After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


13. Cafeteria affairs

11. Cafeteria affairs


“Hey Babe.”

I walked out of my house to see Jason resting on his range rover, I smiled brightly at him as I walked towards him, I had fallen asleep at home last night, due to how late I went to bed, helping Maria pack, and thankfully I had been too knocked out to dream.

As soon as I am within his arm distance, he grabbed me and pulled me towards his chest hard, smirking that annoyingly sexy smirk at me, before his lips descended unto mine, his lips gently kissed mine and I can feel my legs turn to jelly has his tongue gently prodded my lips upon and into mine, I kissed him back as gently as he is doing and till date this has been the most sweetest kiss I have ever received.

“You love birds, better get your ass moving to school, and Lena please come back home on time.”

I broke the kiss and turned to Maria blushing, before I pushed Jason out of the way and entered his car. He remained for some minutes talking to Maria before he entered the car and we drove off to school.

“So we are babysitting Louis.”

“Yeah we are Maria is going to my dad.”

“Your dad… damn it’s weird though, no offence to your dad or Maria, but…faux never mind.”

I laughed at him, well I totally understand what he is trying to say, Maria is married to my dad and she isn’t that much older than me.

“So I’m parentless for a week, which to a normal teenager is a time to celebrate, whereas for me it’s totally boring, I’m going to miss Maria so much Jason.”

“Um, babe you know you have me right, there is no way you did be bored with me around.”

I scoffed at him, someone’s ego is so big, it needed a bit of deflating...but he is being truthful, I never get bored when I am with him. We got to school and I immediately jumped out of the car, I heard him groan before the door shut behind me, I am still uncomfortable being seen with him somewhat, because well I don’t know why I am uncomfortable, to hell with my messed up emotions.

I am already entering the school building when Jason caught up with me, and he had a smirk on his face which meant he is up to no good and right now isn’t the time to be up to no good.

“Aww babe, are you ashamed of me or what?”

I blushed, he keeps calling me his babe, and I totally love how it makes my heart flutter anytime I hear him say that, ugh! What is wrong with me? How did he catch on to that so fast, I mean I am not even sure why I don’t want to be seen with him or is I?

“I’m not your babe.”

“I believe you are, so you’re my babe, like it or not.”

“Sorry, declaring you have feelings for me doesn’t make me your babe. Becoming your girlfriend is me being your babe.”

I retorted smugly, he kept quiet and shook his head in amusement at me, of course I knew that would shut him up, he said so himself he don’t want a girlfriend, if he makes me his girlfriend then maybe my mixed feelings would disappear.

“Later Jason, I’m going off to class.”

I called to him as I hurriedly left his side, I heard him groan and kick a locker, I smiled to myself and entered biology class.


“I like Nate.”

I stopped reading my textbook and looks at Cara, who is all red in the face, my eyes bulged and I started squealing in excitement, but Cara finally showed an interest in boys and it’s Nate she likes, go picking I guess, but does he like her, I know Nate isn’t a settle down kind of guy and the way he plays and hangs with Cara is like the way a brother is to his little sister. Not wanting her to be alone in this and feeling way out of her league I said to her.

“Well, I like Jason.”


“Uh, excuse you but what do you mean by duh?”

“It’s obvious how you two are so into each other to everyone, or me because I know you well.”

“Oh shut up. We’re totally as bad as Paris right now.”

I giggled to Cara who started giggling until we are laughing at ourselves, until Cara started speaking again.

“Nate, he um, well yesterday night, he came over to my house and we went for a walk in the park, he… it is all cool and everything, everything is going fine before he kissed me.”

“Oh my God, Cara that is a good thing right? I mean he definitely likes you.”

“I’m not sure, when we broke apart, he is cursing and when he looks at me, the look in his eyes is utmost hate, he then turned his back on me and walked away, he even ignored me calling for him to come back, Lena I messed up. I know I’m inexperienced but I don’t do anything wrong.”

I went over to her side and hugged her, looking at her closely now I can see, she really isn’t as alright as I thought she is, she looks so sad and distressed, and I can bet the world that Nate don’t mean to react that way, and something or his actions are eating him up, I mean Cara is a very sweet girl.

“I’m sure, Nate don’t mean to look at you that way, and what you saw is anger towards himself and not you, okay. Give him some time he will come around, I mean I know he is a prick, but everyone goes soft for you.”

She smiled a bit, and I feel a little bit satisfied that I had cheered her up. I looks at the time and realized that our free period is up and it is time for lunch break and boy is I hungry.

Paris waved at us when we walked into the cafeteria and we waved back at her, thinking she is coming towards us, when someone one of her friends in quote stopped her and she looks apologetically at us before going off with her friend once again in quote.

