After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


9. Being his secret keeper

7. Being his secret keeper


Louis slept through our Video marathon luckily for us and woke up exactly when his nanny arrived, so we hadn’t really had to babysit him, apart from consequentially checking up on him, so we headed out for dinner.

“So where are we going?”

I asked Jason who is leading me towards his garage, he turned around and looks at me but don’t say anything and just continued walking; his strides are longer and faster than mine so I had to sorta start speed walking to catch up with him.

His garage is impressive, really impressive, especially the cars on display well they are three, especially one that made my head spin….How much money did this dude have? A Lamborghini Reverton! Who is this guy? A sleek black BMW! Finally a black Range Rover.

He got into his Range Rover and watched me scramble into the passenger seat beside him; with his useless smirk glued permanently to his face…Ugh I hate him. Once I am buckled in he started the car and drove off to God knows are.

He connected his IPhone to his speaker and the beautiful voice of Frank Ocean floated out, won’t have pegged him for a Frank Ocean listener. Since my life is in his life I vowed to myself to try to not irk him in order to come back safe, sound and in one complete piece, so I prodded nicely.

“Where are you taking me to?”

“Calm your tits, will ya?”

He is testing my patience; I bet he’s just taking the piss because I beat him in mortal combats…please I am a girl we rule fighting games. But he made up for it by being so brutally challenging when he issued a game of FIFA which is quite intense and very heated.

“I will when I know where we are heading? Just tell me.”

He turned the volume up some, childish much? I turned it down and he turned it up. He is asking for me to flip out, I am really trying my best not to.

My phone started ringing, the beautiful voice of Beyoncé startling me some, because I jumped a bit in my seat and from the corner of my eye I see a smirk start to form on Jason’s face.


I answered the call without looking at the caller ID, don’t blame me, for being so abrupt but my patience is running on an end and would soon snap, I hate arrogant boys, I am mad to think I am falling for him.

“Lena right?”

Whomever that is calling me, voice is strange and different, so I definitely don’t have the number and it is a girl after all, so I had to listen and not be a total bitch.


“Great! It’s Aria Mons.”

Aria Mons, called me in less than seven hours since she got my number…this is beyond believable.

“Oh! Aria hi.”

“What are you up to right now? Want to come hang out with me and couple of my friends?”

She giggled said to me, oh shit that’s totally not fair, I shot a stink eye to Jason who isn’t even paying attention to me, sigh first official invite and I have to turn it down.

“Um, I’m sorry but I got other plans for tonight, I’m otherwise engaged.”

She giggled again, before it turned into full girly laughter, what is so funny about being said no to?

“So you’re the girl who I see in Jason’s minutes ago, is just trying to be sure?”

She is playing with me, seriously?

“Yeah, I’m with him we are heading out for some dinner.”

“It’s weird Jason hasn’t ever paid some much attention to any girl before and certainly making sure everyone knows that she’s off limits.”

“I am not off limits.”

“From what occurred last night honey, I think you are.”


“Tata, no you don’t. Do you know how many girls envy you, well since you can’t come and hang with us tonight, what about tomorrow just me and you, we’ll talk and get to know each other better?”

“Yeah sure, it’s a date.”

“A date, Ha ha yeah. So night babe.”


Putting my phone away, that is when I noticed the car had stopped moving and we are parked at a diner called Dinghy’s. I looks at Jason who had a death grip on the steering wheel…Okay seriously what is his problem?

Whatever it is that is bothering him, shouldn’t be contagious because I don’t want anything to ruin the high I am on from Aria Mons wanting to hang out with me.

I unbuckled my seat belt and opened the door to get out of the car, when I heard Jason door slam shut and I see him striding angrily towards my side, I got down from the car and before I can shut the door properly I am pinned against it, Jason’s body barricading me his hands caging me in between him and the car, he looks so hot all mad and annoyed but honestly eff it, I hadn’t done anything wrong and I am surely going to protest now.

“What the hell is your problem, you bipolar idiot.”

“My effing problem is you. What part of off limits to anyone aside from me don’t you get?”

He is mad, off limits? Oh Aria and I’s conversation, I want to laugh but knowing him that wouldn’t go down well, I thought he don’t care any less what I said on the phone. He banged his fists beside my head making me jump and look at his infuriated form…the only reason a guy should act this jealous is if he had some sort of genuine feelings for the girl.

