After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


27. All that matters

25. All that matters


Summer had been good so far, I had loved it, especially with Jason not needing to make bombs at the moment. He said since he packed up his lair, he had sent a notification to all the people he traded with that he’s off the market for the time being. Of course I am happy more time to have him to myself, the only thing he still did is sell drugs, and as unappealing as it may seem, the addicts kept badgering him and the others for it, and they do some pretty desperate stuff to get Justin to give it to them.  

I snuggled into Jason’s bare chest, breathing in the scent of him. I laid curled into him on his bed, for the first time I had woken up before him, maybe because last night had been so passionate, that I am knocked out cold as soon as we finished.  

“Lena why are you awake? You should be exhausted, you wore me out...go back to sleep.”

Jason sleepily mumbled, pulling me closer still to him, and I had to giggle because he sounded so cute, until his words registered in my brain, and I started blushing, it’s not my fault that I am insatiable, I mean the last time we had done it, is when he took my virginity.

“You aren’t complaining.”

“Which guy would ever be able to resist you?”

I blushed when he stated that, thank God he cannot see my face, I heard him groan, before he started moving on the bed and my body suddenly became cold, as he withdrew himself from me and went into his bathroom. He is going to take forever in there, and my mind began to wander and I smiled remembering Stefan and Dylan finally coming out to everyone and Aria’s reaction.

I did not know what is happening but, Dylan had invited me over to his house, along with some other people, he said he is throwing a little party, where he want all his close friends to come, since it is his party he had not want to use Jason’s house, especially since he had invited his family members over, we had all accepted of course, not knowing what we had agreed to.

Not until it is the day of the party and we saw that not only Dylan’s family had been invited but also Stefan’s family, it is then I realized that it is their coming out party. Even Aria and Cara had been invited and of course Cole, but he kept noticeable distance from Jason and I, I guess he had learnt his lesson, he should not try to up one against Jason, it won’t turn out good at all, I did not even regret what Jason had done to him. Cole had confronted Jason and had called him names and saying I am a fool in love, which I am for his information. Of course Jason is still mad at him for trying to hit on me and attempting to steal me away from him, so while he is busy punching and letting out his pent up anger on Cole, he enlightened him on the full story and how much of a bitch his ex-girlfriend had been.

I am proud of them, I mean they are brave enough to invite most of their family members, to tell them the truth about what they really meant to each other. They had gotten everyone to gather round and listen to them address us after a bit of mingling had occurred between us guest. They are so nervous and did not even know where to start from. Till Jason and Nate stand up and went to stand behind them, I almost cried, cause it showed how much the boys cared for each other and how they had each other’s back no matter what. Dylan and Stefan caught my eye and I smiled encouragingly at them, which gave them enough boost to start talking.  

“We are what we are.” -Stefan

“We are who we are.” -Dylan

“We are coming out to you all.” -Stefan

“We are the still the same people.” -Dylan

“We are in love with each other.” -Stefan

“We don’t care about the consequences.” -Dylan

“We just want the people who matter to us to know this.” -Stefan

“We just want your acceptance, but it won’t stop us.” –Dylan

I am moved to tears I cannot hold it in; everyone is silent, waiting for the families from both parties to respond. Their family’s looks stunned, I get it no one would expect these two to be gay, but almost all hot guys are gay deal with it. They can't change who they are. Stefan’s mum cracked first and she hugged them both tears in her eyes, not caring about their preference in sex, as long as her son knew she loved and supported him in whatever he did. Then one by one people started going to meet them, and to reassure them that they did not care. It is so beautiful, till I spotted Aria sitting quite dazed, I went over to her.  

“You knew he is gay.”

“It isn’t my place to tell you, no matter how badly I want to.”

“I know Lena, I don’t blame you. I’m happy for him, as hard as it is to believe I am.”

I looks at Aria, not expecting to hear her say this; she looks pained, but also happy in a sad hopeless way. Its hard finding out the one you love wouldn’t ever return that love, or wouldn’t ever be remotely be interested in you or your assets.

