After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


19. Never turn your back on family even when they do

17.  Never turn your back on family even when they do


To say I feel like crap would be an understatement, I had not been out of my room since Saturday, nor had I spoken to anyone, I had not even eating and it is killing me, but I just can't bring myself to leave my room or my bed. I tried snacking on the biscuits and chocolates in my room, but it’s pointless, I simply don’t have the urge or need to eat to make myself feel better.

People had tried to get me out of my room, and I am not joking when I say people, Maria, Jason, Aria, Cara, Sue, Cole, Nate every one of my friends had tried, with no positive result, but I think they finally got it, I just want to be alone and mop to myself.

Why am I doing this to myself? Well, my mind started over thinking things, when Jason left for the night on Saturday. You know late night, when you want to sleep but your mind gets a life of its own and starts thinking and getting all emotional, literally your mind wouldn’t shut the hell up especial when the thoughts you're thinking aren’t happy ones.

My dad, must have been a cheater for a while now, I mean, isn’t it funny I never thought that Maria and dad can have been in an affair before mum passed away, I mean for him to actually marry her, that means he must have checked and had a thing or two for her since then, and whenever he went on business trips in the past, he may also had cheated, it’s hazy but I remember when I am younger and I did see my mum looking sad for no reason, when she got off the phone with dad.  If Maria and dad had an affair then Karma is really a bitch and her payback does hurt.

But never the less, Maria is right, he's my dad, even though I say I hate him, I still love him, he had always been caring and supportive of me, apart from this and his long stay away from home moments, he is an awesome dad, and I should forgive him, no matter how he may have betrayed Maria or my thoughts of him. I would heal eventually, but it don’t mean I won’t be scarred.

“Lena, we all know you are fine and I’m just letting you miss school today.”

I hear Maria say outside my door, I ignored her. Those thoughts are still raw in my brain and I am still kind of mad at her, although I also feel her pain and knew how badly she would be feeling right now.

“Can I come in, please? I need you.”

I heard her say and sniffle, oh no she’s crying, she knew how her crying affected me, and what happened to me saying I would be strong for her? Oh yeah, those thoughts of her cheating with my dad on my mum. Who am I kidding? Maria isn’t even like that and I knew her very well, next to Cara she is one of the sweetest person I had the fortune of knowing.

I got up from bed and my stomach rumbled, I groaned a little, because of the pain I can feel in my stomach, not eating sucks. I moved at such a slow pace to the door and when I unlocked it, Maria startled  stand properly, she had been leaning on my door, she smiled at me, and I just gestured for her to come in. when she did, I closed my  door and went back to my bed, burying myself in my duvet.

“I know you’re mad right now, but things will get better, Liam is moving his office here and swears to be a better father and husband, it’s tearing him up and he is ashamed of himself, he is sorry Lena.”

“Why are you begging for him? Shouldn’t you be madder, I mean he cheated on you, left you with both of his babies to look after, not to forget his child from a previous marriage? Oh wait I guess you cheated with him on mum, that’s why you’re so forgiving.”

I paused, oh crap did I just say that out loud, I turned to look at Maria, who had unshed tears in her eyes and she had turned red all over. Oh shit! What had I done, that is darn right evil and mean of me to say to her.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“You’re right you shouldn’t have, but none the less, what you said is true. I cheated on your mum, because every time I see her husband I wished he is mine, because I had fallen for him. I cheated on your mum with every thought I had and till the date I feel like I wished her death, because I got her husband and now God is giving me the punishment I deserve.”

We both knew it isn’t her fault my mum passed away, I thought of my mum and how her sudden unexpected death had affected us all, the day before everything had been perfectly fine, she is her normal happy self, she had played with me till late that day, before kissing me and going to bed, the next morning she don’t wake up.

I started crying and so did Maria, she hadn’t cheated on my mum no matter what she thought and she don’t kill my mum, till now we don’t know what caused her death and we would never know.

“Shut up Maria! You did no such thing, I’m so sorry for being so insufferable and I love you no matter what…”

I broke down, and she hugged me, we held each other has we cried, and there I am sure everything would eventually be okay and right with us, our family.


I turn and looks at my dad, standing in my doorway, his face wet. He entered my room timidly and approached I and Maria, I watched him kneel by my bedside before he started talking

“Lena, I know what I did is wrong, hell it is unforgivable and I am asking you both the unaskable to forgive me, I am going to work here and start being the husband and father that you both expect of me.”

I cry harder, and Maria hugs me, I feel my bed dip and my dad hugging me and Maria as he kept on whispering how sorry he is.

“I am going to try and forgive you, it will take time, but I am going to try.”

I say at last to him, he just hugged me more tightly, we three held our self like that for a while, before my stomach grumbled and I and Maria giggled, before they forced me downstairs, and pampered me like I am the baby of the house, watching both of them, made my heart heavy. Dad really loved Maria, and she feel the same way despite his cheating.