I wouldn’t lie, I am getting a little bit scared, yet my stupid mouth wouldn’t speak, trying to drive the point home that just because he said I am off limit don’t mean I am.

“I am not an Idiot OKAY! Whoever you made that date with better be running for his life, especially since…you made and set the date in my car right beside me.”

Whoa hold up, he really is jealous…I better set things right before he goes doing something harmful to Aria, but he don’t let me speak, because his lips came crashing down on mine, leaving me stunned and unable to respond for a few seconds until, my body started getting all warm and fuzzy and started to react to the sexy brutal and aggressive attack my lips are receiving from his, my hand went to his hair slipping into the soft locks to grasps his scalp and bring him closer to me, his hands found their way to my waist, he clutched my sides and lifted me up, moved a bit till my butt rested on the bonnet of his car, he pushed me on it and slipped between my legs, our lips still attached as we kissed ourselves like it is the last thing we are going to do before we passed away.

“You are mine.”

Jason said, when we are able to pull away from each other, panting for air, that kiss is so hot, it’s like all the kisses I shared with him are destined to make me lose all common sense and touch with my surroundings, I just made out with Jason in a public car park on full display for the whole world. I am too breathless to argue with him, I am not a property, which someone can just claim as theirs.


I looks at him, his hair looks like sex hair, I smirked; he smiled sheepishly at me, before running his hand up his hair and licking his lips.


“The date, it’s with Aria Mons…I even recall saying ‘Oh! Aria hi.’ We are hanging out tomorrow.”


Is that all he can say for flipping out on me like that? I mean I don’t mind how it turned out in the end and all, like a jealous boyfriend.

“Oh? Well let me tell you this…I am not yours. I don’t want to be anyone’s property, slave, sex buddy or any of that shit. The only way I can belong to someone is if he are to be my boyfriend. Then I shall be comfortable being his.”

Let him take that in. I smiled at him falsely pushed him away from me and got down from his bonnet, and adjusted my clothing’s  before moving past his brooding form…I don’t go far because he grabbed my wrist and dragged me back against him.

“Is that you way of saying you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Please, the only reason I said so is, because it’s true and I know that’s not what you want from me…the thing is I am not one to mess around with just anybody.”

“I am Jason McCann. Mind you not ‘just anybody’ get that stapled to your brain.”

“Oh so scary, dude please, now can we go eat.”

“You just wait and see, I’m going to get you and when I do, you’ll see who gets the last laugh.”

I snagged my wrist from his firm grip and turned to face him, how dare he say such a thing to me…I moved slowly towards him, angry beyond belief and I just started to punch and jab him wherever I can and he just  stand there and let me. I finally stopped tired and drained emotionally and physically, only he can drain me both ways.

“Are you done?”

“I hate you Jason McCann and you’re a bastard.”

I cannot cry, I am too pissed to, I turned away from him. I cannot hate anyone more than I hated him at that moment, I just want to leave eff the food…I just want him out of my life. I feel him place his hands on my shoulders but I tried to shrug them off but that didn’t knock them off, instead he gripped my shoulders and turned me to face him and shocked me by hugging me, burying my face into his masculine chest.

“I’m sorry…No one has made me apologize as much as you have and I mean it, I’m sorry.”

I hate this bout of wild emotions coursing through me…may be even us. One minute we’re arguing and wanting to kill the other, the next we are cooperating, we are somehow having fun and being friends, then things get hot and we’re wrapped up and caught up in ourselves intimately…then the roller coaster ride starts all over again.

“This is really exhausting.”

“I know, let’s go and eat.”

He sighed, before slinging his arm round my shoulder and led us towards the diner.

Saying I loved the diner is an understatement. The food and place itself is magnificent and glorious to all my senses, Jason just sat smirking at me, with a smug look on his face, how in the world did he discover this place in the time he had been here and I having being here almost all my life and never having discovered or hearing about it.

Things are moderately cool between us at the moment and we are comfortable talking about minor things, I liked this Jason.

“Want to see something really cool, when we’re done here, it’s not like you have any curfew.”

“As if that would stop you from keeping me out late if you want to.”

“True that.”

I finished my food and left my new found haven behind, as I got into the car with Jason and he drove off somewhere. I am beginning to fidget when I see we are leaving buildings behind.

“Honestly, if I want to do anything to harm you I would have done it long ago.”

