After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


12. Defining feels

10. Defining feels


I have never been this embarrassed in my life before, what the hell had taken over my body and made me act like an overly horny female. My face is still flaming even now in the safety of my own room in my own house, I would rather die than face Jason but I knew it is impossible because I needed him.

The past week since the explosion, I have been having problems falling asleep and when I do fall asleep I am haunted by Dennis Locraft and the ten people who passed away. Either they are crying and blaming me for taking them away from their families or they want to kill me. Dennis on the other hands rapes me and beats the hell out of me, and every time  I woke up screaming, waking up Louis and Maria in the process and giving Maria the tasking job of putting Louis back to sleep.

To make matters worse in school I am always jumpy and exhausted due to lack of sleep thereof because I am afraid to fall asleep, I also avoided Jason and the rest of the guys, I just want to be alone and die slowly because of what I had done.

On the fourth night I grew tired of disturbing Louis and Maria and called Jason to come and pick me up, there is no way in hell I would walk alone in the night all by myself. I don’t tell Jason the reason why after avoiding him all this while I decide to sleep in his house, all I said is Louis is disturbing me at night. But it don’t take long for him to discover the reason why. Being in a new surrounding that I am not used to, my dreams took on a worse turn and Jason woke me up, I am still sobbing and screaming, until Jason took me in his arms and allowed me cry till I calmed down. He stayed with me till I fell asleep and kept on reassuring me I am safe and I would sleep peacefully without dreaming, this occurred continuously but every time I woke up I am alone.

Jason never said anything about his nightly visits to my room, but now he never left me alone, even if he isn’t the one being with me in school, one of the guys is always nearby, it is like I had my own personal body guards. Cara is used to it and somehow friends with Nate, Aria and I spoke but I hadn’t had the chance to actually hang out with her, and I cannot wait to.

Fast forwarding too earlier this morning, well last night my nightmare had taken a turn for the worse and it took Jason an hour to calm me down, I fell back into sleep. But I am forced awake because my subconscious self is fighting off another dream. Not wanting to be alone, I left my room and ran to Jason’s room, lucky for me his door is open and I snuck into his bed and cuddled into him, he woke up with a start that is way to alert for someone who should be fully asleep.

“Lena…what are you doing here?”

“I don’t want to be alone, Jason.”

He just sighed and pulled me into him, his arms wrapping around my waist making me rest on his chest, I fell asleep with the rhythm of his heartbeat drumming in my ear and feeling all shades of safe in a criminal arms.

Well I had a dream, note I said dream not nightmare, well in the dream I am in Jason’s arm and it feel oh so natural. My hands started stroking his beautiful toned abs and chest, till my mouth replaced my fingers, slowly I moved up his chest till I am kissing his neck, chin and finally his mouth, I pecked it couple of times, before Jason hands gripped my waist and put me fully on his body, I looks into his beautiful face and he is smirking as he said “Fine way for a guy to wake up.” And I blushed before moving to kiss him, it feel natural like I am born for this and he responding to me and soon we are making out with so much passion, I got so hot and bothered.

Jason rolled me over, so it is my back resting against the bed and he is on top of me, I groaned and my hands fisted to his hair and dragged him even closer to me, he tore his mouth away from my lips, but descended on my neck, I moaned out loud, he is leaving his mark on me and that just turned me on some more. His hands started unbuttoning my top, and I let him, cause well I liked this dude and the last time we are making out and getting oh so intense, Cole and Nate interrupted us when it had just got hot, but like I said I am dreaming or so I thought.

I realized with the harsh reality that it isn’t a dream a little too late and I indeed had just engaged in such a sexual act with Jason and not only that Jason McCann had seen my breasts and also seen me half naked.

Jason is looking at me with such a smug look, I bet from my moaning his name in ecstasy, he is about to kiss me, when I pushed him off me and well did the first thing that came to my mind, I bolted. I ran to my room in his house, grabbed my shoes, coat and is out of his house in record time. I ran all the way home and well here I am in my own room on my bed, red from head to toe and wanting to kill myself.

I had a quick shower, my body is still sensitive and I don’t want to trigger any hormone, I quickly grabbed an outfit and rushed off to school, well rushed off as fast as I can, since Maria made me eat something.

