Why Me?


19. Oh No./Not So Bad

Sammy's P.O.V. 

Cassandra looked like she was about to cry. "What's wrong, Cass?" I asked her. I saw her choke back her tears. "I got a text from Louis. They won't make it here in time for your birthday. They have another month before coming back..." Cass said. Within 2 seconds, tears were streaming down my face. "Sammy, we'll always be here. Name anything and we'll do it today!" She said while I cuddled with Sierra. "Alright... I want to go to Animal Kingdom and get another kitty!" I said raising my arms. "How many kittens will you need to feel better?" She asked, being serious. "Just one more," I said, winking at her. We both laughed aloud. "Okay, get ready," Cass said. "Don't forget to wake up the masters of naps!" I yelled.l "Okay!" Cass yelled back, knowing I was talking about Gabi and Maya. After my shower, I got into my skinny jeans and flowy pink top. After that, I curled my brown hair, which I got from my mother. Miss you, mom. Anyway, I put on light makeup and walked down the stairs. A note on the fridge was there. In the car- Cass. Yay! After that, we came home around 6:30. Don't blame me, I had to choose the perfect companion for me and Sierra. Speaking of which, me and Sierra's new companion is Mist, a female black cat, which is also as fuzzy as Sierra. Now I have Sierra and Mist. Maybe this birthday wasn't so bad after all.


I hope chapter 18 and 19 were a make-up for all the short chapters. Thank you for reading this story!

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