After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


10. Inevitable changes

8. Inevitable changes


Due to the fact that we got back to the house quite late, because Jason thought it funny to drive slowly back to his house, in order to annoy me. I crashed in and woke up late.

Worse yet, Jason is whom woke me up and he is already dressed for school, and laughed his head off, I threw a pillow at him, before rushing into the bathroom, to have a quick shower and ish my hair, don’t judge me but I smelt like gun powder.

At least Jason is nice enough to pack breakfast for me, so we don’t have to wait for me to eat and be later since we still had to go and drop Louis off with Maria.

Louis is happy to see his mother, because he kept on squealing and smiling, while Maria sleepily hugged him and thanked Jason and I for giving her a weekend off--Jason then proceeded to indulge Maria in a conversation about Louis; honestly we are going to be extremely late at this rate…I took Jason’s hand and dragged him towards his car.

“Take a chill pill, school’s not going anywhere.”

“No it’s not but being late will get us in trouble.”

“I don’t care about school; I just go to give myself something to do, since y’all there.”

“Well school, is important for me… since I want to go to college.”


I just gave him the evils, before engaging myself fully with my breakfast. We got school with only minutes to spare. Honestly I don’t get teenagers; a lot of the school’s student body are milling and talking, when they knew classes began in mere minutes.

I hurriedly climbed out of Jason’s car, wanting to get to class while Jason just sat there looking at me amazed, honestly this boy.

“Aren’t you coming?”

I asked him, he just shook his head at me, like I am dumb…what is it with him getting on my nerves like this, can't he be nice for a long period of time?

I just huffed and turned away from the car to go into the school’s building, when I noticed everyone looking at me especially the girls giving me envious girls, honestly I would gladly exchange places with any of them at this moment.

I walked to my locker to get my books for the first periods before lunch break, when someone stopped at my locker; I closed my locker to see Paris resting on the locker beside mine.

“Hey Ris!”

"So, you and Jason are you guys an item now?”

“What? No way.”

“But like he’s like giving you so much attention, that he doesn’t give to girls…”

I dragged Paris and started walking towards our first class Literature, honestly everyone is over reacting to Jason paying so much attention, I mean he only wants to get into my pants…even though I am falling for him, but they don’t know how much of a douche he really is.

“Well, I don’t know…it just is. Okay…so what about you and Cole?”

I knew that would get her mind of things, thankfully. She started gushing about Cole and her kissing and how sure she is he is interested in her, I hope he is interested in her…in fact I would get him to ask her out on a date, he may not know it but they may actually have a lot in common, if he stopped avoiding her.


Paris and I turned around to see Aria walking towards us, Paris looks at me, shocked and surprised, she is getting giddy with excitement I can see it, well you know how I had reacted.

“Hi, Aria.”

I said when she is close enough and fell in walk with me and Paris, she smiled at Paris but don’t say anything, I guess she don’t know her name.

"So we still down for after school today right?”

I smiled remembering Jason reaction yesterday when I had said it’s a date. I nodded at her and she smiled back at me.

“It going to be fun, we’ll be going to my place…I hope Jason won’t mind.”

“You guys should stop, with Jason this and that, honestly he doesn’t own me.”

"Sorry, but when you come to school in one of the school’s hottest bachelors car, especially when he has never done it before with any girl…it clearly means something.”

Paris spoke for the first time, Aria agreed with her, and they started talking about Jason this and Jason that, I got bored and started arguing with them, Aria had to leave us because she had Geometry first.

“You are friends with Aria Mons! Why don’t I know this?”

“We just met yesterday and it slipped my mind.”

“It’s so unfair, look at me been trying since forever to be noticed by those people and under one weekend you suddenly shoot to stardom, I hate you.”

“Aww baby, I know it sucks to be you.”

She hit my shoulder and we started laughing, we got into class and took our different seats near the back of the class, she knew when it came to class I am serious so know discussion between us.


Cara and I walked to the cafeteria for lunch, laughing about what had just happened in history class. Some poor guy had sleeping and before you knew it he started sleep talking about Jui Brooks, who is mortified by all the BS that is coming out of his mouth.

We got to our lunch table, after getting our food from the counter…Paris never sat with us, not that I am complaining, she sat down with wannabes a-list kids, which is quite pathetic, we tell her but she gets mad at us so we just shut up and don’t talk about it with her. Cara is busy telling me about how much work she had to do, when she is rudely interrupted by Jason and Nate plunking their bags on the floor and seating with us at our table, she kept quiet and started blushing, yeah Cara is shy like that. I rolled my eyes at them before saying to them.

