After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


14. Girls just want to have fun

12. Girls just want to have fun


“It feels so weird, you know I have never gone a day without Louis…must I go, I mean, Liam will come back soon, Lenari I can wait.”

I looks at Maria as if she is shitting me, she sighed and hugged me, before she moved off to hug Jason to, I rolled my eyes at her and she wants to go clearly I don’t know why she is hesitating, seize the opportunity and go.

“Jason, take care of my munchkins.” I groaned at her and she just giggled at a smirking Jason, he’s gonna use that against me and I know it. “I know you will take care of Louis, so my mind is at ease there, but don’t go getting Lena pregnant, use protection.”

“Maria! Ugh, go away already.”

I started picking her bags and carrying out the door to the cab waiting for her outside, while she rattles of instructions to Jason about Louis, she don’t want to leave her baby, but he can't come with her, for what she has planned out. Jason and Maria come out laughing, while Louis is all smiles and playing with Maria’s hair. Jason is carrying the rest of her bags, I just fumed silently, I walked past them “Have a nice time Maria.” Is all I said before going inside to pack for my sleepover.

I am busy trying to decide which bikini I am going to take, when Jason enters my room, I ignored him as best as I can, going around my room picking stuff I would need.

“Aww, don’t be mad babe, oh shit! Don’t get bitchy. I can’t help calling you that.”

I ignored him still; I looks at my bikini and groaned, who am I kidding? I cannot swim on my period. I remove my bikini and toss it aside. Jason kept quiet while I finished packing.


“Louis, I’m coming, okay just wait a bit.”

“No Leri!”

I sighed, about to leave when Jason stops me. “Don’t worry I’ll go besides we did be keeping each other company today.”

I just turned back to packing, when I finished I grabbed my bag and turned off everything, and went round checking the house to make sure everything is off.

Louis and Jason are both giggling, and I rolled my eyes at them, although it’s really cute, I mean a badass guy giggling with a baby, that is sexy and cute.

Jason dropped Louis, gently on the baby rug before coming towards me; I gave him the 'Don’t come close to me look'.

“I don’t know what got up your ass, but it’s not going to stop me, so stop being a moody bitch, that is all cranky and on attack mode.” I stared at him; I swear if he came any closer I would use the nearest thing to hit him because he deserved it. “I’m not sorry, because you deserve it. Judging from the way you have been treating me all day.” I sighed in defeat, he is right I have just been picking on him all day and he hasn’t done anything to me.

His hands took captive of my waist, and my inside starts to melt, just by him touching me and my threat about hitting him goes away with the passing wind “Have I told you, how hot you are when you’re mad?” is all the warning I got before his lips crashed down on mine taking my breath away, his lips bruising mine pleasurably, I can feel his touch deep down to my core.

His hands moved to hold my butt and pull me closer to him, he massaged it, before tearing his lips from mine, both of us breathing quite hard as he nuzzled my neck, kissing and licking me there, I shuddered and I feel his smile against my neck.

He calmed down my nerves and I smiled at him, he grinned at me…I looks at Louis to see him watching the two of us and I blush before I pick him up, while Jason grabbed his bags and mine and we went outside to his car, where he dumps the stuffs in the back seat.

I sat in front with Louis on my lap, Jason smiled at me, when he got into the driver seat, and drove off to Aria’s place, and I kind of feel bad for him because, well who is going to ensure, Louis remained seated during the car ride from Aria’s place after they dropped me off.

We get there to see Cara and some of Aria’s other friends had just arrived and Aria is out greeting them, Jason smirked at me. I kissed Louis and made him giggle, before handing him over to Jason, as I got out from the car and get my bags from the back seat.

When I am done, I walked over to Jason’s window which is rolled down and smiled at him, and Louis, I went close to the window and Louis stand up and brought his face over to mine, I kissed him on his nose, cheeks and then his little lips and he giggled, I smiled at him, my heart warming at the sound.

“You better take very good care of him mister.”

I said to Jason pointing my finger in his face, I am stepping away from the car when Jason grabbed my head and crushed our faces together; I started to blush, because I knew we had an audience, honestly Jason. But I cannot really complain I really loved kissing him and his lips and mouth did wonders to mine.

