forehead, before looking at me.

“You know, that I would do anything to protect you right?”

“I know that Jason, what did she say that got you so riled up? I bet she said something’s about me, but don’t listen to her, it’s just a desperate plea to get attention. Don’t let her get to you Jason.”

He sighed heavily, and I heard him mutter something into my hair, before he looks at my face.

“Home isn’t a place, it’s someone and Lenari Hastings, don’t you ever forget you are my home.”

I looks at him sadly, I can tell by this statement, something Paris had said had unsettled him, but it don’t matter. I hugged him, I know he misses his home, and one of this days I am going to tell him to go find them, cause no matter what one shouldn’t forget their family. And him saying I am his home, means a lot more to me than he can ever imagine, it is like he is telling me he loves me.



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