After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


8. Party time is over

6. Party time is over


Once the whole room is cleared off thrash, the boys headed upstairs…to their rooms, I want to get Louis and go home, I hadn’t spoken to anyone since then and had been dreading the time I had to talk to Jason. Also the fact I had to apologize to him when he is clearing defending me and I had been a bitch instead--why is our relationship complicated?

“Can I have Louis?”

“He’s not going anywhere neither are you.”

I don’t want to argue or fight but I needed to get back to Maria.

“But... I need to go home, Maria.”

“Maria said you lots can come home on Monday, I offered. She brought clothes for Louis and nothing for you.”

“Maria is here?”

“Yes she is.”

He is being so abrupt and looking so indifferent that I am beginning to get uncomfortable standing with him.

“Look, I’m sorry.”

He looks at me sharply and surprised, before a smirk began to form on his face.

“Sorry I can’t hear you.”

“Geez, I said sorry.”

“Lenari, hot tempered and headed just apologized to me, for being a total bitch to me.”

“Oh, stuff it McCann.”

“That isn’t what you are saying, while you are pressed up on me and moaning into my mouth.”

I gasped and I can feel the blood rushing up to my face, he just had to mention it in such a crude manner.

“You initiated it… I am just responding.”

“Yeah, I know I’m irresistible.”

I scoffed and he started walking closer until he is face to face with me.

“I don’t know, what is going on with us…but one thing is clear until I decide nobody should be intimate with you in your life only if that person is me.”

I looks at him wide-eyed is he declaring he has feelings for me? But what the? Who the hell does he think he is? No one would dictate my life for me, not even Jason McCann.

“Who said I am interested… you don’t own me and I do what I want, when I want.”

“Your reaction to me tells another tale, even now you can’t stop looking at my lips and you want the inevitable…yes I don’t own you, but trust me I intend to.”

“It would be fun watching you try.”

His lips crashed onto mine, without any warning and my treacherous body responded at once, my hand fisting in his hair, as I fell completely lost in the kiss.

He pulled back, smirking at me, taking long breaths. “It’s going to be darn easy Lena, challenge accepted.”

I cannot say anything yet, my ability of speech had deserted me, he is chuckling and I managed to scowl at him.

“Go to your room…but if you need company, you know my room.”

He winked at me, before he left me; he turned out the lights leaving me in darkness.

What the hell had I put myself in…? I don’t go around kissing boys, ones I apparently hate…my mind had been blown to pieces by that kiss and is now trying to put itself together slowly, I am very much disoriented…I am not even sure if it is a bad thing if Jason McCann owned me, wait what the hell am I thinking?


The bastard, I hit my leg on something, I limped my way out of the dark room, with my hands outstretched so I wouldn’t bump into anything else and went upstairs, I can hear sounds coming out of the rooms and I quickly went past Jason’s door, I checked on Louis before going to my own room, but in Jason McCann’s house.

My life had drastically changed in only two days and I know it would never be the same as it is before.


Louis laughter roused me from sleep, I opened my eyes too Jason holding Louis while he blew raspberries on his tummy.

“You really like babies.”

He looks at me grinning, he dropped Louis on the bed and Louis crawled to me, I hugged him and perked his cheeks and he giggled.

“I have siblings and it depends on whose baby it is. Get up already.”

I cannot bring myself to the bed is just too comfortable and I am only wearing my underwear…

“Jason can you please excuse me…I have got to change.”

“Into what?”

He is right I had nothing to change into apart from my pre-party clothes…but gosh can't I have brought something fresh and clean to wear?

“Here you go, they might be a little bit big, but it’s the best I can do…they shrunk in the washing machine.”

He gave me a pair of light grey joggers and a plain v neck tee-shirt, the tee is kind of big but comfortable I tied the strings of the joggers to get them to stay up--I am so small in his clothes…but I loved the way they smelt, I have a crush on him. Wait! Oh gods in Olympus.

I went downstairs and followed the sound of noise I can hear and ended up in the kitchen and dining, with the biggest breakfast feast going on, the boys are just wearing shorts and are all shirtless, while Louis is in a high-chair…did he buy that? Eating mashed potatoes, while the boys were eating I invited myself and joined them in their feast and the food is more than good, and I never say no to food.

The room is oddly quiet and I looks up to see everyone looking at me, which is awkward since I am eating.


“I have never seen a girl eat that much food in one go.”

Nate commented, oh my goodness! They are watching me eat, super embarrassing and now they most likely think I am a pig.

“She eats like a boy.”

Stefan commented and Dylan agreed with him, Cole is just smiling; he’s used to me eating like this.

“I just wonder, where the food goes to…she’s still so skinny and small.”

They all agreed with Jason, I just scowled at them and finished up the food, I needed to go home and have a bath, change into my own clothes and talk to Maria.

“See you guys in a bit.”

