Why Me?


4. School

Sammy's P.O.V.

"Liam, where's your girlfriend?" I asked him. "She's busy today, she will be here tomorrow," Liam replied with a mouth full of ice cream, he is eating with a fork again. "Why do you eat with a fork?" I asked him, curious. "Don't tell the fans or my girlfriend, but I'm afraid of spoons," Liam said hestitant. "I have a weird fear too," I said back. "Really? Tell me," he said. "I'm afraid of forks," I told him. "It's nice to have someone know what it feels like," Liam said happily. "Yeah, it does, now that you mention it," I said, happy knowing he knew how it felt too.

School was today, hooray. Although, it was more entertaining than I thought. Having Zayn come to school made me nervous at first, but then I liked it. He tripped Connor and said it was a nerd named Bob. Then he told the teacher to make Clarissa to stop bullying me. Then when Clarissa came to bully me, Zayn took her lunch tray and threw outside. "Go get it," he said. As she left to go get it, we made a run for it. We left school early and laughed about our day.



Sorry about the short chapter, but I have some things to do. Sorry again, I hope you don't mind. <:)

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