Cara and I bought our lunch and went to seat at our table, we had moved on to lighter topics and are giggling and acting stupid, when Aria came to our table and sat down with us, we smiled at her and both said at once

“Hi Aria!”

“Hey! Well I came over to invite you both, to my weekend sleepover, it starts from tonight till tomorrow evening…will you both be able to make it? Say yes please.”

“I can, oh my gods that will be so fun. Thank you for the invite Aria.”

Cara gushed happily, yay good for her; get her mind off boy trouble whoop! Me on the other hand is free and is happy to come along, beside me and Aria hadn’t gotten our alone time yet and this can be the best opportunity.

“Count me in.”

“Of course, but that’s if Jason doesn’t steal you away again.”

Aria said mischievously, she started fake coughing and Cara started laughing at me, I scoffed at her and rolled my eyes at Aria.

“You are the one who let him steal me away remember.”

“Let just say, he made me, he knows how to charm his way to get something.”

She giggled and I rolled my eyes at her, I can see it in her eyes, she want me to spill my secrets about him and everything, and for once apart from Cara, I feel I can actually trust and like this girl.

“Oh look, Cole is pulling a number on that girl over there, the one that sometimes hangs with you guys, can they please get a room.”

Aria snickered; I and Cara turned to look and are quite shocked to see Cole and Paris faces locked together. Jason look disgusted, while Nate carried his food and left the hall annoyed. Dylan kept eating and last but not the least Stefan is nowhere to be seen.

Jason caught my eye and winked at me, I rolled my eyes at him and he smirked at me, he then looks at Cole and Paris then looks at me. I glared at him before looking away, his smirk grew bigger. I turned to see that Aria and Cara had caught Jason and I’s exchange and they clearly understood what we are talking about, I groaned at them and got up to leave the hall running away from them, I can hear their loud obnoxious laughter trailing behind me, I turned back to look at them and stuck my tongue out at them.

“Hi babe.”

I let out a little scream, which caught the attention of people nearby and the lovebirds who had been face locking just seconds ago, I turned crimson, and rounded on my attacker.

Jason had sneaked up on me and held my waist as he whispered into my ears, I may not have dreamt last night but, I am still afraid. And it took a lot longer for Jason’s voice to register in my brain.

“Jason! Let go of me you big idiot.”

I whispered angrily to him, he let go of my waist and stepped back, he looks worried a bit before saying to me

“I’m sorry.”

Okay, this is getting creepy he knows me to well, how the hell does he do that, he reads me like I am an open book. While I cannot even read him at all, no word is clear when it came to his book.

"Stop calling me your babe, I’m not your babe.”

His jaw clenched and he looks pissed off, well whatever I am pissed he snuck up on me and he knows me well more than I can say I know him, I knew I am being a prissy bitch, but do understand I came on my bloody period this morning and I have little cramp pains, I am not allowed to take medication, it’s not good for me, so I had to endure the effing pain.

Honestly, we seriously needed to stop making dramatic scenes in the school cafeteria during lunch, I took his arm and dragged him outside to the corridor.

“You’re right, you are not my babe and I should stop calling you that, Lena.”

I got what I asked for now, why does my heart feel like its breaking? Why do I feel like a truck just ran over my body? I looks at him, trying to keep a straight face, because he is doing what I said, no matter how stupid it is and how I regret it now, but I have my pride to keep, and just continue looking at him indifferently, but he isn’t done speaking. He smirked at me as he said.

“You are not my babe, not yet, but soon.”

I am relieved internally, and strained not to smile at him, but I cannot win, and a smile broke out and he grinned at me. There we are two huge fools grinning at each other like the idiots that we are.

So I am shocked when his lips crashed onto mine, and his hand snaked around my waist crushing me to him, and groaning into my mouth, I kissed him back with as much gusto as he is kissing me, when he broke away from the kiss, he rested his forehead against mine and said.

“You are mine.”

He said it with such a sexy growl, that my insides turned to jelly and I leaned into him, still floating from the high that is his kiss to me.

“I have been wanting to do that and more all day and even more when I spotted you at lunch laughing with Cara.”

I only hummed and he laughed at me, then I remembered something, and I pulled away from him and smirked.

“I am going for a sleepover today, so you get to babysit Louis today and tomorrow until I get back.”

He looks at me confused for a minute before a cute pout came all over his face, Aww isn’t he adorable, oh my gosh my hormones are everywhere today.

“Ugh! I’m starting to hate that bitch.”


“What? Is it a crime to want to spend the weekend with your girl, especially when there’s no parent? What, there is no way in hell or heaven that you would make me stop calling you my girl, cause you are.”




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