After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


29. Outcomes of a finished war

27. Outcomes of a finished war


I don’t want to feel anything I wish I can turn off the crippling emotions of fear and pain cursing through me. The feeling of pain is too much doubled with the body cloaking fear that I am too late and had lost Lena completely.

I had been trying Lena’s number all day, but every time I had got her recorded voice for her voicemail. My worries had been cut short, when I got back home and had rushed to Nate to find out if anything is wrong with Lena or if she is just simply mad at me for not calling her these past days. 

To my relief Cara is with Nate and she had reassured me that Lena is okay, and the reason why her phone is unreachable is because she, Maria and Aria had kidnapped her for a girl’s day which had commenced thanks to me neglecting Lena. But it is still going on at Lena’s house and she advised me to stay away till tomorrow. Although I want to see Lena to apologize and explain why I hadn’t been able to call or speak to her, Cara is right I should wait till tomorrow and just give her this last day without me.

So when Nate phone started ringing and he asked out loud why Cole would be calling him before he answered the call, not up to ten seconds into the call, Nate’s phone slipped from his hand to the fall with a loud clatter, with not a care for it breaking and him grabbing in his keys and in a haste to leave his room while he told us ‘Lena’s house is on fire no one is out of it.’ Both I and Cara rushed out of his house with him, Cara is already crying, we piled ourselves into Nate’s car and he sped off towards Lena’s house. 

My inside is crumbling, praying to God that somehow Cole’s report isn’t right and no one is indeed inside the house. I watched in horror as we approached the house it isn’t fully engulfed in flames but the back of the house is fully in flames and I watched a figure try to break down the door successfully and rush in, that is my undoing. I got out of the car and rushed through the crowd elbowing my way indoor to see Cole pulling some guy off Lena, and carrying her but I rushed to them and Cole just nodded his head at me and put Lena in my outstretched arms.  

Her skin is so red and bruised all over, her face swollen with purplish bruises forming already and had open gashes. But what made my jaw clench is the fact that whoever that guy is had almost succeeded in raping her, her ripped open top and exposed bra and beautiful bruised skin is enough proof for that, he would pay for this no matter what it would cost me. She lay lifeless in my arms and here I am facing one of my worst fears, I never want to hold her lifeless form in my arms ever again. Tears started falling from my eyes, has I begged her to hang on and for her forgiveness, if I had just gone to see her like I had planned this wouldn’t have happened, or at least not to this extent.  

I held her in my arms, while I waited for the ambulance and fire service to arrive. I had checked her pulse and heartbeat; too my relief she still had those and is breathing, just unconscious. This is better than her being awake and being in pain, which I cannot watch her be in but yet she still let out little moans of pain that tore at my beaten heart. 

The ambulance and fire service arrived finally and I started to question why they hadn’t gotten here earlier, I handed Lena over to them, but they wouldn’t let me stay while they checked over her. Knowing Lena is in good hands, I let myself some relief that is when I noticed and recalled other people would have been in the house Louis, Maria, Aria or Liam.  

My head started banging, how selfish can I have been? I only cared enough to save Lena and what about her family. I  stand berating myself, when I feel someone pull me into them, the person smelt like burnt wood and I pulled back to see Maria smeared and in ripped clothing’s smiling sadly at me.  

“I am sorry Maria.” 

“I know, she is important to you, we don’t judge you. It isn’t like you took Lena and left without knowing people were there to help save us also Cole and Nate helped us get everyone out.”

I pulled Maria back and hugged her tightly, before letting her go. I needed to know what had occurred inside the house and I asked her. I did not like the answer I got one bit, especially knowing it is my goddamned fault.  

“Paris and the guy apparently named Alex started this whole hellish ordeal, that’s as far as I know, I don’t know what Alex part is in all of this, but I think Paris lost it after the fire that took her house down and her ruined friendship with Lena, so she took it out on her.”

Maria, had tears in her eyes as she spoke and I hugged her harder, but she is pulled out of my arms and into Liam’s tear stained eyes, unlike her he looks clean and unaffected by the fire, where is he throughout all this and Louis? My thoughts cut short when a screaming and crying Aria is wheeled past me, and for the first time in my life, I feel a feeling aside from pity and annoyance towards her. I feel her pain.  

I watched in pleasure as they lead a handcuffed Alex into a cop car, his accomplice unconscious form being wheeled away into another ambulance. I really don’t care about whatever jury that would be given to Alex, because it would be bad. He is already eighteen, a legitimate adult. He tried raping my girlfriend and being an accomplice to a minor and both of them committed arson by setting the Hastings house on fire.  

While Paris, isn’t going to get out of this that easily. I knew she is vindictive in the brain department and is just damn right evil to her very core and it’s time I gave her the punishment she truly deserved for being the cause of all this and give her punishment I would. 

I forget about them for the time being, when Liam called me over to follow them to the hospital, I am surprised, but he had no loath for me in his eyes just understanding. We both had been through such an emotional turmoil tonight and came close to losing important people in both of our lives; I took Louis from him and got into the passenger seat beside him. Maria is riding with Lena in the ambulance.  

