After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


6. Kiss and run way

4. Kiss and run away


I never go for parties I just don’t like them, my friends call me weird but unlike them I don’t care about my social status or popularity. I mean my friends and their wanting for that life, but honestly do they think it’s going to be by just going for the social events.

I am having mixed feelings about Jason, I don’t know where to place him, something about him just irks me and makes me a bitch towards him, not saying that he doesn’t deserve it though, he is strange. I know he is hot stuff around here, especially in school, but see I really isn’t that bothered I don’t even know his name. He is the Jason girls are always cooing about and stuff around me, really what did they see in him apart from his sexy hot looks? I cannot lie the boy is fine.

Jason had woken me up when he had given Louis to his nanny, how much does this boy have come to think of it? I had a quick shower and wore my outfit, a black high waist mini free skirt with suspenders and a cream blouse corset crop tube top, one thing I do when I did eventually go out, I dressed to impress and I am a host after all.

I let my hair down and applied my colourless lip gloss to my lips, before slipping my legs in my six inches black suede heels, dressed to kill I came out of my room (for the time being) to go downstairs to meet the boys, they ought to be back now.

Guys are so lucky, they look good in anything once they are hot and these guy’s surely are, in sexy leather jackets and different coloured chinos damn, I am speechless, especially when I notice Jason isn’t wearing anything beneath his jacket and his toned abs stand out, I can feel myself getting hot and bothered. I snap my eyes away from his chest and look at everyone. Who are apparently checking me out.

Jason smirked and said the nearest to a nice thing he can say to me

“Damn, despite your hot-tempered mouth… you sure clean up for a party nice and all holy sexiness.”

“Jason’s such a bastard; can I take gate duty with her?”

Nate asked, and the others laughed, I just blushed, I have gate duty with Jason, welcoming the people into the house, showing and directing them to the part of the house being used.

We left the den and Jason locked the door everyone moved off to their position, I followed Jason out to his front porch.

People were already waiting I mean desperate much, they are more than twenty and they hadn’t even knocked, they are the popular guys in school and around, so when they sees me, they all looks at me with shock, Jason acted like he don’t notice them and just said

“Welcome to our party! Lena, I and the guys are your host, so feel free to ask us if you need something. I assure you its’ best if you ask us.

With that simply threat he allowed them in and directed them down, more people started coming and Jason stopped talking, making me do all the talking, while he just looks at them with this don’t mess around with me look at them… if he gave me that look, I would derive pleasure messing with him.

Jason got called inside and he left me, looking apologetic, people had stopped coming and I bet an hour would have passed by now.

“Well who do we have here…? Lenari Hastings not allowed into the party.”

I open my eyes with a start, I hadn’t heard bitch face Jui and her best-friends Danny and Bella approach, ever since I refused to be among their clique, they have been hating on me, because I had nicely said I hated fake bitches, which is what they are and  stand for.

“Pathetic, all dressed up for nothing. I mean you with no status; want to get inside Jason’s McCann crib.”

I am about to retort when Jason came back, without glancing at Jui and her friends he turned to me

“Hope there’s no problem? Went to check on Louis, he’s asleep.”

He nodded at me, before grinning, he turned to Jui and I noticed his smirk shrink.

“Jui, Bella… Danny.”

He said and nodded at them, before he looks at me; I smiled and gladly said to the girls, happy to be stuck here especially with Jason for once.

“Welcome to our party. I, Jason and the guys are your host for the night… feel free to move around, but I assure you, you better ask us before you do anything… am I clear?”

They looks at me clearly stunned before their faces scrunched up, yup definitely giving me the shit face, Jui started laughing and said

“You, hosting a party with Jason McCann… am I dreaming?”

I can, hear her envy dripping words clearly, but before I can talk Jason said to my annoyance

“No you aren’t, she’s the only girl that I can allow in my circle of close friends, but the bitch is being too strong headed.”

He’s got to be kidding me, he just called me a bitch in front of Jui and he just had to the worst of gossips.

“Did you call me a bitch McCann?”

“Oh so it’s back to McCann… so what if I did?”

“You better watch it… sorry but we dismissed you guys long ago.”

