Why Me?


5. Zayn's Girlfriend

Sammy's P.O.V.

Today Zayn's girlfriend is coming over today. Liam's girlfriend was supposed to be here, but she got sick from sushi. So when Zayn's girlfriend arrived,I was amazed, again. She had straight purple and red hair, brown eyes, and her name was Macy. "Hi there, I'm Macy," she said as she stuck out her hand. I hugged her instead."Sorry," I said. "It's alright, but I was expecting it," she winked at me. we laughed, including Zayn. Zayn went to his room, with his girlfriend, of course. I went to my room to watch television, when I heard a knock at my door. When I opened it, Liam was there. "Can I hang out with you?" he asked nervously. "Of course!"I happily told him. As he walked in I closed the door. " What do you want to watch?" I asked Liam. "I think we should watch Jaws,"he replied to my question."Awesome!" I said. When we were watching Jaws, my door immediately opened. "Sammy come quick!" Zayn said. As I entered the staircase, I saw Macy at the end of it, holding her ankle. "Oh my!" I exclaimed. When we took her to the hospital, her ankle was shattered. When we took her to her house, Zayn broke down. "Why are you crying? She is going to be alright,"I told him. "I'm just happy she is alright,"he said. When we went home, we ate soup for dinner and went to bed. Tomorrow is the day Zayn buys the new house for all of us.Tomorrow is also the day I go to my new school.

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