Why Me?


18. Connor's Problem

Connor's P.O.V.

I don't really like Sammy now. She's too clingy. I'm going to her window to tell her I'm breaking up with her.

Sammy's P.O.V.

When Connor came to my window, I was happy to see him. "Hi," I say as I let him in. He doesn't respond. "Connor, what's wrong?" I ask him, knowing what he was going to do. I hope he won't do it. "Bye, Sammy. It's over," Connor said, leaving my room. Out of the window of course. Tears came streaming down my face. "CASSANDRA, GABI, MAYA," I scream as I cry on the floor. They all came barging in my room. "Sammy!" Gabi said, all of them running to me. They sat me on the couch and we watched a movie to calm me down. The movie was Toy Story 3. After the movie, they began to question me. "Now, what happened?" Gabi asked me, being the expert at comforting me. "Connor..." I couldn't say any more. "Sammy," they all said as they hugged me. "Whatever, he was just another boy. I can move on," I say, wiping my tears. "Good girl!" Maya said, patting my head. I laughed loudly. She always knew how to make me laugh. "How about we go shopping?" Cassandra offered. "I would like that," I said, smiling lightly at her. We went to the England Mall. The first thing we did was see the puppies and kitties at Animal Kingdom, of course! We got carried away with them, so we left. I got a pair of skinny jeans with a flowy, sleeveless, pink top. Then we went back to Animal Kingdom to buy a kitty. It was a fluffy grey female kitty, and I named her Sierra. When I took the girls and Sierra home, I set Sierra on my bed because she was tired. The girls called it a night after about 2 hours. Now it was 8, I was reading a book in bed. I'm glad that the maids were on break. They've been working too hard to make me happy. Sierra woke up, only to snuggle into my blanket that was over her. After that, we both fell asleep. The months passed away so fast. It's was already May 17, and I wasn't expecting Zayn and the boys to be home early tonight. I do expect them to be home by at least tomorrow, because it's my birthday and I will move out if he doesn't show up. I'm turning 18, and I can drive, I just need a car. Preferably a cream-colored minivan. The best car in my mind.

Gabi's P.O.V.

I felt bad for Sammy. I'm glad we bought her Sierra. Sammy seems happier with animals. Zayn better freaking show up tomorrow. I will slap him if he comes a day late, let alone an hour. I will move out with all the girls and only let Louis see us. He is the only one who has been fair to us.

Sammy's P.O.V.

It's early in the morning, about 7. The girls and I are going on a walk, I'm going to carry Sierra, of course. "How've you been?" Cassandra asked me, with a calm, soothing tone. "Good," I respond, not caring about Connor anymore. "That's good," Cassandra responds, giving me a warm smile. 


Time Skip-3:30 p.m.


Cassandra's P.O.V.

Louis and the boys still haven't showed up. I got a text from Louis.


Bro: Hey, how's it going? :)

Cassandra: If you mean being lonely is fun, then we are having the time of our lives!

Bro: Lol

Cassandra: Hey when u comin back bro?

Bro: about that... our tour wasn't 4 months long. It was 5 months.... We won't make it to Sammy's birthday...

Cassandra: Then I won't talk to you... Don't text me.


Just as I got a call from Louis, I turned my phone off. How will I break this to Sammy? I knocked on her door. "Cassandra?" Sammy asked from inside her room. I open her door. "I have something to tell you," I said, almost crying.


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