The doorbell rang, and I got up to go check who it is, but my dad beat me to it, so I just went upstairs to my room and laid on my bed, I am full to the brim and I thought I would burst, if I moved the slightest bit.


I look to the door to see Jason standing in my doorway, I had missed him, yesterday is the first time since I met him, and I hadn’t spoken to or seen him. I smiled sheepishly at him and he entered my room and settled himself on my bed, then drawing me to him, so I am resting in between his spread legs, my back on his chest, I feel his lips on my hair, as his hand went round my waist.

“I missed you, yesterday.”

The way he said it seemed like a surprise to him, like he can't believe he had missed me. Well, I too can't believe it but as the case may seem he missed me.

I just sighed and snuggled deeper into him, I like being in his arms, it’s really comfortable, makes me feel safe and loved, he's like my favourite pillow.

“How are you holding up, babe?”

He asked me, and I proceeded to narrate what had happened before he had arrived, he held me tighter as I spoke about my mum and kept on kissing my hair, but not once interrupting me. When I finished talking, he kissed my forehead.

“Your dad let me in, and he apologized to me. Which is shocking, because I am the one who punched him. I don’t apologize, he deserved the punch.”

I laughed at that, of course he won’t apologize. He’s Jason McCann. I sighed and turned my face to his, as if he knew what I am about to do his lips came down on my own, and that is how my dad found us, clearing his throat to get our attention.

I turned red to my roots, but Jason just smirked, smug bastard. My dad just said my door should be wide open, and he left, it isn’t like my door is closed, in fact he can have done that quietly instead of making things awkward and telling me that, while playing tonsil with Jason. He clearly had stopped the mood for me.

I laid back into Jason, who is resting his back on my pillows and headboard, he is stroking my sides idly, that is when I realized my lack of clothing’s thereof, not that I am naked, just I had been wearing my home short shorts and one of the loose tank tops I wear to sleep.

“My parents kicked me out, more like my dad, mum don’t say anything, someone told them about the drugs I sold, they had been wondering how I made the money I did then, but I always brushed them off, with some excuse.” He paused and sighed, I took his hand and held it for support, I can tell how hard it is for him to tell me this, but more than anything I am shocked and happy he is sharing this with me, without me asking. “My mom begged me to stop, but I cannot I am in too deep and my clients would have killed me if I stopped, so when I don’t, I got kicked out of the house, my dad don’t want me around my siblings. And he is right; if I want to protect them I had to leave.”

Something is hurting him, I just knew it, I want to hug him, turn around and comfort him but he isn’t done talking “A guy took me in when nobody else would; he is the one who taught me how to make bombs, bullets and the sorts also to experiment in order to be able to make my own special effect. He died and left all he had for me, I am the child he never had.”


“I am grateful to him, he helped me immensely and taught me the greatest thing ever, nobody knows I make the bombs, the only thing telling, I made the bomb is my design, it’s unique. Some people still think it’s the guy who took me in that makes them, no one knows he’s dead, he lived a double life, no one would know that secretly he made bombs and grew drugs to sell.”

“Ah I see, no wonder the cops aren’t after you.”

“I cover my tracks well and the one’s I care about.”

I turned and hugged him hard, I don’t know why he decided to share this with me, but I am grateful, because I knew he is telling me, he trusted me enough to share his biggest secret with me, he is laying it all bare for me, which is shocking.

“Thank you for sharing this with me, I don’t doubt you protect those you care about.”

“Yes, but you and your family just made me realize that nothing is stronger than a families bond, no matter what. Even if they turn their back on you, you shouldn’t do the same.”

I want to cry for him, this is all too much, I have never seen Jason this sober, and it is hurting my aching heart, I knew he missed his family, he just liked acting badass and unaffected, when he is very much affected.

“I bet they miss you every day.”

He scoffed I turn to look at him with all seriousness, as I repeated what I had said, despite his machoiness, he's a big softy, especially when he’s around me. I bet he is a sweet little boy.

“I’m hungry, let’s go see if Maria has something for me to eat, I rushed here as soon as school is over, and girl for someone who loves school, you sure are losing your love.”

I hit his arm, and he laughed before he got up and dragged me up with him, I took his hand and squeezed it, letting him know I am with him and I understood him, he squeezed my hand back letting me know he understood.

We walked downstairs, to see Maria pressed up against a wall making out with my dad, very passionately, spare me this. I gagged out loud, while Jason started laughing hard, startling the kissing couple apart, My dad looks sheepishly at me, while Maria just blushed before turning her back on us, the doorbell rang and dad went to get it, he came back with Cara and Aria.

They don’t seem surprised to find Jason there, in fact they said they purposely came this late, because they knew Jason would be here and they can see I am feeling better. I hadn’t told them what had happened to me, but I can see Jason had told them something, I hugged him hard, in thanks before assuring them I am fine now, they brought me my homework and what they had done in school that day and all I missed, I love this girls.



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