After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


23. Disaster Prom

21. Disaster Prom


I watched Cara and Aria chase after Lena, my heart breaking into millions of tiny pieces, I am the one making her cry, I am about to be the cheater, I accused her father of being, what I am about to do next is even going to hurt her worse. I hate myself.

“Jay? What’s up with you and Lena?”

“I’m about to lose her. It’s over between us.”

“You’re talking crazy, it’s clear not to sound cheesy, but you both are made for each other, no other chick can manage you like she does.”

I turn to look at Nate, who is smiling reassuringly at me, I can see he is worried and he want to ask more, but he is respecting my privacy.

“It’s too late, the deeds been done.”

I noticed Paris looking at me, once she caught my eye, she started smirking and I turned away from her, and left Nate standing, finding a corner to seat and wait for the bitch to call me to come dance with her.

I am going to set her house on fire, and steal her phone and erase the data, which is going to be my revenge, for manipulating me. Then to make her life worse, I would gift her to the most brutal human trafficking people, she is that worthless, I wouldn’t even sell her, just give her to them for free. No one messes with me and thought they can get away with it freely.

I feel her presence, and l came out of my thoughts, to see Lena heading for my direction, determination in her stride, what is it now, I am tired of being a prick to her, can't she just stay away from me and be mad.  

“Can we talk?” is the first thing that left her mouth, and I just shrugged at her. “Let’s dance” she don’t wait for me to protest, and left for the dance fall, leaving me no choice but to follow her, like the lost puppy I am when it came to her.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?” I asked playing dumb, which by the way isn’t me at all, she sighed. This is the last time she would let me hold her like this willingly. I held her tighter, I love this girl.

“I thought we are each other’s home? When did I become unsafe?” that question hit close to home than she would know. She isn’t safe right now and all I can do is protect my home from danger, danger that I had brought upon it.

“Can we not talk, let me hold you.” I say to her at last, and she nodded, resting her head on my shoulder, hugging me close, as we danced together. My chest is beating fast, and I feel like telling her everything, but I knew Paris would be watching us and can send the video to the cops.

When the song ended, we are still holding onto each other, she then pulled back from me, and looks at me with sad eyes, that I cannot bare to look at, because it is my fault they were like that.

“Jason, you’re my home, you’ve come to mean a lot to me and I am shocked myself, how can I have fallen this deeply for someone as annoying as you? But it doesn’t matter because I love you.”

I am petrified I cannot move, shocked into a   standstill, she loved me. She feel the same way I feel about her, I looks at her too see her looking worriedly at me, like she shouldn’t have said anything, she is regretting telling me, she broke away from me, walking fast.

“Lena! Wai-” she stopped when she heard her name, but I am interrupted when, Paris chose that moment to come ask me to dance, damn it! You chose now of all moments. Lena is looking at us curiously now, looking like she want to flee, but unsure. By now we had captured the attention of our friends and students.

“Jason, let’s go dance now.”

There is no point, I turned away from Lena, what use would me telling her I loved her, do me, when I am about to lock face with this insufferable bitch, whose boyfriend is my friend and my girlfriend happens to hate.

I follow her to the dance floor, she is smiling at me, but I know my face would be an emotionless mask. She laughed and I just looks at her. “Kiss me now, we’ve got all their attention.” I steeled myself and did has she said, it is cold and disgusting, and all that is going through my head, is “I’m sorry Lena” over and over again.

I feel myself being wrenched from Paris, and a fuming Cole punched me right in the face, I don’t bother defending myself, I did deserve the punch, and a lot more. 

“It’s over between us Paris, you’re a spiteful bitch, and I should never have gotten myself involved with you.”

“Oh please, you’re nothing compared to Jason he is the big fish, and he is now my boyfriend, took you long enough to find out.”

“How can you do this to Lenari? You guys have been best friends since forever.”

She laughed bitterly, then looks at me. Cole looks at me, he’s anger unmasked, not hiding it. I looks around the silence hall, despite the loud blaring music, it is eerie, Lena is nowhere to be seen, nor where the girls. Nate is looking at me with anger too, but he still had my back. 

“You don’t deserve her.” is all Cole said before he left the hall. I knew I don’t deserve Lena, more than anything--I am worthless. I turned to look at Paris, who had a smug grin on her face. Everyone had gone back to dancing, but the buzz about what had just happened is still going on.

“You got what you want, delete the video.”

“No, you’re my boyfriend, and this is my bait.”

“I’m not your boyfriend. Haven’t we hurt Lena enough at it is, leave her the faux alone.”

“Aww, defending your ex, lose it. I haven’t hurt her enough, to make up for all the years.”

I walked out of the hall, leaving the crazy bitch alone, I needed to get away from here. I hate myself and I hated today, instead of spending my last minutes with Lena, I had been clearing up the bomb house, I had not even slept, ever since yesterday, I had been clearing the house of all its evidence. It isn’t safe anymore, with the crazy bitch knowing about it, so that is what I had been doing, I even forgot to leave there in time to pick up Lena. I knew she would wait for me, despite me being late, she wouldn’t have gone on with her friends, but stay back for me. And when I did see her there, alone. I feel a hundred times shittier than I feel at that moment.