I pecked Louis cheeks and went out of the house, I knew I am in oversized clothes and my hair is bed ruffled…but home is where I can right my horrid looking self.

When I got home and let myself in Maria isn’t around, I wondered where she went, I went to my room and stripped before going to my bathroom to right myself and also wash my hair.

By the time I am done and dressed to my satisfaction, two hours had passed and it is already afternoon.

“Oh Lena you’re home…I thought you are staying at Jason’s.”

Maria looks remotely better than she did yesterday; she needed the break from us, so she had really given Jason permission to keep us.

“Somebody got clothes for Louis and none for me.”

Maria just smiled apologetically at me, before she moved off to her and dad’s room.

Maria and I hadn’t the time to talk now, making things sadder, she’s my best friend, the one who had been there for me when my mum passed away, she is the one who comforted me and kept making me believe that things would get better.


“Lenari, I thought you did be happy calling your old man.”

“I’m not, you are neglecting your family…your extremely young wife, who can have anyone she want, a young, sexy and hot guy definitely, yet she choose and wants you…so come back.”

“I can never neglect you guys, I call Maria every day, we talk every day and I know she can have any guy she wants so don’t joke about it.”

“It’s not enough, you aren’t here, and you don’t see her. She’s juggling me your child. Louis, you and her baby, the house and online school all by herself…you’re meant to be here helping her out. You helped getting her knocked up and bringing Louis to the world--so help her, come back.”

“Lena, I’ve got to go.”

“Sure dad, go don’t come back.”

I hung up and looks up to see Maria standing in my doorway, not smiling her eyes were glistening.

“He don’t say anything right?”

I nodded slowly and she came to seat beside me. I took her hand in mine, she’s my family, blood or the fact that she married into it don’t matter.

“He’s been avoiding answering me too, I don’t know Lena, and I’m scared what if…I love him.”

“He won’t…we’ll kick him out…No he wouldn’t Maria.”

“I know, I’m so sorry Lena, I’m just insecure right now and I’m missing him…”

“Go to him, surprise him…no Louis is in good care and Jason can help out, since you apparently trust him with your baby.”

She smiled for the first time since and I sighed relieved, her eyes are getting animated again

“No, the room he had set up for Louis of course I trust him and a nanny! How much money does the boy have? And yeah, does he like you?”

I told her about what happened between Jason and me during the party yesterday and by the time I am done, she is bursting with excitement

“Lena he’s definitely interested! Oh my gods you bagged well. My girlfriends say he doesn’t do relationships and stuff like that, but you…that’s quite a lot, go for it.”

“You too go to dad.”

“I will if you get Jason McCann.”

“No fair. Anyways I’m off see you tomorrow.”

Maria hugged me before we left my room, she went to the TV room while I headed outside and it’s such a beautiful day.

“Hey Lena is it?”

I turned to see Aria Mons speaking to me, Aria Mons is speaking to me Lenari Hastings, I mean I never knew someone like her would even know my name or the fact that I exist, Aria is the girl at the top of the A-list, she’s a really cool person and fun to hang out with, she’s like really real so you see why I like her, but obviously… I am not part of her crowd so it’s shocking.

“Yes, I’m Lena…”

“Cool, we have to hang out sometime okay, here pass your phone.”

I gave her my iPhone and she typed in her number and called herself, she handed me back my phone and smiled at me.

“See you around.”

Is all she said before moving along, is it because I am friends with Jason McCann she’s noticing me? And yeah she did come for the party the other day, likewise I loved the fact that Aria Mons want to be friends with me, there are benefits to this whole Jason matter.

I got to Jason’s house and Nate let me in as he left the house, the other guys aren’t around, so it is I, Louis and Jason left in the house and I don’t know what is more awkward than that.

Jason is in his room with Louis, he is using his iPhone on his bed while Louis is taking an afternoon nap. He left his door open so I walked in; He looks up when he sees me walk in and gave me a funny face, what have I done now?

“You have been gone for ages.”

“So…? I’m here now aren’t I?”

He just shook his head at me and start up, he patted the spot beside him on his bed, I went and sat on his bed but far away from him, he just smirked at me and I rolled my eyes.

“What you’re too scared to seat beside me now?”

“No…what are we doing today?”

“Don’t know depends, what do you want to do?”

Different things went through my head, but the most exotic and revolting one is the image of me and Jason rolling around his bed sucking the life out of our faces, as hot as it am I don’t want to embark on that kind of relationship with Jason at least so soon, I need be sure of what I meant to him.

“Blank…Jason since you made us your guest. Entertain us.”

“Fine, Louis is more matured than you.”

Not helping matters I stuck my tongue out at him, and he just sighed, before leaving his bed and his room, making me chase after him, he is so annoying.

“Since we have to babysit Louis, till six when the nanny comes I say we play video games in my room and then we can go someplace to eat?”

Food, I love food and video games, this Sunday may not be bad after all.



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