I said to Jui, who shot me the evils, whispering with Danny and Bella reluctantly entered the house looking back at Jason and me when I thought she had gone, she came back and said to Jason.

“Don’t bother with her, she’s not worth it, beside she doesn’t want to be in a clique.”

Jui finally left and Jason turned in me, but I am ready for him.

“Call me a bitch one more time and you are going to regret it.”


“Ugh! Stop its mean and annoying.”

“See as I thought, can’t do shit to me, just barking with no bit-”

I slapped him hard across his face, I don’t know, where it came from the violent rage, that made me just lash out at him, but I had never want to hit anything more than I had then.

He is looking at me now, and it hit me, I just slapped Jason McCann…his eyes are blank and his face set…I finally feel afraid of him and dashed back from him, I started running down the hallway to slip into the party, but my heels made me slow and when I thought I had escaped, I feel a strong hand grip my wrist tightly and yanked me against the nearest wall I collided with it hard and my head swarm a bit.

“Don’t ever; raise your hand to me again.”

“I’m sorry, don’t hurt me…please I’m sorry.”

I begged, he looks ready to kill someone and the person who got him to that state is me, I am scared of him a lot and I can for once see why people gave him some sort of respect, and why his swag is so pronounced, no one should mess with him.


I had zoned out and my face feel wet, oh gods nooo! Why am I crying? In front of Jason, this is so embarrassing and stupid…I zoned out and this is what happened.

I feel Jason’s hand wiping away my tears I looks at him, too see he looks frustrated and broken; my crying did that to him?


He said as his hand went through his hair, he looks at me sighing before he said in the softest of the voices

“Look, I am sorry for the way I flung you on the wall and I probably deserved that slap. I’m sorry, just don’t cry.”

He admitted he is wrong and just apologized to me willingly and sincerely, where is the Jason I knew and kinda despised?

“I’m sorry too; it’s just that you get me so riled up.”

I noticed something had changed; he is closer than he need be with me, and I cannot stop looking at his lips, my breathing had gotten deeper and I can hear my heart hammering in my chest.

“I feel the same way; you’re like an unwanted addiction, no matter what you still want it.”

He had drifted away and I cannot place any meaning to what he had just said, when I looks up from his lips, he is staring at me, like he is just seeing me for the first time and I blushed hard, oh goodness gracious what is happening to me?

I just met Jason yesterday, as hard as it seems to believe and here I am lusting after him, who I hate or did I if I am lusting after him? With no warning or anything, I feel the softest lips I have ever feel crash onto mine, engaging it in a kiss. Evoking sparks of unadulterated lust through my whole being, especially when his lips moved against mine and I automatically responded, his hands found their way to my waist and he drew me closer, till our bodies were connected, my restless hands were on his neck and running through his soft hair finally, my hand on his neck urging him some more, he obliged and I feel his tongue entering my mouth and I whimpered in excitement, I feel his smile on my lips and I mistakenly bit down on his lower lips, but he moaned into my mouth, his hand is rubbing my sides and back now, as restless as my own, it is like we can’t get enough of each other with our bodies tightly pressed against each other’s.

I forgot that we are in his house, where a party is currently going on and we are just at the main entrance to it, I forgot about everything but him. Jason carried me and wrapped my legs and thighs round his waist so he is pressed up against my middle, I moaned out in pleasure, when I feel his hardness pressed up against me, I made him this hot for me just from kissing, he started moving and the feelings it sent up my body sent sparks of pure need through me, he groaned, as we started kissing more firmly, pleasuring ourselves in such a passionately inflamed manner.

We lost all sense of dignity and where just determined to take as much pleasure from each. He bit down on my lower lips and I moaned into his mouth, our breathing is harsh and we are panting for air, but we can't stop, I tore my lips from his and threw head back and let out a low moan, panting for breath. 

Jason McCann had just kissed me and I still want more.

I can hear our harsh intake of breath and panting despite the loud music, he released my legs and I feel my legs slide to the floor, he still had me pinned against the wall, my legs feel like jelly. Then reality hit me in the face.

I pushed Jason off me and ran into the crowd of dancing, gyrating bodies, with my wobbly legs. Oh my gods…I had just had my legs wrapped around Jason McCann and made out with him. I am so screwed.

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