“At least, I won’t ever have to think, why he picked her and not me, I won’t ever have to be jealous of a girl, but damn I am jealous of a boy though imagine that.”  

She had laughed and I had laughed with her, she will be okay I can tell and I will be there for her every step of the way, except from when I went to college, which I had really been trying not think about and not even discuss with Jason, because I know he hates school and will not even think of going to college, I don’t know what would happen to us at the end of summer and it scared me, so I just don’t want to think about it.  

“Babe, I’ve got something important I’ve got to tell you.”

Jason said appearing from his bathroom, a towel wrapped round his torso and water glistening on him, he looks like an under wear model and this delicious good is all mine. But his tone is not one to take lightly, he sounded all serious as if he had dreadful news. I sat up and pat the spot beside me on the bed, encouraging him to speak and come to me.  

He sat down gingerly beside me, and dragged me into him, not caring I am a naked hot mess, but I covered myself with his duvet, he sighed and started talking.

“I have to go for some days.”  

“Go where? Why are you just telling me now?”

“I don’t think I would have needed to go so soon.”

He sounded like a helpless little boy, and I want to comfort him, no matter what his reason would be and even if I would end up not liking it, I would let him go.  

“Jason…what is it you’re not telling me?”

“Prom night, after the shit I had put us through, I cannot bear to stay around, I cannot stand myself, I feel fowl and low, used and all sorts. I just knew I needed my mother, when I am younger she is the only one who believed in me no matter what I did and I hurt her doing what I do, but I just can’t stop because of she wants it.”  

The little boy ran to his mummy for comfort, isn’t that sweet and heart-breaking at the same time, I took Jason’s palm in my hand and rubbed the back, urging him to keep speaking, he knew I am here for him and I would listen to him sincerely.

“I went home looking for my family and what I see shamed me, I broke my family Lena. My dad is a shell of a man, he is lost in his body and won’t and can’t recognize anything. I left her to fend for my little siblings on her own, when she needed me… they are struggling with money when I have it and won’t even hesitate to give it all to them.”

“Mum said, dad drank himself into his stupor, after I left. She said she had added to it, because she never want to send me away, so she had unknowingly punished my father for banning me, by being bitter. My little siblings act like I am stranger to them… its hell.”

“Jason, it’s not hell… your mother still loves you, you're great with kids, so your siblings are going to love you even more and I’m sorry about your dad.”

He ignored what I said and continued speaking, he squeezed my hands though, and I squeezed back.

“While I am there, I tried to right a few wrongs and got to integrate myself into my little sibling’s life for that short while, but my mum told me to come back and fight for you and not be a wimp.”  

He smiled at me, but I can tell something is wrong; there is something huge he is not telling me, and it is starting to frighten me.  

“I have to go home, and be there for my family next tomorrow, we put my dad out of his misery and lay him to rest.”

“Jason, oh…I.” 

“Don’t. It has to be done, I will be gone for a while, but I will be back. I want you to come with me, but it’s really not the time and I want you to focus and decide on which college you want to go to, I gave Maria a list of acceptable ones, I think you should go to-”

“No Jason, we can’t break up…what about our love? I can’t ask you not to leave, but it can still work Jason, just give it some time, don’t break us up.”

“Hold up.” Jason said, my heart is shattering into tiny million pieces and it is taking everything in me not to cry, he cannot end us, he cannot. I wouldn’t allow him, not now when he is going to need me, when I needed him more than my next breath.  “I’m not ending us; nothing will keep me away from you. I just want you to make use of the time I am gone wisely, we’re not breaking up, I am coming back to you. You’re my home, the one who accepted me for who I am.”

He said hugging me, I let my tears fall, as my body shook in relief and he held me hugging me, I never want anyone to ever have a hold on me like he had on me, only him can touch me this way, he ruined me for any other guy. 

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