“I can’t get enough of your mouth; there is something about its taste.”

Jason mumbled when we broke away, I shook my head at him while smiling, I just waved at them and turned to my friends, trying to keep my smile away from my face but it don’t work out.

When I reached the door, I heard Jason’s car horn and he shouted.  “Damn that’s a fine ass.” I looks at him, glaring at him and he drove off.

“Well isn’t that interesting.”

Aria turned to me and said, her eyes shining and she and everyone started giggling and gushing on how fine he is and how lucky I s to have a guy like him to call my own. I guess to them he is mine, but I cannot call him mine since he hadn’t made me his girlfriend. I sure is starting to feel lucky now.

“You guys look like such a family, I can imagine him and you having a child together.”

I blushed and shut Cara daggers before Aria led us into her humungous house.


I took Louis back home; I am playing with Louis, since his nanny had yet to arrive, when the boys came into the parlour.

“She got him so whipped; he’s looking after her little brother.”

“Faux off Nate.”

“Fux of, Tate!”

I groaned, ugh, the boys started laughing at me, while Louis kept on repeating what he had just said, he thought himself amusing, cause the guys kept on laughing.

“No Louis! Don’t say that.”

I groaned, he stopped and started giggling, if he said that around Maria or Lena, I am so going to be in for it.

“Nice, teaching the kid to swear.”

I flipped them off and they started laughing at me, and started singing a song about me being whipped.

“Cole, don’t even start, who is face-locked with that wanna be earlier and you Nate is as bad as I am at the moment, when talking about being whipped.”

Stefan and Dylan started laughing so hard, I groaned wanting to kill them, Cole and Nate looks at me sourly, when the doorbell rang and I sighed in relief, the Nanny had arrived.

She is young I bet like twenty and she sure is shocked to see five young boys, with a baby, I can see it clearly in her eyes, most of all she is intrigued.

“Louis, your nanny is here.”

“No Ja, I want Tate.”

I started laughing, now see who the baby likes playing with, and talks about how Nate himself acts. Nate smiled at Louis and picked him up, Louis squealed in excitement.

“No, go to the nanny, we’ll play tomorrow.”

Louis started to cry, and hugged Nate tightly and I sighed, the nanny just stand there, babe do your job can you? I took Louis from Nate and rocked him a bit, he stopped crying and looks at me and shook his head.


“I miss Leri too, but we’ll see her tomorrow.”

I hear muffled whipped being uttered and being disguised as coughs, but right now I only glared at the watching nanny, and said to her while I carried Louis, who is sniffling.

“Let me show you to his room, where you should be for the rest of the day with him.” I led her upstairs and when we are in his room, I proceed to say “Unless we take him away from you, don’t stray to any other room. Everything you may need is in his room.” I said bye to Louis, who pouted but don’t cry as he is now reunited with his toys.

As soon as I stepped back into the den, the boys are all looking serious as if something had happened over the short period I am gone for and certainly something had, because Dylan said in a serious voice

“I know where, Dennis is hiding.”

When he mentioned the bastard's name, I feel like pounding something, it still made me mad when I think of him pawing and kissing Lenari and also the fact that he is part of Lenari’s nightmares. Well, it is high time we got rid of him.

“Who’s thinking what I am thinking?”

They all grinned at me and I knew we are on the same page, we sat down for a bit planning our attack and what we are going to do, and I got Dylan to help us get rid of Dennis much faster, the reason why we need a geek. We went about locking up the house and all our stashes, as someone is in the house, I informed her, the nanny whatever her name is that we are going out and would be back later.

We got into Dylan’s car and he drove us to where ever Dennis is hiding, unlike last time when we went unarmed, we are fully armed and I bet Nate want to cause permanent damage to Dennis as much as I want kill him.

This is going to be easier than I thought, Dennis, hiding hole is not near any building and seemed next to deserted.  We had parked the car a mile away hiding by the trees, so he wouldn’t be expecting us, we snuck up to his front door, after assembling ourselves and ensuring we are ready, with all the force I can muster I kicked the door, it gave way. Opening the door and also breaking into pieces.

