After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


25. Escaping reality for a bit

23. Escaping reality for a bit


I get that Cole is angry and mad at Jason, for kissing Paris, but he is so blinded by jealousy, that I cannot forgive his actions; in fact he's a borderline stalker.

I am more than shocked when I see Cole. How did he find me? But then I had sympathized with him because, well he also got played for a fool during prom by his girlfriend, so I decided to allow him stay, I don’t know how much of a mistake, allowing him to stay would be.

Jui parents have a private beach house in LA, so we had gone there. I feel like crap for a bit, cause I had judged Jui and her friends badly, I don’t know them that well, yet I labelled them, they are all cool, I guess Danny isn’t a slut, just very passionate and falls easily for guys.

We had gone out on Tuesday, and shopped, hitting all the hotspots and well, let’s say we had a ball, by the time it is night Jui, Danny and Bella had recruited people to follow us home to have a smashing party, we all danced and laughed, it is fun even more so because the guys were all a bunch of strangers, who we had just met and are plainly acquaintances for us. I vaguely remember, skinny dipping into the ocean. I had fun, but I don’t cheat on Jason, no matter how many hot guys hit on me, he is still my boyfriend, and I had to give him a chance to explain, but for now I am having time to myself and to have fun and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

On Wednesday, we woke up to a loud banging on the door. Which is hell and torture to our wasted forms, we and our guest were sleeping in the big living room, sprawled around, we had stayed up late dancing and drinking, even playing dares. I heard groans, but I guess the banging woke us all up, with my banging head, I shakily walked to the door and opened it, with so much force and said with as much gusto as I can muster.

“Why the faux would, you bang on someone’s door like that?”

I had closed my eyes, to block out the stream of sunlight that would be the death of me, so I don’t even know who is at the door.


I opened my eyes when I heard Cole’s voice; I am shocked so much I asked brutally. “What the faux are you doing here?” 

He turns red, and looks unsure, yes he should feel that way, I left home because I cannot stand being around them all. Yet he hops on a plane and follows me, the actual faux though?

“I want to see if you are alright, and I can clearly see you aren’t.”

I shut the door in his face and Jui came up behind me, asking me who it is, when I explained she can't believe what I told her, but we went to look for painkillers to pass around, to everyone. Before we passed out again, I forgot about Cole.

When I wake up later, the house is empty of strangers. I notice Cole sitting on a chair, but I cannot react, because I rushed to the toilet to throw up.

I clean my mouth with mouthwash and head back to the living room feeling tons better and thinking clearly now.

“I don’t know why you are here; I clearly don’t want to be around you all.”

I said as soon as I walked back into the living area, I noticed Jui and the others sunbathing on the beach. I looks at Cole, who is looking at me.

“I want to make sure you’re alright and I also needed an escape from everyone.”

Ah! He is guilt tripping me and playing the victim, well he is actually the victim in this whole matter, my resolve softened towards him.

“Why did it have to be where I am?”

“Cause I need my friend back.”

Ah! He is good, we had drifted apart since he has been involved with Paris, maybe he is feeling guilty for still staying with her despite knowing how much of a bitch she is, towards me now.

“What made you even go for Paris?”

“I am bored and feel neglected, and since she is always stalking and hounding me, I said why not give it a try, big mistake I hate her and I am still mad with Jason.”

I don’t mention to him, I am madder at Paris and the anger I feel towards Jason is that of annoyance for him not trusting me enough, to confide in me whatever plan Paris got him involved in.

“Well, I’m fine you can see I’m alright, you can leave now.”

“I want my friend back, I’m not going anywhere.”

“This isn’t my house nor is it yours, and you aren’t invited so you need to leave.”

“Well I want to hang out with you; I won’t sleep here, please Lena we used to be so close.”

“Ask Jui if she would allow you to stay.”

“She said it’s up to you.”

“Fine but you gotta go, soon I want girl time, not boy time.”

“Thank you.”

I changed into my swimming suit, and went to play on the beach, I don’t want to sunbathe, so I headed for the ocean and dove into it, Bella and the rest don’t want to get wet, so I am left with Cole, who found it amusing to be carrying me out of the pool, or throwing me into it, it is fun and well, I forgot about everything, while I played with Cole.

Like he promised he left, but Jui had a lot to say to me afterwards, saying Cole had a bigger motive than what he is showing, that she watched both of us, and I should be cautious because she believes Cole liked me, or is on a path of revenge.