I got to school late. I Lenari Hastings got to school late can my day become any worse, the school halls are empty not even the so called badass kids are milling around, I quickly went to my locker and took my books before I nervously walked to my English class, I still had half of the period to go, I braced myself and walked in.

Everyone looks at me wide eyed as if I don’t know perfectly well I am late, the teacher looks at me and I lied, I mean the lie came out of me so smoothly I don’t even know I am lying till I am doing it.

“I got held back at home, family issues.”

“It’s alright Lena, go ahead and go and join the rest of the class.”

I let out the breath I am holding, and did the walk of shame to my seat, my clothes are very concealing I noticed as I walked, I am wearing a pair of grey joggers and a long sleeved turtle neck t-shirt. Avoiding everyone’s eye, even Cara, Aria and Paris, I am so ashamed of myself I don’t notice the missing spot belonging to Jason, until he sauntered into class, the teacher just looks at him and turned away. He caught me looking at him and he held my stare, I feel my cheek burning as I quickly looks away.


By lunch, I am the buzz around school, apparently I had come late to school because I and Jason had been together doing God knows what, but obviously what they implied is we are seeing it out, which quite frankly hit very close to home, but what made the matter worse is that they are watching I and Jason when he had badged into English class, because after I blushingly looks away from him, he continued to stare at me and the look he is giving me is savage.

And Jason right now isn’t making it any better, as he chased after me in the cafeteria, I am fleeing from him, but he is ever so intent on getting me, as I am about to break free from the tables and to the cafeteria’s door, Nate and Stephan blocked my departure and held me captive, while the whole school watched in amusement, I just want a hole to open up in the ground and swallow me up.

“Thanks guys.”

Jason said to them, when he got to us moments later and took me from them and held my arm quite tightly so I cannot escape. Even now that I am fuming with rage, I still can't bring myself to look at him.

“We need to talk now, and in private.”

I don’t say anything and finally freed my arm, and stalked away from the cafeteria, he followed behind me and when we are outside I flipped, my fuse box blew and I exploded.

“I’m not a puppet. If I want to talk to you I will approach you, leave me alone.”

I rounded on him, but Jason is done being calm and patient with me, cause the next thing I heard him say are curses as he rounded on me, and his hand is on neck, and well everything went black.


I woke up and I am on my bed in Jason’s home. I had a banging headache and I really want to kill Jason McCann. I got up and saw on the bedside drawer a bottle of water and two tablets of Advil, oh he better start thanking his gods for that small gesture. I took the tablets and got off the bed to leave the room, to only find out I am locked in, which set my blood boiling and I started pounding on the door, till he unlocked the door and pulled it open without any warning I went tumbling to the floor.

Jason started laughing at me, till I lunged at him and he went hard to the floor, see who is laughing now. He is quiet for a bit till he started laughing again, he sat up and looks at my sullen form and started all over again, I give up he's mentally deranged and I don’t want to be near a mad person.

“Lenari Hastings. You are going to be the death of me.”

“One death I did be proud of.”

Jason just snorted at me, before he became more serious, and tackled me beneath his body so I cannot move or run if I want to.

“What is your game Lena?”

“My game?”

“Don’t fauxing joke with me now. What the hell is that you pulled this morning, I am not complaining but why would you get a guy all riled up and I mean I know you enjoyed every bit of it, I have scratches on my neck to prove for it. But even you are screaming my name in pure pleasure, and then you pushed me off, and made me feel all kinds of low for doing what? Giving you pleasure you asked me for.”

He is looking at me, angry and confused at my actions, what did he expect me to do? Yeah I like him and all, but don’t mean I did go whore for him, and be one of his easy conquest. But he is right I initiated it and I made him feel like that.

“I may be a criminal, I can do all kinds of things you did consider lowly and deadly, but I will never take a woman without her consent. I mean what am I not doing right? I am, the hell even taking care of you; you should even know me better than that.”

“I’m sorry okay, it shouldn’t have happened and it never will again, and I won’t come to your room again, I’ll just stay home and this will never happen. Just forget it okay, and get the eff off me.”

“No you won’t.”

“Now what the hell are you playing at? Won’t want?”

“I won’t let you. God damn it, I’m not effing good at this relationship shit, but I am trying my best for you. Don’t you get it, I don’t do all this shit for women, not to talk about men, then I let you get past my defences and now I care about you and you want to throw my feelings in my effing face, I won’t let you.”