Sleazy ball and Dennis came running, without hesitating I fired at Sleaze’s leg, and Nate is already pounding on Dennis and I can see clearly that Dennis had become unconscious, Sleazy is moaning and groaning on the floor, Stefan dragged him and I hit Nate, who kicked Dennis one last time before we dragged him into the den, where Cole is busy tying Sleazy to a wooden chair, we dump on the floor and Nate proceeded to shoot him in his leg and also arm.

I laughed as Dennis came to with a loud scream, we don’t bother to tie him up. I looks at Dylan who is looking at the time and nodded at me, I put on the TV, and turned to the two toe rags and addressed them.

“This should teach you a lesson, never to mess with us ever again, or ever think of laying your filthy hands on my girl.”

Dennis scoffed at me, before he spat to the ground, he looks at me with so much hate, that I bet reflected in my own eyes towards him.

“Your girl? I remember she is the one who came to me; you aren’t doing your job well then, if she wants me. But that bitch is crazy.”

I stepped away from the TV and over to his miserable form on the floor and stepped on his leg, exactly where he had been shot, he groaned, trying to take his leg away, I stepped harder, before releasing him. No one called Lenari a bitch but me.

“It’s time.”

I heard Dylan say and I grinned at Dennis, ready to continue what I am saying before I had been rudely interrupted by Dennis.

“Well, we came here to warn you and show you this.”

I turned to the TV, as whatever programme that is showing is rudely interrupted, with an important message from the news and police.

Dennis face appeared on the TV, along with information about him, and how everyone should be on the alert and report immediately to the police if they have seen him, because he’s a murderer and bombast, who had been the cause of the train explosion that had occurred, as the explosion occurred directly in front of his apartment, I grinned at Dylan as the reporter rattled on the list of things he had done and the druggie that he is.

“We came to warn you, and get revenge for last time; we only give you an hour to get your ass out of this state and never come near us again, before we hand over this address to the police.”

Dylan looks pale and about ready to die, but we won’t grace him with his death, we all slapped both their faces when we left them. We are grinning like fools and knew when we got back to my place we are going to celebrate it.

I am just glad; we got Lenari off the want list, although they never knew it is her who had caused the explosion, but it is all Dennis fault in first place. Now that I had killed two birds with one stone I can rest a bit, how well now Lenari’s heart can also rest assured now that Dennis is gone and out of the state and picture and maybe it would help her in the process of stopping her nightmares.


The sleepover isn’t actually bad, I mean Cara and I had been giggling nonstop along with the others, currently it is a girl called Lisa’s turn in the game Charade and I  think she is trying to impersonate a dying whale, she sucks that much and the guesses so far had just been ridiculous.

Cara seemed more happy than she had been lately and I am dying to pry information from her but we hadn’t alone time and it is killing me, I want the dirty deets on Nate, and something to tease him with, when he teases me and Jason.

Someone got the answer and it became Cara’s turn, it is so funny and we all had a ball, Aria’s friends are not bad at all, the events soon turned to the topic of boys and I knew who the spotlight is going to be on.

Aria had a card game based on this topic and of course we all had to answer the questions on our cards. The questions I got are “The best moment when making out with a boy?” “A spontaneous, pretty boyfriend who cares about popularity more than anything or A clingy, over protective boyfriend?” and “Rate your current relationship highest starting from ten to the lowest zero.”

I looks up at everyone, to see the twinkles in their eyes and flushed cheek, I bet like me the answers they have made them blush. It started off with Lisa, who said the most outrageous things ever that we all started teasing and making fun of her in a good way. When it is Cara turn and she when she answered questions I knew she is referring to Nate, and she kept blushing as I coughed and made sly comments, I guess I am not the only one who knew she had a thing for Nate when, April coughed out 'Nate' Of course I am saved for last.

All six eager faces faced me and I stuck my tongue out of them, they ignored me and I read my first question out, they all started smirking and I am blushing as I started to talk, I can lie, but everyone had been honest so I at least owed them the truth.

“Well, couple of days ago, I thought I am dreaming, so I let myself do some crazy things I won’t do in reality. I woke up beside Jason on a morning and he is still asleep so, I started kissing on his abs, when he grabbed me and kissed, pretty intensely, he mouth surely knows how to pleasure a girl.”

