Why Me?


10. The News

Sammy's P.O.V.

I woke up in my hospital room,  Zayn was gone and the doctor was in. "Good! You're awake! You will be leaving in about 15 minutes," she told me. "Okay, thank you!" I tell her. When I left, I apparently had to walk home, considering no car was here to pick me up. I finally made it home, and I went inside. "Guys, what the heck? I thought you were going to pick me up!" I yelled. I see a note on the counter. "Sorry we had to go somewhere. See you in a bit! -Zayn" That's why he didn't pick me up. All of a sudden, I hear Gabby. "Yo, Sammy! Let me in!" she yelled on the other side of my front door. I opened it to find my two friends, Maya and Gabby. "Sup guys!" I said as I hugged them. They helped themselves in, as I expected. As they went to the couch, I went back to the counter. When I got there, I felt a gentle kiss on my cheek. I got freaked out, but then I ignored it. "So tell me Gabby, why rainbow hair?" I ask her. "I wanted to," she said, gesturing slightly. As always, Maya was wearing her teal shirt. Her pink dip-dyed, originally blonde, hair fell on her shoulders. "Hi, Sammy! How's your head? I heard you fell!" Maya said, very bubbly, as usual. "Yes, who told you?" I asked. "Zayn," she said, pointing behind me. I turn around, and Zayn is right there. I look back at Maya, and her blue-green eyes sparkled. I look behind me, and Zayn is still there. "You kissed me, didn't you?" I ask, smirking. "Yes, and this is for you," he smirked, holding out a gift wrapped in my bloody head bandage. "Eww, Zayn that's gross!" I laugh at him. I open it anyway. Inside were my pain killers and a diamond necklace engraved with the words, "Never Let Go." I hug him. "Thanks for both of those things," I tell him. "It was nothing," he tells me. "By the way, your friends are living with us," he whispers in my ear. I almost scream, but I don't. "Do they know?" I whisper back in his ear. "Obviously," he said, pointing to my smiling friend, Maya, and my smirking, rainbow-haired friend, Gabby. This is going to be a good weekend.

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