The car trip is quiet even Louis had not uttered a single word. When we got to the reception of the hospital and we are told what room Lena is put in, we are about to rush there, when the receptionist stopped us to say only family allowed and Liam had yet again surprised me, when he said he is the father and I and Louis are her brothers, she had obviously been in shock, I don’t blame her Liam doesn’t look old enough or is too hot to have three kids and two fully grown ones. 

When we got to 15E Lena’s room on the fifth floor, Maria looks tons better, while Lena looks clean and at peace sleeping. Louis finally made a sound when he sported the women in his life, and asked for his mother, who gladly carried him while crying happy tears. I think Maria's pregnant, she gets too emotional and my mum is always like this when she is pregnant, but I better not say anything to cause false alarm, or ruin her telling them if it is true. 

Liam kissed Lena’s forehead, before following his wife out of the room leaving me alone with Lena. I took the seat Maria vacated beside Lena’s bed and took her hand near me into mine, there’s no way in hell I would be leaving her side and no one would make me, not until I had spoken to her.  


My body is dead weight. It is so heavily sedated I can hardly move it, but I put enough effort into it, that I can feel the palm belonging to a rough masculine hand. I squeezed it and smiled, my body is slowly losing the heaviness about it.

I knew this rough hand anywhere in the world, Jason is back here with me and I don’t die in the hands of Alex and Paris. Darkness came and I went under with it willing knowing everything would be fine, when next I rose from it.

I woke up fully at noon the next day, to see Jason sleeping, his head resting on my bed. My heart and body filled up with light and I smiled. Taking my hand and dragging it through my tired Prince hair. He nuzzled his head into my touch, before he put his head up in an abrupt and shocked manner before locking his eyes with mine. I smile sheepishly at him and then he grinned back and got up to peck my lips while he took my hand into his.

“You’re awake.”

“No, I’m still asleep clearly Jason.”

And he laughed, with so much warmth, that I feel it and it made me happy. He laughed for more than a minute straight that I got bored and said in a way of mocking him

“You’re back.”

He instantly became sombre and looks pained, which is a drastic change from the emotions he just showed, I want him to be happy not sad.

“I wish I had come earlier and this won’t have happened.”

“Don’t talk nonsense Jason, this is all Paris and Alex fault alone, no one else.”

“But still I coo-“

“Do not but me.”

“I missed you so much and when I got back and heard you might be dead. I don’t want to live anymore.”

“Don’t speak like that Jason.”

“It is nothing but the truth.”

I moved to hug him, but he met me ninety percent of the way and my dam burst, I started crying and telling him how scared I am and how horrible it had all been the fear and feeling of helplessness and hopelessness that had come over me. How I thought I would never see him again, it is stupid how even at the point of so much pain and almost death I am still thinking of Jason.

Jason swore Paris would pay for what she had done and I agreed with him, He had told me what had happened after I passed out due to too much smoke inhalation and the ordeal of pain I had gone through. She had gone too far and it is time she is stopped. Not by the law, I prefer him taking things into his own hand and bringing us justice. Paris dad is in the Police force and I knew he would do anything to protect his sweet little girl.

“Oh my gods. She is awake!”

I rolled my eyes as I watched all my friends and family pile into the room, taking turns in hugging me and squeezing me way too tight that Jason had to drag away some of them from me. I cannot help but be happy, looking at the amount of people who came to check on me asides from my family, but forget that family talk, everyone here is part of my family blood or no blood.

Aria wheeled herself into the room and my eye bulged at the humungous cast that covered her right leg, knee downwards. She smiled at me and stopped beside my bed, and I reached my hand out to her and she took it, tears in our eyes. Everyone started making a fuss out of us, but we laughingly took it in stride. Aria’s parent had flown back and we're here also with their daughter. Things can't get any better especially when Paris and Alex are still behind bars waiting for my testament, which would seal their fate. 

I am allowed home two days later, I can finally walk properly with both of my feet although there still is pain when I move them, but in due time it would all fade away. Jason spent all his time with me in the hospital along with my other friends and Louis. The Mons had taken my homeless family into theirs for the time being, while everything we had lost is still being sorted and getting in touch with our insurance.

To my relief, or maybe because of what I had just gone through, dad allowed me to live with Jason for the rest of the summer, which is what I need. No surprise he had been impressed with Jason’s home, yes we finally showed it to him. He left when he is sure I had settled in well and with a high warning we sleep in separate beds while Maria just whispered to us to use protection, she is so embarrassing.

We of course don’t listen to my dad and slept on Jason’s bed cuddled into each other, while he told me about his trip back home, he had been so animated and I am happy he and his family are getting along so well and so fast. We talked late into the night till sleep stole me away near dawn.


I watched Lena sleep curled up in my arms, finally she is safe and where she rightfully meant to be. Everything is right with my world now and the only thing left is getting rid of Paris for good. Lena mumbled my name in her sleep while she clutched at me. I leaned my head a bit and kissed her forehead, while whispering I am here, she sighed and got lost in her sleep again.

Cole had earned my forgiveness now, and I am willing to let past bygones be bygones, just he shouldn’t hit on my girl because I won’t let anyone else but me have her. I pulled her some more into me, barricading her in my arms, before closing my eyes and letting sleep take me to the land of unconsciousness.



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