I blushed, and they are all grinning at me, like I had just given them a lollipop, I shrugged at them

“Wait, you woke up beside Jason?”

Sue asked me and everyone looks at me wide eye, and in awe, before they start teasing me, on how lucky I am to have such a hot boyfriend and to sleep in the same bed with him, I groaned at them, but they all shut up and I read my next question, and grinned at them all when I answered.

“None of them, I know my kind of boyfriend material.”

I winked at them and they started wooing and laughing and everything making me giggle, when we got serious again and I read my last question, I don’t even answer, before they started wooing, clapping and drumming, I guess they knew my answer already.

After that we settled on the blankets on the floor and started giggling as we shared stories and just chilled out. Soon almost everyone is out cold. Aria had excused herself, and it is only me and Cara left awake.

“So, is somebody going to tell me, what is going on with Nate?”

“I have been dying to tell you, but no time, but I can tell you now. He approached today after lunch, and apologized for his previous actions, he confessed he likes me Lenari, he likes me, but he isn’t used to liking a girl especially just liking a girl not for sex or anything.”

“Oh my, Cara that is such brilliant news, isn’t it? But why am I sensing a but you’re not saying?”

“Because, there is one he said even though he’s told me, he needs time off to think and we won’t probably talk till he is ready.”

I hugged her to my side, before assuring her, that Nate would make up his mind soon and all would be well and back to normal before she knew it.

She started talking about how she started falling for Nate, and I told her a bit about Jason and I, but there is really little I can give off about how Jason and I’s met and relationship started. She soon started to sleep, and I sent her off to sleep, looking around I realized Aria still is absent so I set off looking for her.

I found her, curled up a blanket covering her as she sat on a swing chair, l sat beside her, and she smiled when she noticed it is me.

“I thought everyone is asleep.”

“You thought wrong, your house is amazing.”

“Yeah, my parents made it this way to make up for not always being around.”

“My dad isn’t always around, Maria is tough, but now I sent her off to him, she misses him, so Jason and I are looking after Louis, my little brother.”

“Jason and you are pretty serious; he’s looking after your brother while you are off partying.”

I smiled at her, but don’t answer what she said, so we started talking and sharing stories about each other, she is really cool and the more we spoke the more I am growing to consider a good friend, she teased me about Jason and pried information about him out of me, but I am happy to tell her.

“I like a geek, but he hasn’t the slightest idea that I do.”

“Oh my gods! Aria that is so cute, may he does and how can he not like you.”

She blushed at me, and just shook her head at me, but she smiled thankfully at me, I smiled at her urging her to continue.

“Well, I don’t know if he does, but I have for a while now, I mean I have been crushing on him on and off, but he’s never acted like he noticed.”

“I think, you should tell him.”

“No freaking way.”

“Yes freaking way.”



We started laughing at that, when we sobered up, she groaned and looks at me, pouting I stuck my tongue out at her and she giggled at me, before she got serious.

“Yeah, I should when I build up the courage I will.”

“Yes, that’s the spirit.”

She looks at me, like she want to tell me something, but is stopping herself, I bet she want to tell me the person's name, but is holding herself back, I want to know who the lucky person is, but I wouldn’t push her to tell me.

“I love Dylan, he’s been my friend since preschool and one of my oldest friends, but he don’t act interested in me one bit, he treats me like a normal friend. I don’t want to tell you his name so you won’t feel like I’m using you, because I really want to be your friend and you’re such a great person.”

I started laughing at her, this is so rich, Aria likes Dylan, the geek oh my gods, but at the same time it’s so cute that she does, she looks at me unsure, but I smiled at her and told her.

“I know for sure, that there isn’t any girl currently in Dylan’s life.”

She pushed me and I fell to the floor which made me laugh, she fell to the floor and started laughing too, when we stopped she starts telling me about Dylan, and once again I am listening to another girl talk to me about their crush and I repaid them by giving away as much as I possibly can about Jason when it came to the two of us.

We stayed on the ground, talking and making fun of each other before we got up tiredly and went to bed, I would say my day is not bad at all, and definitely Aria is good friend material.



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