After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


26. On a path of redemption

24. On a path of redemption


I sat on my bed watching Jason who is resting on my closed door, almost a minute had passed and neither of us had said anything to the other. He looks beaten and defeated, which isn’t the Jason I knew. I sighed, and laid back on my bed. He should talk already, can't he see I am giving him the chance to explain and right things between us now?



“About prom night and my behaviour, it’s unforgivable, but I am here to ask for your forgiveness.”

“You want my forgiveness for what exactly? Snapping at me? Being late? Embarrassing me in front of my friends and everyone? Being stupid to kiss Paris in my presence? Not loving me back?”

I watched him flinch as I accused him but he don’t even try defending himself until I asked the last question.

“Never say that, I love you, okay! I am in shock when you told me. I am elated; I never in my life had feel that happy, more than anything that I can wish for what I want from you is your love. I thought you don’t love me, like I love you. But how can I say those words back to you, when I am going to betray your trust and make-out with another girl.”

Did he just say he loved me? And always want my love? Internally screaming! I am so fangirling right now, oblivious to him obviously. You know how fangirls are. We may have on a straight face but inside, we’re jumping in excitement and all giddy. Well this is me at the moment, I am frozen.

“I cannot tell you. She would have ruined your life. I’m so sorry Lena; it’s my entire fault. I don’t even check or remember to cover our tracks.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Paris followed us, the day I asked you to be my prom date. She recorded you making the bomb, and threatened to send it to her dad, who is a cop. If I had covered our tracks, this won’t have happened. So I spent all night and the day of prom, clearing out the bomb house, just in case she went back there, that is why I am late in coming to pick you, I want to make it up to you for ditching you the previous night, but I ended up being a dick, I’m so sorry. There is no other choice, I cannot risk the chances with you going to jail, and she knew she had me where she want.”

He is protecting me, all this while he had been doing it for my safety. I am totally right, to not have jumped to conclusions and to have had faith in him. But if I hated Paris before, how I feel about her now, I’d wish her the worst of all punishments in hell.

“So what I’m really trying to say is, and what I hope you understand is despite of all the imperfections of who I am, I still wanna be your man.”

My heart melted, when I heard him say that, I really loved this boy, and it made me feel like crying, how broken he sounded; I really is in love with him. He had the sole power of truly hurting me, and it scared me, but I had no other choice but to trust him not to hurt me.

“How can I not love you, no one falls out of real love that fast or ever really recovers.”

“I love you too, and I know that I don't wanna lose your love.”

“Now to think of it, those words you’re spouting as sweet as they are and how they are melting my heart, I have totally heard them before from somewhere.”

“No you haven’t, they came from deep within my heart.”

“Cut the cheesy talk short, you’re making me feel weird; can we go back to arguing and calling each other names?”

I heard him laugh, his beautiful tinkling laughter, I missed him so much. Words can describe how it is being away from him for that long, even though I am having fun. Since I met Jason, there had been no day I don’t spend with him, apart from when I am avoiding him, but that didn’t last for long either. We have this magnetic pull towards each other.

“Uhm Lena, I and Louis are going to meet Liam now. See later tonight and don’t forget you have your Valedictorian speech to study or whatever, I am so proud of you. Okay we’re off.”

Jason came and sat down beside me on my bed. But that isn’t enough he pulled me into his arms and laid down on my bed, saying to me. “I missed you so much.”

I sprung out of his arms and sat up, looking at him with awe, before horror set in and I started hitting him.

“How come, you’re explaining about Paris now? Oh my gods, you set her house on fire. How stupid can you be? Her dad is a cop, Jason!”

“Aww, babe glad to know you worry about me, but so what if her dad is a cop, all they know and believe is Paris is dumb to have left the gas on and is cooking, while… don’t get mad, but I had to seduce Paris yesterday.”


I asked him, already gathering myself and moving away from him, seduce? Did that mean they had sex, if they did then he has to get off my lawn and house, I wouldn’t forgive him for having sex with her, kissing is one thing, but going all the way? Hell no.

“Stop right there, this body is for you and you only.” He said and winked at me, I feel my face go pink, he caught me, but at least he don’t sleep with her thank God, and well he should be thanking his lucky stars. “I had to kiss her and make her think I want her and not you.”


“Suck it up, baby. I know you can’t stand the sight of me with another girl.”

“You just try it and you see if you would still have you balls.”

“Somebody is jealous.”

“Actually, somebody just missed you so much, it hurts.”

“Not enough for you to travel out of the states with Cole.”

Jason looks at me not smiling, I blushed out of embarrassment, because I remembered that Cole had just gotten down from the car with me and Jason had been sitting on the front porch. But Jason took my blushing and read it entirely wrong.

“What did both of you do?”

“Calm your dick will ya? We did nothing.”

“That blush doesn’t seem like nothing.”

“Who is jealous now? I am not the one seducing a bitch, or kissing my friends girlfriend.”

Okay low blow Lena, I bit my lips and looks down, mind you I am biting my lips out of horror for what I had just said, not to sound like that clichéd Anastasia Steele, in fifty shades of grey who bit her lips to be sexy.

“What are you playing at Lena? You used Cole as revenge on me? I knew it, you are acting all too forgiving, it should be off, you obviously cheated on me.”

I slapped him. How dare he, accuse me of cheating…the thought never even crossed my mind. I willing gave him the chance to explain, I am ready to forgive him, because I love him and he threw it all in my face.

“I went to forget about everything, to have fun and relax, to forget about the mess you made. You left without informing anyone, what am I to do stay back and let people pity me for you cheating on me. When I had so much faith in you to believe you had a reason for doing what you did, and willing to give you a chance to explain.”

“Still doesn’t explain Cole going with you.”

“You don’t deserve my explanation, you ungrateful horse shit. Get out of my house!”