“You guys do have your own table you know…with the rest of the so called cool kids.”

“And so?”

Nate asked me smirking, before he dug into his lunch, Jason looks Cara who is looking down at her food and trying to eat, she’s so shy and self-conscious around boys it’s amusing

“We want to seat here and also I cancelled your date with Aria.”

My eyebrows shot upwards so did my eyes, as I glared at Jason, fighting to remain calm, cause I want to start pounding his head with my fist.

“You did what?”

“You heard me; Nate and I want to show you something.”

“Hell no, I am not going anywhere with you lots, Argh get the faux out of my life.”

Cara eye’s widening at me, she is intimidated by them…well I am not and is pissed, why did Aria even allow him cancel us.

“No can’t do...”

“You’re a rude insufferable git and I had plans and I tend to carry them out.”

I said staring them both down, Jason clenched his teeth while Nate looks amused, before breaking the tension a bit by looking at Cara for the first time since he sat at our table who is just staring at her food.

“Hey you, you gonna eat that?”

Nate asked Cara, who don’t answer until she looks up and saw him staring at her, she turned bright red and shook her head before hurriedly giving him her food. That’s kind of bullying isn’t it? Okay maybe not but what if?

“Hey Cara, Lena.”

I looks up to see Paris, holding her food tray as if she is going to seat with us, talk about being hypocritical, hell no I am not going to allow her seat with us, beside lunch time am I and Cara’s time and this two giant roaches had already encroached on our personal space.

“No you can’t seat here.”

Jason said without looking at her, Cara smirked and for the first time she don’t look shy, I tried to hide my smile, because I am mad at Jason and well he helped me get rid of Paris

“I am not going to seat here, I don’t seat here.”

“No one asked you.”

Jason promptly answered her, before turning to me tuning her out totally.

“Look you can see Aria tomorrow, but today no. It's final, don’t try any bullshit…you don’t know what can happen.”

Paris huffed and left finally. I see the threat in what he said clearly, he may not hurt me but he can hurt Aria, I hate the fact that I like this guy. What the hell made him so mentally deranged like this.

 “I hate you.”

Nate cheered and he and Jason high fived each-other at my defeat, I just rolled my eyes at them, I hurriedly ate my food and dragged Cara out of there so we can go for our next class.


I am mad, as I sat in a black van with Jason and Nate, going to God knows where. I mean if they are going for a mission why did they bring me along?  So far both of them had been talking and ignoring me and I am getting frustrated.

“What are we going to do at wherever?”

Nate turned to look at me smiling full out, finally someone is going to tell me what we are doing or about to do, without hearing it I knew I am not going to like it.

“Well, there’s this dude who owes us money, like we sold him drugs and he been avoiding us, but today he is staying home thinking we have let him of.”

Okay, I see they have to get whatever from whatever guy, how is that my business? I don’t see me getting involved in their shit.

“Then there is no point bringing me.”

“You are going to knock on his door, and shit, you are going to seduce him, distract him till we get inside…it should be easy since you’re pretty hot.”

Jason said without looking at me, but I can bet on my life a nasty smirk would be on his face, Nate is smirking at me too, I hate this dudes.

“I don’t know how to be a whore.”

They both started snickering, and I just sighed loudly, honestly…what do they take me for…I don’t act, dress or behave like one and I am certain of that.

“Just flirt with the guy and hit on him and you’ll be fine.”

"Sure, if he tries to do anything to me though? I mean Jason what happened to me being yours and yours only?”

Nate started laughing out loud now and Jason punched his arm, Jason kept quiet for a short bit, before turning back to face me to say.

“I would get there in time and if he tries to, well just know nobody would want to be him when I get started with him, not to talk about touching you.”

“Then this whole thing doesn’t make sense, cause seducing and flirting with a guy, I may not be an expert but it involves touching.”

“Oh shut up, you know what I mean.”

I smirked and kept quiet; preparing myself mentally to do the shit they want me to do, but how did I get myself into this I never agreed to being part of them, what happened to my free will.

“You guys owe me for this, because you are making me do this and I am not a member of your group or clique, don’t forget that.”

“Yeah, yeah.”


Is the only reply I got from Jason and Nate…annoying boys, I smiled to myself thinking of the situation I found myself in I would never have thought in life, everything I knew would change and my life would get dangerous but somehow interesting, the thrill one gets from taking a risk.



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