After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


30. Happily ever afters

28. Happily ever afters


I don’t know why I feel as if everyone had been laughing at me, since I woke up this morning. Everyone had had beaming happy smiles with a twinge of mystery thrown my way. They had all piled to Jason’s house before I had woken up, all happy smiles at first before their smiles had turned amused and secretive like they all knew something I don’t and well no one is letting me in on the secret or maybe it is just a good day for everyone because I knew it is for me. Jason is taking me on our first proper date today, like to a real fancy restaurant that we had to dress up for.

Alex is being jailed for ten years, and they won’t be reducing it for good behaviour whatsoever. I wished they would have given him life time imprisonment. He set my house on fire, attempted my murder and attempted raping me…isn’t that enough to land someone lifetime imprisonment? But no because he's eighteen, they have to cut him some slack, for being a youth. Paris is a sly bitch. The kick I had given her had knocked her out cold for two full days and she now claimed memory loss, which is freaking unbelievable…I mean she has a hard head and a psychopath. Being underage and the mastermind behind the whole ordeal; they had given her fifteen years in Juvenile for character reforms added with hard labour work. They had been no need for them getting a lawyer to defend them, because it wouldn’t have paid for them since they had been caught red handed and if they had been found guilty as charged things would only have gotten worse off for them.

Jason has been treating me like I am a baby, he took pleasure in carrying me around when he realized that despite me saying I am fine, my legs had hurt like hell when I first got home and is moving about. But it don’t mean he don’t get mad thinking of how I had ended up in that way in the first place. I have healed remarkably; my face is official back to normal with just some few scratches that will eventually fade away. My leg is functioning properly again and I can move around with no fear of pain shooting through it. Aria on the other hand is coping and now moves around with crutches to support her dislocated knee joint, which would take weeks to heal.

We are kinds of celebrities now, I mean the news covered our story, news reporters begged us for stories and even magazines, some even asked to interview us, but we all politely declined we don’t want the fame, just our normal and peaceful lives back.

We arrived at the restaurant, which looks classy and chic. Upon getting inside our coats got taken from us. A steward came to meet us and eyed us, like we can't afford to be here. Oh boy the money he would ever earn from all his life working here won’t come next to the amount of money my boyfriend had.

“Table reservation for two by Mr. McCann.”

Jason said to the Steward, who asked to see an ID belonging to Jason, is that even meant to happen? When Jason showed him his ID card, the steward bit his tongue and led us towards it. The table set for two is inside the restaurant in a private setting. I beamed at Jason who held out my chair for me to seat, before taking a seat across from me and I just had to giggle at his formality.

“Your server will be with you in a short while, please muse over what you want in the menu before you.”

The steward said to us, before he left us alone. I smiled at Jason, this really goes a long way from how we started out…really different from that Sunday night we had gone to Dingy of course then I cannot have known how serious our relationship would turn out to be or the hardships that awaited us.

“A penny for your thought.”

Jason said to me bringing me out of my reverie, I indulged him and share my thoughts with him and he agreed with me, we proceeded to laugh and talk about our experiences together, when our waitress arrived. To our amusement we had forgotten to check the menu and proceeded to check and order what we can eat. Jason and I laughingly made our choice on what food we should buy teasing each other mercilessly. The waitress had been kind and patient with us, smiling warmly at our display of affection towards each other.

After we had finished eating the main course and waited for dessert Jason cleared his throat, and looks at me deeply, seriously alarming me a little bit. I knew it is coming, there has to be a huge motive behind Justin asking me out on a proper date and I think it has to do with summer ending and me going to college.

“Have you ever wondered why I gave you a list of appropriate colleges you should go through with Maria?”

“Of course I have, they are all good. But I don’t know because none of them are within driving distance for you, so I don’t know.”

“What if the reason I gave you that list, is because I also got selected to go to any of those schools I liked, surprisingly on scholarship. And one of the reasons I came back late is that I am taking the interview for the school you picked and filling out the forms necessary so we can leave together there of course with the help of Maria.”