Feeling like I can trust the girls, and them actually being my safe haven at the moment, I told them about my suspicion, and they agreed with me, because it is too sudden, for Jason and Paris to get together, they warned me to be mindful of Cole, because they knew boys characters well.

True to their words, I watched Cole the next day, and he is acting way too intimate, more than a friend should towards a friend. But we cut the time with him short, because we girls are going underage club hopping and it is clear he isn’t invited with us.

We woke up late in the afternoon to see Cole seating on the front porch, which started to creep me out, he is being borderline stalkerish and obsessive right now.

I grudgingly let him in, I led him to the living area, I’m tired of being nice and acting blind, I’m calling him out on it now.

“Cole, I know you’re going through a tough time now, but don’t try and hit on me, because I still like Jason, and I plan on getting back with him.”

“Are you stupid? He clearly doesn’t care about you.”

“No you’re the stupid one, thinking you can come and hit on me and make me like you as if you can steal me from Jason, I’m not anyone’s revenge chick.”

"Revenge chick? I always want you, but Jason had to steal you away, and now that you’re not together I thought I am fair game.”

“Who said we aren’t together? Look Cole, I never liked you that way and Jason don’t steal me away from you either. You never approached me so I am oblivious.”

“So there isn’t any hope for me?”

“No Cole, You might as well leave, because I am mad at you. For you to assume things like that and my relationship with Jason is none of your business.”

He got up and left, and I let out a breath of relief, my last day here must be interesting and Jui and the others agreed.

“We have to make Paris pay, before we all go of after summer to our colleges.”

Danny said, while we are cleaning up the house, yes we threw another party and now we are staying up late cleaning, we had refrained from drinking alcohol since we had a plane to catch and where going back to our parents.

They made me laugh, talking about things we should do to Paris, cause most of them are too hilarious and very non do-able, it is for the fun of it, but we are sure we are going to make her summer miserable.

We barely made it in time for our flight and rushed onto the plane, to find out Cole is on the same plane with us, he came to meet me and apologized about what he had done, I forgave him, but he can tell he is on probation.

We had barely slept last night, so the four of us girls, crashed throughout the whole flight, and got woken by Cole, who followed us through the checking out process. Jui’s car is waiting for us, she is going to drop us all off at home and she decided to give Cole a lift to, which is awkward, because it is clear, that things aren’t well with us.


Lena is coming back today, and I would wait on her front porch till she arrived, Louis had come to keep me company and we are both playing. Maria can't stay mad at me, when I am more than willing to make things right between I and Lena, because as much as things looks bad, it would get better and I am sure to know that I can fix our relationship.

I watched a red range rover pull up and to my utter bewilderment I see Cole and Lena get down from the car, to say I am mad would be an understatement, what the faux is she doing with Cole? Or what the faux is Cole playing at, going on a trip with my girlfriend. 

I watched as Lena waved at Jui Brooks and her friends, before coming down the front steps to her house, not even glancing at Cole, what had happened between the two for her to give Cole such cold shoulders? That is a good sign right, she might not have given up on me. She still hadn’t noticed me, and I am preparing myself for when she would, because I don’t know how she would react, but I would do anything to right my wrong with her, my anger at her being with Cole tossed aside.

She noticed me finally and Louis, she stopped before she shook herself and continued walking towards us, once she got in front of us, she looks at me, but her stare is unrevealing I don’t know what to expect and when I am about to talk, she said to me

“We need to talk, you better follow me inside.”

She don’t wait for me to answer and just went inside, I carried Louis and went inside to see Lena and Maria hugging, before Maria pulled back and said to Lena

“You won’t believe it, but Paris’s house burnt to the ground yesterday, like the firefighters got called a little too late.”

“Is she in it?”

I heard Lena say, I smirked, what a question to ask, I guess she really is mad; Maria gasped not expecting to hear such hatred in Lena’s voice.

“No she isn’t.”

“Ah, too bad.”

“I guess you’re mad at her and Jason, but don’t wish death on her, she is once your friend.”

“Keyword is, not anymore.”

“Jason’s been waiting for you.”

“I know.”

She turned around to look at me, and then looks upstairs, before going upstairs herself, I went to Maria and handed her Louis, Maria smiled encouragingly at me, I smiled back and followed Lena. My inside curling and I feel like, surely this is the end, no matter how hopeful Maria seemed. She’s going to end it with me, I had ruined my chances with her, but I wouldn’t give up, not without trying first. Not without putting a fight for whom I love.



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