Why Me?


16. What Do We Do?

Sammy's P.O.V

I'm unsure what to do. Cassandra is my friend, and Connor is my boyfriend, I don't think Zayn will let them in. So, I'm secretly letting them live here. Cassandra will quit school and lives in my bedroom. Whenever Connor wants to see me, he will climb the hidden ladder up to my window. Whenever I speak to either, it's in the bathroom or I'm whispering to them. "Cassandra," I whisper out. "Yeah?" Whispers back. "Connor is coming tonight," I say, starting a conversation in a whisper. "Can I stay in Louis's room?" Cassandra said, still whispering. "Great idea!" I tell her. I walk to Louis's room. I knock lightly. "Yes?" he says. "Open the door please," I tell him. When Louis opens the door, he immediately understands. "Bring her. I'll take care of her," Louis said. "Thank you!" I whisper-screamed. When she was in Louis's room, it was time for Connor to show. When he came, I let him through my window. The only way he got through the front door was because it was unlocked and I was alone. Now he has to come through the window. I open it. "Hey," I whisper as I let him in. "Hi babe, how are you?" Connor asked me, whispering as well. Connor had to leave soon, so he left shortly. Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry are going on a tour and are not coming back until May 17, a day before my birthday. Right now, it is January 17. I get the house to myself for the next 4 months. This will be the best! Just hanging out will Maya, Gabi, Cassandra, and Connor. Yes, Gabi, Maya, and Connor know about Cassandra. Gabi, Maya, and Cassandra know about Connor. Everyone knows about kepping everything a secret, and only sharing with each other and Louis. Speaking of Louis, he will be texting me when he can. Which is good, considering he's the only one who can check on me. This is going to be the best 4 months ever!!!!!!

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