After witnessing a robbery, Lenari Hastings gets kidnapped, only to find out the Criminals are boys she knew all to well except from one. Knowing who they are and what they do, they couldn't exactly let her go freely, but things don’t always go as planned and tends to be blown out of proportion, especially where Lenari and their gang leader Jason McCann are put together.

A Teenage Story.


22. A snake in green grass

20. A snake in green grass


How did I let my guard down so much, that I slipped, and now God knows what, that bitch is going to do, How can Lena ever had such a close friendship, with a snake like that? I would ask the boys to help me, but too many things at risk here. I had never feel like killing anyone, as much as I want to kill her, even Dennis Locraft stand a chance beside her.


I am drawn out of my thoughts, to see a smiling Louis wading my way, I smiled at him and at the same time feel a deep pang in my chest. Alex used to wade towards me like this, he would be five now, I haven’t seen my family for almost five years now.

Once he got to me, I carried him and placed him on my laps, he started talking excitedly and I can only make out few of the things he is saying with his baby tongue, my little buddy is happy unlike me. I see a flash go off and looks to see Lena taking a picture of the two of us.

Liam and Maria coming in behind her, am I that lost in thought that I don’t realize her family are back, and oh lord. I am carrying Louis, of course they are back, and I needed to get a grip of myself. I got up and hugged Maria, before nodding at Liam, Louis clinging to my side, still happily gibbering away. 

“Aren’t they cute, it’s like they are best-friends.” 

Maria said to Liam, who smiled at her, while Lena just rolled her eyes, and headed for my direction, she stopped beside us, and looks at Louis as she said in a stern but joking tone. “Ah bro, you got to find yourself another best friend, I’m not sharing my boyfriend with you.” I loved it when she called me her boyfriend, I am always trying to hide the smile that always threatened to take over my face when she said it.

“Po awa Leri!” Louis said, pouting and Lena let out a giggle, ah these siblings are too cute. Lena stuck her tongue out at him, before she actually disappeared. I turned to Louis “I wan Leri!” he pouted at me “NO!”, I pouted back at him, when he screamed no, he then hit me, telling me to drop him, and he crawled away to the kitchen. I smiled to myself. My message tone comes up and I look at my phone to see I have a message from an unknown number.

“Meet me in the park, by the bench nearest to the woods in ten, better do as I say. -PY”

Who did this bitch think she is commanding me, when I am done with her, she wouldn’t have any finger left to type any message to anyone, who is she to command me? I better get this done with, I feel like crap, Maria and Liam just got back, Lena had set up a special welcome home dinner and I am meant to be there, but I knew, when I am done with Paris, I would be in a pretty foul mood and I just wouldn’t be able to be around her dad, Maria or Louis for that matter.

I don’t even bother saying goodbye, because that meant I had to explain why I am leaving, which meant I had to lie to her and I don’t want to. I walked to the destination, taking as much time as possible, I got there five minutes later than planned and the bitch is already pacing, take a chill pill.


“Get to the point, what do you want?”

“Don’t get harsh with me, one button and I send the video to my dad, who is a cop by the way?”

“Why are you doing this?”

"Since you asked. I want to see Lena fall and cry…I want to take her away from you and everyone else. She stole my spot in the limelight. I hate the bitch.”

“You’re the bitch. I’m the only one allowed to call her a bitch. Why ruin her, when you can ruin me?”

“No fun in that, besides with this video I can control you. I want you to be my prom date.”

“You’re psychotic.”

“You haven’t seen the half of it. Like it or not you’re my prom date, and you have to kiss me and break up with Lena in front of the whole school, then ask me out…or else I send this video not only to my dad, the police but the whole world. Also you better not tell anyone about this”

I am two seconds away from hitting this bitch, I want to do it so hard, there is no way in hell I am going to risk it though, I turned and started to pound the tree beside me, imagining it is her I am beating the faux out of. I hear her deranged laughter, but I don’t stop. How did I let my guard slip that much, and now instead of it haunting me, it is haunting the one person who I care about in the whole world the most. The girl I happen to have fallen in love with.

“You know what, never mind me being your prom date, you can take Lena to prom, but once I ask you to dance with me, you better come and also, you better kiss me and do every other thing I told you to do."

I don’t stop, I heard her leave but I don’t stop, until I cannot take it anymore and fell to my knees on the fall, then I heard my message tone go off, I took it out to see I had several missed calls and messages. Lena had called me couple of times, while I received only one message from her. “Jason, I know something is up, but you won’t just tell me and I won’t force you to, rather than being a prissy distracted bitch, ditching me and my family, without even informing us. Fine, I will leave you alone, but you better make it up to me or you won’t be getting any after Prom tomorrow, even if I’m allowed to sleep over at yours.”

I threw my phone away from me, my heart feel like someone is ripping it out, I cannot tell the boys to help me and I cannot even ask Cole. If I asked them for help then I had to reveal to them my bomb making identity, and Lena, I don’t want to hurt her, but I promised to protect her from anything or anyone, this is all my fault and right now there is nothing I can do to fix this, tomorrow she wouldn’t be wanting to sleep with me or be near me, hell not even the guys would be happy about my decision. Tomorrow I am going to lose the girl I loved, I don’t even get to tell her. My home would be lost to me tomorrow, all because I had been stupid and careless.

Paris Young, had followed us yesterday to the bomb house, and she had recorded Lena making bombs and had purposely left me out of the video, I need to go and clear up the house, now that she knew where it is and also, think of  a way to get the video from her phone, because it seemed like twiddle desperate bitch Paris, did not back it up, because of how much she hides the phone from me, even yesterday as she played the video for me, she snatched it up and hide it quickly, and I cannot take it from her in front of everybody or even drag her away with Cole being in the room, worse yet the bitch can make a scene. I would get rid of her no matter the cost.