“Oh my gosh, Jason!” I said out of breathe, I flew from my chair and into him hugging him tightly as I cried unto his shoulder. All my worries had been for nothing Jason isn’t planning on keeping a long distance relationship, he is coming with me and we would be leaving together, can this day get any better. I really love this young and beautiful man beneath me. I wiped my eyes clean of tears with the napkin we are given and place my lips upon Jason’s. My heart melted as the kiss we shared is so sweet and warm; I feel butterflies in my tummy.

“I’m not dessert, so better take your seat before the waitress comes back and thinks you’re a high-class whore.”

“Jason!” I said hitting him, he just grinned sheepishly at me; I got off him and went back to my seat, trying to hold back a smile, as soon as my butt hit my seat the waitress arrived with dessert. Jason had a smirk placed on his face has he looks at me, I rolled my eyes at him, before digging into my deliciously sweet food.

We stayed in the restaurant a bit more after we had finished eating, talking about our plans for college and the things we are going to do, it saddens me that none of our other friends are going to go to the same college with us, but I pray we all go to the same university that would be fun.

By the time we get to Jason’s house it’s already getting dark, and I am happy with how my day has turned around, maybe when we get inside Jason and I can sex things up, we haven’t done it since before he left to go see his family, which by the way are adorable. I have skyped and spoken to every single one of his family members and his mum and I are now good friends, she says I am the one who's saving her son from his bad ways.

Jason’s house is awfully silent and all the lights are turned off, which is weird. We always left at least one light on, but Jason don’t seem bothered about it, he cheerfully opened the door and dragged me inside. Upon closing the door, he held me against a wall and ravaged my lips, well whoop whoop! Guess we’ll be having some passionate sex tonight; it’s not only me in the mood. “I love you more than my next breath.” I blushed at him and kissed him again fiercely and when I came up for breath I replied him “I love you more than the sex we’d have tonight.” His eyes got darker and I moaned. He put his hands to my lips silently and released us from the wall, taking my hand in his, he walked us to the empty room, he usually reserved for parties. Upon entering inside the light came on and


Oh my gods, today is my birthday? Wait yes today is my birthday! How can I have forgotten my own birthday? An important age turning for that matter? Is that why everyone had been acting strange throughout today and they all knew! I turned to Jason who is laughing at me along with everyone else. All familiar faces stand before me faces I would miss dearly when I go to college. Aria, Cara, Nate, Stefan, Dylan, April, Sue, Lily, Mary, Jui, Danny, Bella, Maria, dad, Louis and Cole. The parents of all my friends are also invited.

“You all suck!”

I announced to them cheerfully, which made them all laugh. I guess my cheeks are burning red, this is so embarrassing.

“Who forgets their own birthday?”

Jason asked me, wrapping me in his arms and resting his head on my shoulder to kiss my cheeks. I turned and hugged him hard. This is the best birthday ever even if I forgot it.

“Ah! But son you know, it made things easier for us all that she forgot.”

Dad said to Jason, they both started laughing at me again, making me push Jason of me and move off to my guests, whom flocked around me. Jason and my dad are friends now strangely they even like hanging out with each other. I mean they have gone out couple of times together these past weeks after the fire.

