After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


4. Kidnapping a baby

2. Kidnapping a baby


Cole and Stefan finally left, not long after the Lena babe had stormed out of my house. She has one hell of a hot mouth, which can be engaged in better things. I don't get why she flipped out when I asked her about the baby, she happens to be a victim in a robbery, then gets kidnapped by the robbers and all she can care about is the baby stuff she is out shopping for.

Dylan Greyson our brainbox and my best bud Nate Steel are the only ones left in my house, Dylan is playing NFS (Need for Speed) while Nate is making himself a Drink. I don’t know what we are going to do with the money, especially when we hadn't needed the money in first place. Honestly the thing is we are bored cause we haven't done anything thrilling for a while, so when one of the stupid teenage boys that work at Mattie’s had picked on Dylan, accusing him of stealing when he seriously hadn't and caused a big drama out of it, we decided to actually give them what they had been asking for.

I carry the bag with the money inside and dump it in our safe in my house, our headquarters. Everyone who knows me from where I come from know not to mess with me, I take no shit from no one and by the time I turned fifteen, I could make and do things that would land me a life sentence of imprisonment. I produce bombs and bullets. I am a specialist when it comes to gun power. Why my little business blooms so much is because I have my own special effects added to the things I produce. I mean you should see how many dealers and gangsters want to get their hands on my products. It's illegal, but the best and fastest way to earn money is through illegal business and I earn buckets of hard cash from it. I also sell drugs and the guys help me with the selling and getting people to pay and all that stuff. My parents found out about me being involved with drug trafficking and the illegal misconduct I gambled with, they raided my room and found the stash of drugs I kept, luckily they hadn't come across my other things but that didn’t stop them from kicking me to the curbs at the age of fifteen.

Despite all that, my business made me the rich man I am today at just the age of eighteen, although people in this neighbourhood don’t know that obviously. They assume I have super rich parents and that’s how it should be. No one, like the authorities or prissy adults can ever find out about what I really do, in the few years I have stayed here, I have come to rule the neighbourhood and people know to be cautious and respect me, because I know rumours go round, ones that are quite believable and unbelievable–for all I care they should believe it as long as no one tries to get on my wrong foot because it would be so entertaining ruining the person.

Until Lenari Hastings, she knows now that the rumours are in fact true, the bitch better keeps her mouth shut. Because I spared the boys by not killing her–Nah I wouldn't have killed her, just made her scared. She really needs fear in her life, a huge bulldoze shot of it and I would love to be the one to inject the shot. No one ever brushes me off or spoke to me like I am shit…even if the woman is sexy or Beyoncé. No one does that to me especially not in front of my boys. Hot yes, but annoying as hell, no wonder all the boys are always teasing Cole.

Dylan speaking to me draws me from my thoughts, he is leaving. He nods at me and Nate before disappearing.

“Jay, I think I know what to use the money for.”

I look at Nate who is smirking at me; his idea had to be sick and good for him to be this excited.

“Let’s throw a party, but buy everything from Mattie’s, we give them their worthless money, but get stuff from them kinda like free you know.”

“Damn bro. Yeah we can get bunch of guys to go buy stuff at different times as well as us.”

We start laughing and talking about how the Mattie’s guys would be feeling, until Nate changes the subject.

“Damn though, that Lena got one helluva feisty thing going on.”

“No shit, I'm going to teach her a lesson, you just wait and see.”

Nate nods, before picking up the remote for the decoder, settles some more into the couch and starts flicking channels looking for something to watch. Lenari fills my mind, her dark hair long and wavy, her eyes smoky thick eyelashes with beautiful eyes, her mouth sexy, small but full and pouty a dark shade of pink, which goes nicely with her shade of skin and eyes, a definite hourglass figure. She is as sexy as her stepmother Maria...quite the story, I salute the Hastings dude for getting a sexy as faux twenty-one year old hottie, who is genuinely in love with him. Lena wouldn't be bad for tapping, if she can quit being a bitch.

I get bored of silently brooding to myself. Nate is playing FIFA 2014, so I figure joining him will be entertaining, besides he is the only one would can make me run for my money in this game, I mean I love the challenge and stuff, but there’s no way I did even let him beat me.

“Jay no man, let me play against computer… not you.”

Since my family pushed me out and my mentor who had taken me in, but is now dead, the guys were the closest things I had to a family, don't get me wrong I miss my siblings and my mum–but I cannot do anything about it.


I woke up late, thank God it is Saturday or else I did be fried, I went into my bathroom, to use the toilet and brush my teeth before going downstairs. Maria is in the kitchen, Louis is sitting on his high chair, playing with macaroni she had put on his tray for him to eat, she is using her laptop, I bet doing assignment, cause of Louis and I she had to enrol in online school, since I am still a minor and she just can't leave Louis, the thought of missing part of his baby life repulsed her.

She doesn’t notice me, too engrossed in her work she looks so tired and worn, she needs a day off from everything, when she notices me, she looks as if she is going to burst into tears, oh no.