Ever since Paris spoke to Jason, he had been distracted and distant, yesterday he left my house without even informing me or my parents, I get that something she said is bothering him, but how would I help if he don’t want to share it with me, I had called and called him, but he don’t even pick up my calls, till I resorted to sending him a miffed text, that he hadn’t even bother replying.

I am worried about him, it is not like him to act this way. He sent me a text this afternoon saying he would come pick me up by seven, and that is it no "I’m sorry, I know I am a dick" or any explanation, I am not even sure if I want to go to prom with him, but who am I kidding I loved him, no matter how much he is hurting me right now, he doesn’t know it, but if he told me to jump, I wouldn't ask him how high, but I did jump as high as I can for him, cause I cared about him, that much. 

I sent him a message saying I would be at Aria’s. Because that is are we girls were dressing up, he said he did pick me up by seven, which meant he is coming with his own car, and not with the others, maybe he is trying to make it up to me. I forgot about my worries about Jason for the time being, when I got there and we girls started dressing up and making each other up, it is a fun afternoon, and all our parents are also here, to take our pictures, by the time seven came and the guys were here to take the girls, Jason isn’t with them. We proceeded to take more pictures, to stall for Jason, but when it reach eight and he still hadn’t arrived, I told them to go ahead without me, that I did wait here for him, I shooed the parents’ home too, Maria who is nagging me to stay with me and wait, but I just want to be alone. She finally stopped and left, and I am all by myself.

I wouldn’t cry, Jason won’t do this, he would have a solid reason for being this late, without calling me. But I knew something isn’t right, I can sense it. Jason arrived a little after eight thirty looking apologetic towards me as he approached me. I just got up and made my way to his car, but it’s not that easy with heels and a floor length gown, I feel him behind me as he picked up my dress, but I still don’t acknowledge his presence, he helped me into the car and I slammed the door.

“Lena, I’m sorry.”

"Save it.”

He shut up, and just drove, I wouldn’t cry. He just ruined what is supposed to be the best day of my life.

“Why are you doing this? What did I do, what did she say I did, that you’re withdrawing from me? Do you want to break up with me, is that it? Why don’t I just make it easier for you then, tell me that’s what you want and I will end it, and save us both this emotional stress, or sorry I mean me, since I am such an inconvenience to you.”

“Shut up Lena. I’m sorry okay, I have just been busy and it’s making me forget things.”

“Don’t lie to me. I know this is all Paris fault, why won’t you just tell me? You’re just going to assume the worst of me.”

“Forget it Lena, look I’m here now, taking you to prom, be happy about it.”

He commanded me. I shut up, why did I let my dam burst? I won’t cry. He clearly doesn’t love me, I bet all this while he is just pretending and now he is bored with me, or maybe it’s not me, maybe it is him. Maybe he cheated on me and Paris saw. What am I thinking? None the less I can feel my heart-breaking, because I knew without a doubt Jason would soon break up with me, should I tell him I love him, would that help, or would I be scorned because of it? Laughed at? I can't bare it. I cannot tell him.

We got to school, the charged and emotional tension still in the air. I got out of his car not waiting for him, I don’t care. I removed my heels and hiked up my gown and ran away from his car, I don’t even turn when I heard him shut out my name. He don’t even bother running after me.

When I got to the school hall, I let my dress drop and slip my feet back into my heels, took calming breaths and is about to enter the hall, when I am stopped, because Cara and Aria are there. They looks at me, relief clearly showing on their faces, but also I can see the concern in their eyes.

“He came to pick me up, finally.”

“We are going to come get you ourselves, we even borrowed Stefan’s car keys, since he brought Dylan here with him.”

Aria said, shaking the keys in my face, I smiled at them, I really loved these girls. They took my hand and led me inside, dragging me to a table full with our friends.

“Where is Jason?”

“Ah, uhm… he needed to go ease himself in the toilet.”

I lied, why did I lie? Because I don’t want to make my friends worry about me, during prom night, or ruin theirs like mine is ruined.


I turned to see an infuriated Jason behind me, what it is to him, it’s not like he cared anyway. I turned to my friends, who had a confused looks on their faces, they can sense the uneasy vibe coming off the two of us.

“You don’t have to run off.”

Oh crap, don’t start or do this in front of our friends, I am not the one who had shunned her boyfriend, or left her hanging with her parent, or appear hours late for an event.

“I cannot wait for you to be done in the toilet can I?”

Let your daft brain, be able to read my coded message, or else I wouldn’t bother replying you again.

“What are you talking about?”

The idiot just outed me, I turned to look at my friends, blushing, they all can tell I had been lying, but they looks at me sympathetically, before turning angry eyes on Jason, who visibly flinched, but that didn’t make me feel better.

“Just leave me alone.”

I cannot stand it anymore, I want to cry, and my prom night had been ruined, thanks to my boyfriend, who may not be my boyfriend soon. I rushed out of the hall, not caring about the bodies I hit in the process, as tears started to fall from my eyes, why is he being so arrogant? If he had just put more into begging me and actually looks like he meant it, I would forgive him.

“Lena, wait for us!”

I turned to see Aria and Cara running after me, so I stopped, I needed my friends. I cannot go to the toilet, or locker rooms, because it is full with people, so we made our way outside, which is deserted.

“What is happening between you and Jason?”

I broke into tears some more, before I finally spilled and told them everything, and how I feel.



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