After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


24. Can't be broken

22. Can't be broken


Maria and Dad have been getting on my nerves all morning, first they had to wake me up early, when I am so exhausted on a Saturday morning, crying drains you and worse yet I don’t even get up to four hours of sleep, with their need to talk to me and see if I am alright.

First of all, which female would be alright if she sees her love, her boyfriend, locking faces with a bitch of an ex-best friend? No one. So why the faux are they asking me if I am alright? Did I want to speak about it? No. It is annoying me, how they are treating me like a victim, but honestly am I that stupid? I’m not a naïve girl who doesn't smell a rat when she's being played and I know Jason and Paris are up to something, maybe not Jason entirely but Paris is, after seeing Jason I am going to drop her a piece of my mind.

After eating breakfast with my family, who are being courteous around me and filtering their words, you did think they would understand how I am feeling and want everything to be normal, since they just went through what I am going through not too long ago, I finish my food and slam out of the house.

I walk to Jason’s house to see Nate leaving the front door, he looks very surprised to see me, there, what? Because Jason and Paris kissed, doesn’t mean he isn’t still my boyfriend, neither of us ended it and all this shit is way too suspicious.


“Don’t bullshit me, with how sorry you are or whatever, I don’t want it so save it.”

Nate coughs and his face turns red, but he smiles a bit at me, see he gets me and shrugs his shoulders.

“Jason isn’t here, it doesn’t look like he has been here since yesterday either.”

My heart goes down a little, thinking what if he spent it with Paris, but I steel myself from such thoughts, I will not cause myself any added pain, by thinking the worst of this situation.

“No he isn’t at Paris, he left a fuming Paris behind and she was mad angry yesterday.”

I don’t care how Paris feels, but that brought relief to me, as if he knew what I had been thinking about. He left Paris behind. Those words got my hope up more, made it easier to believe I am right in suspecting there is more behind his actions yesterday.

“You know what, I don’t believe Jason would cheat on you, I think there is something behind all this, I spoke to him before and the way he was acting like he had to do it, his mind was set, he was sure you were going to leave him, but what struck the most, was how he sounded. Defeated, resigned and forced.”

“Oh Nate, I see why Cara fell for you. I know it too, it seems off. Thanks for telling me. I know Jason and I know he wouldn’t do something like that without a reasonable reason.”

He smiles at me, and together we leave the house, I wonder where Jason has gone to now, he needs to come back. But I might as well pay Paris a visit.

Nate offers to come with me, but I need to do this alone. I approached her house, my anger and emotions out in the air, I am livid and the hate surging through me, my body can't begin to contain it all.

When I get to her house, I pound furiously on her front door. I am not worried about her parents. They are never around by this time, a sleepy but furious Paris opens the door. The things that register in my head are she is in her pyjamas and ugly ones at that, so Jason definitely don’t come here. First of all she is shocked to see me standing on her front porch, before a smirk starts taking over her face. 

“Well isn’t it the fallen Lenari Hastings on my front porch.”

“Look you selfish bitch, the only one who is fallen is you. You have no friends, I bet your wannabe friends won’t even want to be seen with you. You have nobody.”

“Even if I have nobody I have your boyfriend, oops I mean ex-boyfriend.”

“He isn’t your boyfriend, nor is he my ex. You are just jealous, you’re the hoe that did be mad for being called one, when you know you’re one. Stay away from my boyfriend or else, you did regret ever manipulating him, into submitting to your lowly wishes.”

“I have him wrapped around my fingers, in fact I may turn him against you.”

I laugh humorlessly at her, why does she think getting Jason to kiss her gives her an upper advantage, or made her me? No one can wrap Jason round their fingers, except that person is me. I am not boasting but I have seen it play before my very eyes, I am his soft spot and he knows it. Besides, why would Jason want to make me mad or want me to hate him, when I know all his deep dark and dirty secrets?

“Taking Jason away from me, even if you ever mange to do that, won’t stop me from ruining you. You’re the dirt I did burn, so I won’t ever see you again. You will never be me, so stop trying your darn hardest. Stay away from what is mine, because if you don’t do as I say it only gets worse for you.”

“Bitch please, you can’t come on my lawn and start threatening me, with empty meaningless threats, because that is what they are.”

“Delude yourself and you’re right I’m off your lawn.”

“You better run, bitch.”

That is it, no one called me a bitch in that tone, the only person that actually gets away with it now is Jason, because he's my weak spot. I am a bitch, doesn’t mean you can out me and call me it to my face, you’re just asking to be beaten.

I turn back to her and walk up her front step, she stands there, all confident and self-righteous indignation that is all false coming from her, she isn’t even backing down, she asked for it.