I nodded but that didn’t calm my nerves down enough, Jason just shook his head and focused on his driving. In time I see an abandoned building standing out in the middle of nowhere, he sped towards it direction, leaving me with no doubt that is our final destination…to say I am not spooked would be a lie.

He parked the car and got out, but I cannot bring myself to, he came over to my side and opened the door, and looks down at me smirking

“You coming? You scared or what?”

Confess I am scared of this building and being in the middle of nowhere with him the criminal? Oh no dear God no, I wouldn’t confess that, over my dead body.

He grabbed my hand and dragged me from the car and marched me to the house, he opened the door with a key he produced out of his pocket and pushed me inside, before he shut the door and locking it. Now I am more than scared

He switched on the light, to a comfortable looking sitting area, the saying don’t judge a book by its cover sprung towards my head, the outside maybe dead and shabby but the inside is liveable and very comfortable.

Jason moved the rug placed in the centre of the room to reveal a secret doorway, hell no I am not going down to the basement with him, that’s are all the bad shit goes down in horror movies.

“Honestly Lena, I am not going to kill you or taking you hostage or anything…get a grip of yourself.”

He opened the door, and looks at me with this amused look on his face that I want to knock off; I am going through a dilemma over here.

“Suit yourself, stay here all alone…God knows what kind of psychopath lives here, you’ve watched Texas Chainsaw massacre 3D right?”

I rushed to his side as soon as he said that, I love watching horrors, but they kind of leave me scared and jumpy, my imagination tends to run wild when it’s in a horror like scene.

Jason burst out laughing and I turned beetroot red, don’t I say I won’t let him know I am scared, only over my dead body? It’s too late to go back now, I grabbed his arm and he led us down to his basement

 Once we got to bottom, he left me, but before I can panic he turned on the lights and I can see I am in some sort of working area, and the air smelt funny.

“Welcome to my layer.”

“Your layer?”

“Yes, this is where I do my magic, make bombs and gun powder and other shit.”

“Why did you bring me here? Aren’t you scared I’m going to rat you out to the cops?”

“Nope…if you did then you did belong to me and you don’t want that.”

“Seriously, how would you have me if you are in jail?”

“The power of money my dear and connections…I would be out in the blink of the eye, but that’s not why I brought you here, I have work to do and I don’t want you to be bored in my house and invite your friends over.”

I scoffed; this is so typical of him. Honestly the rate at which things are moving is making me start to doubt that I had only known him for three days, because I am starting to understand him and his behaviours.

“What am I meant to do here then?”

“Want to learn how to make a bomb?”


“Mother of all hells. Scream much louder will ya?”

I sat down on a chair that is left there annoyed and irritated; the fear had left my body. I sat and watched him as he started to do his work and before long I am intrigued and I found myself walking over to the table to watch him, he shook his head at me, and moved over for me to come over to his side and learn how to make a bomb.

I shouldn’t say this in public but it’s actually fun making a bomb and Jason is surprisingly a good teacher, it is fun watching him make it and also teach me.

“Lena, don’t tell anyone about this.”

“Are you being serious right now? How many times do I have to tell you I won’t rat you guys out.”

“No this, the guys don’t know about this…they assume but I haven’t confirmed it for them and I want it that way.”

“Then why bring me here! If you’re trying to impress me or something you just blew it.”

“I don’t know okay. I’m trying to figure out why I am attracted to you, trust me I don’t know why you have a pull on me…I don’t like it, but it is what it is.”

“Well figure your shit out, and stop messing with me. Now I know another major crime.”

“Oh sod it, you know how to make a bomb cause of me, admit it, it’s impressive.”

“Impressive or not…you shouldn’t have broken such big of a news like that to me just like that.”

“It’s too late to take it back now isn’t it?”

-“Can we leave; this place gives me more creeps now, all thanks to you.”

“Sure, you can have the bomb you just made.”

“Ha ha. Thank you, but I have no reason to use it.”

“You’ll never know.”

That set my raider off alert but I tamped it down, and waited for Jason to finish tidying up, he gave me my bomb and grabbed my hand before putting of the light and leading us upstairs.

Once we are in the sitting area and he had successfully hidden the secret passage he strode towards me and grabbed my face before pressing his lips gently on mine, and kissed me in the tenders' way ever.

“This is our little secret.”

I nodded, the things this boy made me do for him, is quite unbelievable plus the way he made me feel…and now I am entirely sure I liked him, despite his major flaw of him being a mass criminal, who if found out would be sentenced to life imprisonment.

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