We ate, drank, laughed, talked about different things and played different family friendly games. The atmosphere is a light and happy one, no one would have thought that anyone presently in the house had gone through any hardship as it should be. Time came for me to unwrap my gifts, which where funny and necessary. I got boxes filled with clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from Jui, Bella and Danny. I got a debit card with five thousand dollars in it from Aria’s parent to buy whatever I want. That brought tears to Maria’s eyes; because they really are helping my family get through with the fire and our losses. Typical I got a box full of condoms from Nate, which is outrageous. He nicely pointed out to everyone, I am legal now to have sex if I pleased, to my embarrassment my dad looks like he want to kill Nate and I won’t have minded if not for Cara, who is also embarrassed for me. I got a complete makeup kit box from Cara. Aria had gotten me a gold charm for my bracelet, the charm is the letters BFF. She also had a bracelet on with the letters BFF in bronze. Cara also had a bracelet with the charm in silver; she and Aria had lifted their hands to show me at the same time. I smiled at them both, yes they had become my best friends. Dylan and Stefan had gotten me a gold cover iPhone 5s, which I had jumped up and down in excitement for and had hugged both gay dudes together, kissing them both resoundingly on their cheeks. The Frays had gotten me a Kindle reader, with gift cards for different book stores, I am a book freak. April and Sue had gotten me tons of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories also, while Lily and Mary had bought fancy boxes for me to put all the new things I acquired and would be taking to college. Dad and Maria outdid themselves and got me a Range Rover, which would be delivered to me in my new school, when I got there. Well finally I get a car like teenagers younger than I already had cars. Last but not the least and the sweetest Jason, he is such a romantic, no matter if he claims otherwise.

Jason went on his knees before me and brought out a small blue box container, making my breath hitch along with everyone else in the room. I knew we are pretty serious, but I cannot imagine myself married at this age yet, maybe later in future to him of course, but not now so I hesitated. I looks at everyone who is looking at us equally stunned. Jason got impatient and declared “Oh for God’s sake would you please open the box! It’s not a bloody marriage ring, and I will like to get my speech over with before I mess it up.” Everyone started laughing, and I relived giggling opened the box to see a beautiful silver band ring encrusted with little diamonds. I looks at Jason in confusion I thought he isn’t proposing to me? He grinned at me, taking the ring out of the box and putting it on my ring finger. Everyone had stopped laughing and are also looking at us in confusion.

“It’s too soon for me to ask for your hand in marriage, in fact I am not even ready for that and I know you’re not. This right here is a promise from me to be faithful to you, wait for you and be there for you till the time will come when we’re ready for marriage. I love you with all my heart and on your finger is my promise to you.”

My eyes welled up in tears, and I hugged him, going to the floor also. Our friends and family clapped around us, while Nate being Nate made a jab at Jason, who for once ignored him “Ever the cheesy and very whipped bastard.” Cara had hit Nate at the back of his head and to everyone’s amusement he had proceeded to tell her he is sorry for his behaviour.

Nothing can ruin this moment my life is whole and complete again. I had nothing to fear and my boyfriend beside me every step of the way, my family and friends all safe with a bright future ahead for everyone. I am pulled out from my inner musing by my dad’s voice.

“We have one more announcement tonight.” He stopped talking and Maria went to stand beside him. Jason placed me on his laps, as he settled into a nearby sofa. My dad continued addressing everyone “We have bought a house, and will be leaving this town not long after Lena goes to college. We aren’t going to be gone forever, but we won’t be back anytime soon, even after the reconstruction of our burnt house. We simply need to start afresh.” This is new to me, but I guess it’s alright. I heard the hidden meaning behind dad’s voice, to start afresh be a good father and husband, in a house that would truly belong to him and Maria in all sense. I don’t have any objections.

“I also have an announcement.” Maria piped up after everyone had quieted down, I looks at Jason who is smirking knowingly, as if he already knew what she is about to say. “I am pregnant.” Oh my gods, ewwww! But I am happy for them and of course I and Louis, we’re getting a little brother or sister. How exciting is that? I got up and hugged Maria. Dad looks happy but is still in shock. Jason came to hug Maria and then said “I’ve been waiting for you to announce that.” I turned on him, what is it with Maria telling him things, but upon looking at Maria she is also stunned that Jason knew. “Aye, I do have two younger siblings, and I know the signs a pregnant woman gives, thanks to my mum.”

Maria and I had started laughing at Jason whose cheeks had gone a little red. The night ended on a happy note and everyone jovially left Jason’s house, leaving the two of us behind and the amount of warnings we got to use the condoms we had received left my face permanently flaming till everyone had left.

“Do I also get some birthday sex?”

I asked Jason coyly, while shaking the pack of condoms at him, he smirked at me before replying me

“Your wishes are mine to fulfil.”

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