I slap her hard across the face, and she crumples to the ground her hand flying to her face, how pathetic. Now who is the one cowering? She doesn’t even bother hitting me, she looks at me with so much loath, but doesn’t raise a finger. No, who is the bitch with no bite, but just bark?

“Don’t you ever call me a bitch in your life again.”

Is all I say before finally leaving, with an outstanding exist to that effect, I feel tons better. She barked up the wrong bitch's tree. 


We have one week of school left, before graduation and then the summer holiday commences, but really we aren’t doing anything important in school anymore. So I won’t be bothered if I miss school for a week.

I look at Jui and agree to go with her on her little holiday, before graduation, we would be back a day before graduation.

I know what this is, I am agreeing to go on holiday with Jui Brooks of all people, but she is offering me sanctuary from all the prying and sorry looks people have been throwing at me, I was surprised when Maria, came to my room and told me I had a guest, even more so when Jui walked into my room. 

She said, she understood what I am going through and didn’t even offer any sympathy to me, just got straight to the point, Jui says it's the best time to win me over as a friend, because she always wanted me as a friend, even though I declined her offer to join her and her group of friends, that hadn’t gone down well. It's to get away from everyone and everything for the time being, to relax and it is quite tempting to me, even Aria and Cara had been getting on my nerves. I have been hiding in my room, yesterday wasn’t a good day, my high after dealing with Paris, was crushed with how everyone didn’t want to act normal around me, even the couples were behaving themselves, not being all lovey dovey and in our faces, as if it would set off some emotions of mine that I was trying really hard to hide, and I was just projecting my indifference for their benefit when indeed I actually was indifferent.

We would leave tomorrow, with Jui and two of her close friends Bella and Danny. I cannot actually imagine myself with them, I always called the three of them fake bitches, but then again I don’t really know them, apart from Danny who I know, used to slut herself of to Nate at every chance she got. This should be an interesting trip none the less cause, I would be gone tomorrow morning, which is Monday and be back on Friday, for graduation the next day.


I am back and ready to finish this shit with Paris, she is going to regret ever messing with me, but worse yet Lena, no one will ever mess with Lena and get away with it as long as I am living, even if we break up, I will always want Lena to remain in my life, she's a force to reckon with and one to always have in your good grace. I phone up the guys to inform them I am back and I had decided, I trust them enough to tell them everything, because I am going to need their help and I also know how easy it is to mess with the useless Paris babe, so I did use it against her and get her phone from her, she wouldn’t know what hit her. I am very irresistible and charming when I want to be, it’s in my genes. I will also need to explain everything to Lena, she just has to forgive me, everything I did that day was for her because I care about her and I have to make it up to her, even if it killed me.

When the boys arrive they all give me man hugs, Cole is visibly missing, but I get he is mad at me and he has reasons to in his face, I stole the love of his life from him, but what? He is taking the piss, he had known Lena since when and had not made a move. Then I go and kiss his girlfriend, too bad, she isn’t actually worth the fuss.

“I bet y’all wondering what I have been doing or where I have been, but that is irrelevant to you. But I will explain my previous actions to you and why I had to do what I did.”

They aren’t surprised that I made bombs, in fact they all suspected it. No one came across the amount of money I did by simply selling drugs, maybe some people did, but are more established than I am. Which leads up to me spilling about Paris, they become angry instantly and start talking all at once, agreeing that we need to take her down and make her pay.

What I have planned will seem wicked to most people, but to me it’s quite easy and sparing of the unworthy bitch. I proceed to ask how Lena is, but Nate said last time they did seen her, was on Saturday, looking for me. I feel pain shoot through my chest as well as relief, that she still sought me out. But since then no one had heard from or had seen her.

I guess I am paying Lena a visit then. While the boys sort out the things we are going to need for our next mission, at Paris's, I cannot wait another day to do this.


“Can I see Lena?”

“She isn’t here, Jason.”

“Please, it’s important, I know she doesn’t want to see anyone. I need to explain things to her.”

“She really isn’t here.”


I heard Louis squeal from inside, glad to see someone misses me. “Maria, who is it?”


Is all Maria says and Liam is at the door, punching me in the face, I am caught off guard so I cannot even move or dodge the blow. I hear Louis start crying and Maria let out a loud scream, but it’s alright I deserve the punch and I bet its Liam’s payback anyways.

“You scum, you broke my daughters’ heart and have the guts to come back here after how many days demanding to see her?”

“I deserve the punch but you won’t understand, I was forced to kiss the bitch. I need to explain to her and I had to go because I had to see my mum, that’s why I left.”