“Lena I'm so sorry, I don’t know what I would have done if anything ever happened to you. Just because, I forgot to buy–I forgot to buy food for my baby and I saw the other things…how did you know I needed them when I didn’t even know and you noticed when I didn’t. I am such a terrible mother.”

She breaks down after she finishes talking and I rush to her side hugging her, it's actually not her fault, with Dad not being around for months now, she had full responsibility of Louis along with me and her school work. With little or no help from me, she is doing a lot and I can see it is taking its toll on her. I don’t care if dad is working he needs to come back and take care of his wife and my best friend; she calmed down enough and asked the dreaded question.

“So why did you get back so late?”

“I waited at a pub till I am sure the robbers would be long gone...I would have called but my phone, I had left at home.”

I lied quickly, but she believed me, she looks at Louis who is eating and playing oblivious to the two of us.

“You know what pack a bag for Louis, I am spending quality time with my baby brother today and we aren't staying at home.”

Maria hugged me and thanked me as she hurried off to pack him a bag. I don’t have any destination, but Maria needed to be free of any responsibility. I brought out my phone to call one of my close friends Paris Young, we can hang out together today and she loves Louis.

 “Ris, hey!”

“I am just about to call you, what are you up to?”

“Babysitting Louis, want to meet at the park?”

“Sure, meet you there yeah?”


 I ended the call and pushed Louis pram out of the front door, when I had gotten his things, while he sat securely and happily chattering to himself, so adorable, I smiled down at him.

 “Lena we need to talk.”

 I let out a squeal of fright, my hand flying to my chest when I looks up to see Cole standing on our front porch.

 “Don’t ever sneak up on me again. Ever!”

 “I'm sorry… about yesterday too.”

 I looks at him, not really understanding him at the moment.

 “Why did you rob them--I don’t understand.”

 Cole looks at me sheepishly, before he said with a smile he is trying to refrain, simply

“We are bored.”

No further explanation, my eyes widened in shock. What the actual faux? They are bored… I mean if they did that if they are bored what more can they even do?

“You are bored? You guys are kidding me!”

Cole just shrugged at me, before he continued walking with me and I gave him a questioning look.

“Look I'm sorry that you have to be caught up in our shit and Jason, well he is Jason and does whatever he wants… but he bailed me out of jail once when I needed someone too without my parents ever finding out.”

This is news, Cole is a criminal. My eyes finally are starting to open.

“So you guys are all criminals, off some sort?”

“Yeah, so where are you guys going?”

“To the park, you are free to come along; Paris is going to be there.”

I see him wince and I almost laughed his phone beeped, it must have been a message because I see his eyes scanning through whatever, he pulled on Louis curls and hugged me saying as he left, his relief evident on his face that he isn't staying

“Catch you around.”

I am at the park now, and I noticed Paris coming from a distance, as soon as she sees me she squealed and hugged me tight.

“Oh my gods, Lena you don’t tell me you are at Mattie’s yesterday when the robbing occurred.”

The news seriously went far… worse yet it is news I want to forget, because I am committing a crime not reporting to the police when I knew the people who had robbed the store in first place.

“Nothing biggie, I am here now aren't I?”

“Yeah, Lena but… oh my dang I missed Cole.”

So the thing is Paris is in love with three things, sorry people Louis, Popularity and Cole but the feelings are not the same for him, so he avoids her as much as possible--moving on we did have a baby to entertain for the day. 


I looks at the guys seated all around me Cole had finally arrived.

“While you guys are gone, Nate and I decided what we are going to use the money for--We are throwing a party and we are getting the things from Mattie’s with their money… Who’s down?”

Everyone smiled and cheered, Nate explained to them how we would distribute ourselves and get extra helping hands, finally clear off that, I moved to one that is nagging me.

“I am not happy, because of how we let that prissy little bitch Lena go yesterday--we have to do something to--implicate her and keep her mouth permanently shut…any ideas?”

No one spoke, but I don’t want them to I want Cole to be the one, I had an idea, but it’s not one anyone would like and it’s quite harsh even for me.

“She’s babysitting her brother today, but she’s staying away from her house…if we get him, she has to do anything to get him back.”

I knew he would crack, although the plan isn't to implicating and all, it can still get her to cooperate more with us. We thought of a way to get her brother, the baby…so she don’t have a kid, even better. When the plan is made, we headed out to get the day started.


I am not foolish, I knew Jason had meant me, when he asked that question, especially now that he has got an interest in her, but there's nothing I can do about it, even if I feel bad about what I am about to do to Lena.  In the park Lena, is missing and only Louis and Paris I made my decision there and there. Paris made everything much more easily, I just had to play on her feelings for me--which is mean, but it would get the job done, Jason would steal the pram while I distracted her before Lena came back from where ever. 

I got her distracted enough, cause I never single her out to speak to, she is dying for me to kiss her so I did and I took her too bliss. I am watching Jason who is smirking at me as he quietly took Louis out and carried his baby bag, now that we had the baby bag and the baby; I broke free of Paris and just left her standing there. I knew she wouldn't tell Lena what she had been doing, especially if I pushed her off like it meant nothing, leaving her confused. I had my share of money to go get the party stuff, so I headed off to Mattie’s.

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