Why Me?


1. Chapter One: Introduction

Hey, I'm, Sammy, your average high school student. Except the bullies. Right. Well let me start with Cassandra, the most popular girl in school. Don't let the nice smile and pretty eyes trick you, she is the devil inside her pretty body. Then one more, which is Connor. He is probably the most mean and stupid kid  you'll ever meet. He doesn't know how to spell or read, but he knows how to bully. So going to school wasn't the easiest thing. It is almost the end of the school day and Cassandra is bothering the crap out of me by pushing over my books on my desk every 5 minutes of class. Mrs. Greener told Cassandra to stop, but she continued to push over my books. On my walk home, I got a text from my brother, Zayn Malik. He told me he was coming to town to visit. I wasn't going to respond because most of the time, when he comes, he joins Cassandra and Connor. Which is why I texted back saying not to come, and he didn't text me back until I got to my house. I secretly live alone, but nobody knows that. My mom left when I was 3, and my dad died when I was 12. So I have been living alone since then, and I have been talking care of myself too. Zayn texted me saying he didn't care about what I thought and that he was coming whether I liked it or not. I was upset, Zayn didn't know about my parents, and I was going to tell him. He decided to live with his step-dad in Bradford, England, so he was never here, for me at least. I saw his car park in my driveway, and I froze. I was SO nervous. He knocked on the door, and I instantly answered it. "Eager, are we?" he said." I have something important to tell you," I replied. "Then tell me," he said. "My parents don't exist!" I quickly said. Zayn stared at me with wide eyes. "Why didn't you tell me Sammy?" he said sadly. "I figured you wouldn't care about me living on my own for 5 years," I said slowly. He gave me a warm hug. "I'll live with you, and so will the boys," he said. "I don't have enough room," I said. "Then I'll buy a new house," he said sternly. "Anything else to add?" he asked. "No, I'm good," I replied happily. "It has been so long since I have seen you smile!" he replied happily as well. "Relax," I told him. He let out a relieved sigh, kicked off his shoes, and laid on the couch. "You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that," he sighed. I laughed. I heard another knock at the door. I opened it and saw 4 boys. I let them in, then the blondie asked me if I had any food, and then Zayn said, "Shut up Niall, don't be rude to Sammy!" "Who's Sammy?" Niall asked, his face stuffed with oreos. "MY SISTER!" Zayn semi-yelled. "Who are these people Zayn?" I asked. He pointed to the curly-haired boy. "That's Harry," he said. He pointed at the boy eating a carrot. "That's Louis," he said. Then he pointed at the boy eating ice cream with a fork. "That's Liam," he said. Lastly, he pointed at the blondie. "That's Niall," he finished.

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