Maria pulls Liam away and then says to me, in a clipped tone, she is mad at me, but I guess she understood because she explains to me.

“Lena, went on a trip with Jui Brooks, she would be back tomorrow. Maybe she would want to see you, she will do as she pleases.”

“Thank you.”

Is all I say before leaving their front porch. Liam is seething, but he is such a hypocrite, but I get it, he thinks I am playing with his little girls heart, when it’s the one thing I take seriously and she isn’t little anymore nor does she need a cheating scum of a father to protect her, she can do that pretty much well on her own, apart from almost killing herself in the process, remembering the bomb incident.


I knock on Paris door, and when she opens it, she looks at me suspiciously, but I smirk at her.

“Hello babe, guess who is back.”


“I’m over Lena, that kiss we shared, made me realize I want you more and I am already getting tired of the bitch anyway.”

She smirks at me and pulls me inside, now smiling, I don’t shut the door properly,  but she doesn’t know that and she leads me upstairs, to her room, I do a quick sweep of it, and locate her phone on the bed. This is going to be easier than I thought.

“You chose me over Lena?”

“Any day any time babe.”

She pushes me onto her bed and straddles my leg, my body reacts, which is good, don’t get me wrong, she won’t think I’m into her, if my body doesn’t react, but I hate her and want nothing to do with her, I want nothing but to brush her off me, but that’s impossible or everything would be ruined before time, and please, I am a guy and she's actually hot, if not for her bitch and snake factors.

I pulled her down and engaged her in a French kiss, while I slip her phone into my back pocket, I roll her over, having her back to the bed, while I am on top of her, really making out with her, her hand starts straying down but I catch it.

“No touching, I do the touching, when I want you to touch me, I’ll tell you babe.”

She moans at me and I smirk, inwardly I am thinking of how she is such a dumb faux. Like a blessing, the house starts to smell like smoke, and the fire alarm goes off, I pull away from her and ask her.

“Are you cooking something?”

“No, I was before…I forgot to turn of the gas, oh shit.”

She scrambles off me and runs downstairs, in my mind, I am thanking my lucky stars, she is so dumb, yes it’s even easier not to pin the blame on us, but I am cut short from my thoughts by a loud, scream and the front door of the house slamming, I guess downstairs is really on fire, and the bitch couldn't spare to tell me, wow. Not that I need saving, I quickly erase all the data on her phone and drop it back on the bed and run out of the house, which is drowning in smoke and I am already choking a little bit.

I found a crying Paris outside, looking at her house, one side is completely in flames, I am even lucky I got out of it safely, people are out looking, but no one approaches Paris, I guess she is that much of a bitch to them.

“Wow, babe you can't even call me, I guess I mean that little to you, what if I got roasted alive?”

“Jason? Oh my gods, I’m so sorry I forgot….I’m sorry.”

"Save it bitch, now you have nothing against me or Lena, I told you not to mess with me. Don’t think about blaming me, cause everything is going to point back to you, I’m just an innocent victim who you forgot to tell there is fire, nice knowing you, bitch.”

Is all I say before leaving the scene to my house, to see the guys already there, with drinks and laughing. I sigh with relief, this calls for celebration.

“Where is Cole?” I ask noticing he is still missing.

“We don’t know haven’t heard from him since prom.” Stefan said. You know with me outing all my secrets, I guess it’s time to call Dylan and Stefan out, Nate and I had given them enough time to own up, do they think we would judge them, I guess it’s disturbing, but we know that both of them are as male as they can get except from their preference in sexuality.

“Dylan and Stefan, you guys know you can tell us anything right?”

They both freeze, making I and Nate burst out laughing, they turn red, and start to punch us. They can't believe we knew, more yet they are shocked we accept them for themselves, hey can we change them? No so they should accept the acceptance.

“You knew?”

“Yeah, we found out but thought you guys would inform us.”

Nate replies Dylan, Nate and I had found them making out once, it was a shock to us but we played it off and cool. Never mentioning it, so we wouldn’t embarrass them and at that moment, we were happy we discovered them, because the two of them had been acting off and fighting for quite a time then, so we finally knew what was eating at them.

“You guys suck.”

“Yeah we suck, but not dicks.”

I joke and thankfully, they take it as the joke I meant it, these guys had become my brothers and I realize, that I did care about them and want them to be part of my life. I want to be with Lena, I’d pack up and move with Lena to whatever location she is going to school in, I got pretty good offers from loads of schools to, despite me slacking off school, I am not dumb and I do like answering the trivia and questions, during exams because, it’s a tasking challenge and who doesn’t like a challenge?

“Tomorrow is all about Lena now.”

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