“Why did you do that? Are you out of your mind? That is way out of line even for you.”

“I know.” I don’t deny it.

“Man, I can’t stand and back up your decision, but I’m here for you. But Lena don’t deserve all this, and I know you care about her deeply, and there’s a reasonable reason behind all this, sort your shit out, pull yourself together.”

Nate said before leaving me to myself by my car. Hitting anything wouldn’t make me feel better, nothing can take away this burning pain inside me and it’s tearing me apart. I let out an angry growl, but is cut short, when I heard that irritating laughter ringing behind me.

“Quit the cave man antics, and take me home, I’ve got no ride.”

“It’s not my business, in fact… I’m leaving for some couple of days, I swear do anything to harm or destroy Lena and I will personally make sure you die a slow and painful death. I’m being a good boyfriend and informing you now.”

I said before getting into my car and driving off, leaving a visibly shaken Paris behind, letting me know, that she had taken my message as seriously as I meant them. I am leaving and it is clear where I want to be and who I needed to see right now.


I am pissed as hell at Jason McCann, and would like to dig my claws into him, I told him I love him, I don’t expect him to actually feel the same way, but I can't bare not telling him, when I right to have thought I am losing him, call it my last failed hope. Instead he don’t say anything and when he is about he goes off to dance with Paris, as if I never said anything to him, which broke my heart, there I am making up my mind, to find out what Paris had against him, when I heard Cole and the others gasp, I looks up to see most of my friends eyes on me, wondering what they were all angry and shocked about. I knew it had to do with Jason and Paris, but it is a hard slap to my face when I see Jason making out with Paris, first I am too stunned to move and is watching them, before my body started moving on its own, his answer is clear, he don’t love me back. I left the hall.

I had cried, because my inside had turned into shreds, Cara and Aria had taken me home, they are talking in self-righteous anger but I cannot say anything, but cry into Cara who is holding me while Aria drove. I feel like a dumb fool, let myself run away with the notion he may love me, I even had sex with the bastard. To make it worse he is my first and I won’t ever forget about him now, but as I thought that, despite me being mad at his betrayal in my very presence, I cannot bear the thought that we are over, I love him.

Why would Jason cheat, when he knew more than anything I hated cheaters, he is the one who is there for me, when my dad cheated, he said he isn’t a cheater. He is a cheat and liar. Why hadn’t he pulled out of the kiss, why did he have to continue?

I don’t talk, when I am tired of crying, I just remained silent, I left Aria and Cara to explain to my parents what the problem is and locked myself in my room. I am grateful to Aria and Cara, who are every girl’s ideal best friends, but I just want to be alone. I stripped out of my outfit, which is a total waste, and would remain a reminder and mark one of the worst and awful days in my life.

I collapsed on my bed, in a bout of self-induced pity and started crying again, while I thought of Jason, and how he meant everything to me, and despite what he had done, I still want him, I needed him to come and explain things to me, but he hadn’t called me, nor is he coming. My phone had been going off since, I looks at all the pity messages, but not a single one or call from Jason himself. Frustrated I switch of my phone and went back to crying.

But in the middle of the night, after tossing and turning, my face feel swollen and sore, I had no tears left, a raging headache and sniffling nose, I started to think properly. More than anything I am confused. It just don’t sit well with me Jason and Paris, it don’t seem right or possible, there’s no way an affair between them can have occurred. I am definitely sure about that. I am almost always with Jason and when I am not we are constantly chatting, so there is no time for an affair to form between the two of them, and I knew Jason hated Paris more than anything, he never liked her.

This all went back to three days ago, when he started acting off, after Paris said something to him, he is purposely hurting me, but why? I knew Jason is an asshole, but he never had lied or pretended otherwise towards me, he’s always been himself around me, and no one can fake that kind of happiness, happiness that isn’t in his life when we first became acquainted.

Now all I can think about is why he don’t trust me enough, to tell me whatever it is Paris had against him, worst yet, why did he let her manipulate him, no I wouldn’t allow myself to believe whatever that occurred between them is true, there had to be a logical reason behind it all.

First thing tomorrow I would go to Jason and demand his explanation and I would take nothing less than the truth from him, no matter what, even if it broke me in the process. I never thought, I did hate anyone with the much venom, but my friendly or pitting feelings for Paris had all but vanished, I want nothing to do with her, she isn’t and clearly is never my friend.

She doesn’t know it, but it’s going to take more than kissing my boyfriend, for me to give up on him, yes it hurt seeing them making out, it’s actually heart-breaking and disturbing, I want to kill both of them because of it, but I just can't allow myself believe that Jason would cheat on me, he hasn’t shown otherwise, and I trust him, no matter even if the trust, is hanging on a thin thread.

My head and heart feel settled a bit, and I sighed in exhaustion, tomorrow I wouldn’t be broken, I won’t mope around like people would expect me to be, my heart isn’t broken, yes it got attacked, but it is still intact, and is healing already. Paris is going to get what she asked for, attempting to steal my boyfriend from me, she calls me a bitch, and she’s yet to find out how much of a bitch I can actually be. My eyes heavy closed and I fell into a dreamless sleep, my mind at little bit at rest now.



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