I screamed at him before getting up from my bed and opening the door for him to leave. I wouldn’t be treated like shit by anyone and he knew it.

“I’m sorry.”

“Take your apology and shove it up your arse.”

“I don’t deserve to be jealous.”

“No shit.”

“For the record, Cole hit on me, not the other way round. How can you be so stupid? I just told you I love you. Why would I cheat on you? With Cole of all people!”

“Yes I’m stupid, when it comes to you, I don’t think I just act, no matter the consequences, so forgive me for my major slip-ups.”

“You need to leave.”

“No I don’t.”

“I’m not joking.”

I said in all seriousness, Jason had left the bed and is heading for me now, good I would just push him out and lock the door behind him, I am mad at him.

“Neither am I.”

As soon as he reached me, he captured my lips, I missed his lips so much, that I forgot I am sending him away, his lips that hold on tight to mine, and I knew I am trapped, his lips wouldn’t let me go. And my lips don’t want them gone either, he got me stuck like crazy glue. We had that turned up kind of love and it just wouldn’t stop.

“Never break my heart, Jason.”

“Even if I did, I would be the one to mend it and pick up the broken pieces.”

“I need you now.” I stated against his lips and that is all it took, to make him moan into my mouth and me purr like a well stroked kitten. He don’t wait a second before he had my back pressed against my bed.


      Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. It is a great honour to be here. I would like to express my appreciation to all of my teachers, friends, and family members who helped to get to where I am today; standing here in front of you. Almost exactly four years ago, I remember leaving my middle school class for the last time and heading into the exciting and sometimes scary world of high school. I know a lot of you are nervous, though you won't admit it now. High school can be intimidating, for sure. But it can also be a place for growth. If you don’t spend all your time updating your Tumblr, posting pictures on Instagram  or tweeting about your weekend plans—or even if you did—you had the opportunity to meet and mingle with thousands of other students. You got the chance to share ideas, passions, and strengths.

       I’ve known most of you all my life, You are all, well most of us are kind and welcoming, smart and creative, athletic and determined. And this isn't something that is just a part of our school, but visible in the rest of this community as well.

       My last year in high school somehow I climbed my way up the ranks, from lower-class-man to upper-class-man, it became clear that my classmates are compassionate, upbeat, curious, respectful, and highly talented people.

       Your vast talents range from the performing arts to athletics to vocational endeavours to various fields of academic study. For proof, look no further than the results of the 2013 state football tournament, the other six state tournaments we have been a part of this year, the resounding success of our recent play, the size of our Advanced Placement classes, and the results of various local, state, national and international competitions where we have distinguished ourselves and proudly represented this wonderful place.

       We have been given such rich opportunities in a safe and happy environment, and for that reason I believe that we can overcome any obstacle thrown our way. And we should, because if we don't, we are listing our potential. I am struggling in my middle school classes after my mother passed away, with a less-than-average GPA and no extracurricular activities under my belt. I realized that I cannot spend the rest of my life drowning in sorrow and be the girl and woman my mother will want me to be. I started studying every night and working hard for extra credit wherever it is available. I began to compete in track and field. And gradually, my goal of skating through life evolved into a love of learning and staying active, which I hope will become a lifelong passion.

       It is time to set goals for your future. Before you can do that, however, you need a vision. A dream. Over the next few years you may end up at a college or trade school. You may begin working full-time or even start a family. No matter what your dream is for the future, you can get there with the dedication, determination, and focus that you have learned while here at this very high school.

       We, the class of 2013, are a powerhouse of innovation and creativity. We will push boundaries to make this world a better place even in small ways. Always remember where you came from. And always remember where you are going. Congratulations, graduates.

I watched the crowd go wild. I smiled, because well it’s Lena who had given the speech, but never would I follow the crowd and act in such manners. I am just glad to be done with this shit hole, but now cause of Lena, I am going to drag myself into another one with her, and of course she don’t know this. She hadn’t brought it up at all, I bet she don’t even want to face it, let me flatter myself, she cannot bear the thought of not being with me, but she isn’t alone I cannot be without her.

I watched Maria engulf her, followed by her girl posy. This whole shit had been boring, and I am stuck sitting in between two girls who can't contain their excitement around me and have tried to draw me unsuccessfully into their mindless twitter.

“Jason, what a beautiful speech, too bad you dumped her.”

I turned to twiddle dumb one on my right who had just spoken, and sent her a glare. She turned red in the face. So this is what is going through everyone’s mind that I dumped Lena, or Lena and I are over. I guess it’s time to prove them wrong; no one should just try and hit on my babe.

I got up and went grudgingly towards Lena who is still surrounded with the masses of her girlfriends, what? They annoy me and steal her away from me. Once I approached Lena they all glared at me. Of course no one knows we have made up.

When Lena sees me, she smiled and I smiled at her, before sweeping her in a hug, so everyone can see before claiming her lips, and she kissed me back eagerly, take that bitches. I pulled back from her and she winked at me, all smiles and giddy excitement.

“You did great, love.”

“Why, thank you Jace, but you do know you suck at the British accent right?”

“You love me either way.”

“That I do.”

Her friends are in shock around us, I smirked. And said cockily before I sauntered back to my seat like the dope king I am.

“You got a lot of explaining to do babe.”

I am too far away for her to hit me and I thanked my lucky stars, because I knew that is what she would have done, and I wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but she did have a hard slap. 

Once I settled back in my seat, the two girls don’t bother talking to me again, guess I had proved my point, I am off the market and so is she.

Finally this shit is over, party at my place and for once I am inviting everyone that want to come, the boys and I planned it all already, so the house is secured, the only people not invited to the party where Cole and Paris. Lena had told me what had happened on her trip and I am as mad as hell with him, he's on my most want list at the moment.



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