Why Me?


21. Zayn's Surprise To Sammy

Zayn's P.O.V.

I was going to a car dealership to get Sammy a car. I know what car she wants. I bought the car and I drove my car home. Luckily, I brought Liam along, so he drove Sammy's car. When I arrived, it had only been 45 minutes. "Sammy, I'm home. Come outside right now, I'll wait," I yell inside the house. She immediately comes down the stairs and joins my outside. She screamed so loud, I couldn't hear well for about 10 minutes. "Oh my God, thank you SOOOOOOO much," Sammy squeals while practically kill me with her hug. "No problem," I manage to get out. She was so happy the rest of the day, and now, I was happy.

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