Jason McCann just said he cared about me, and I got past his defences, does this mean, that he may have feelings for me.

“I’m not throwing your feelings in your face, Jason.”

“But you are, how I make this clear to you, for some who is meant to be smart you are so dim-witted.”

I shoved at him, but he don’t budge, he shook his head at me and smiled at me, and his smile is breath-taking I mean not his smirk he smiled and it lit up his face.

“You’re so stubborn, how do I tell you I have feelings for you that I want to make you my girlfriend, without actually asking you to be my girlfriend, because it’s not the right time to? And I don’t want to sound cheesy also in the process.”

All the fight left my body and my heartbeat rose to a frantic phase, as I looks at Jason, wanting to believe what I had just heard but not wanting to at the same time, just in case it isn’t true.

“Are you saying…you like me?”

“Like, doesn’t cover my feelings for you, but I don’t love you.”

That stung my heart, but I am not going to say anything, because he is being truthful, I don’t love him either.

“He is so whipped.”

Jason and I looks at the direction the voice came from to see all the guys looking at us. Nate is the one who had spoken and along with everyone else he is sniggering at us, with his phone held out, like he had been filming the whole thing.

I groaned and started blushing all over again, as I recounted everything Jason and I had said to make sure I hadn’t said anything to remotely dirty, Jason growled and is off me in an instant and is chasing Nate around, like little kids and they are shouting at the top of their voices.

Cole helped me up, and together with the rest we ran to watch the hilarious show Nate and Jason are putting on for us making total fools of themselves.

“You really like him.”

I turned to look at Cole who is studying me, and I nodded at him and smiled, I know it complicated me liking the guy that kidnapped me twice now including my little brother, taught me how to make a bomb, slut myself out to another guy and almost killing myself and him with the bomb I learnt to make from him, and worst but not the least he is the guy who made me a want criminal.

Cole just smiled at me and hugged me. I hugged him back, I am glad I had a big brother in him. Jason and Nate finally gave up after they had both decked themselves couple of times, they collapsed on the grass at our feet in front of the patio.

Jason pulled at my feet until I landed on him, and smiled at me and I can feel my inside turn to butterflies he should smile more, this moment is the most peaceful one I had ever had with him, he sat up and drew me closer to him, on his legs and kissed me hard.

The boys started cat calling and wolf whistling, when Jason broke away from my lips, and I hid my face in his shoulder, he said to the guys.

“At least I got myself a sexy babe.”

They all coughed and started insulting each other like boys do and I had to smile, this is so normal, who would have thought that these guys are really close, even with Jason being a dick and not liking insults and would beat the faux out of whoever dared to, he is taking it all pretty well.

I got bored and want to leave, but Jason held me down, and got up with my legs wrapped around his waist, we all moved inside to do something productive and well just chill.

I went home with Cole, who is telling me about how he had to lie and get others to lie for me, about why I am absent from school, but the whole school knew I am with Jason and also that didn’t help my rumour status one bit.

I am more than happy about one thing, I had gotten Jason McCann which meant that Maria had to go to dad and I cannot wait to tell her about me and Jason, I mean I may not be his girlfriend yet, but he did say because it isn’t the right time yet, so that meant he planned to ask me anyways.

When I am home I am more than happy, that I had gotten Jason to confess more quickly, even though if it is unintentionally, because Maria is sitting staring at the TV, looking oh so miserable, as soon as she sees me she lit up a bit and I pounced on her.

By the time I am done telling her what had happened, even my embarrassing morning, she is fangirling with me and jumping with excitement that I finally got a boyfriend and it being Jason.

“So you’re going to dad, now right?”

“Hell yeah! I mean I want to be happy as well and I know you guys will look after Louis well; I am so happy and excited. I miss him more than anything.”

“Then you better start packing and moving your ass already.”

We left the sitting room, to help her pack her bag and well she giving me a list of things to do, and not forget while she is gone, we decided that she should go for a week, meaning if she left tomorrow which is a Friday, she would have to come back next week Friday.

I had to keep reassuring her that she should go and not worry about us, but I know she is scared of what she may truly find out and let me not lie I am too, dad has been gone for way too long.



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