Why Me?


15. Cassandra

Cassandra's P.O.V.

I was really sad without Sammy here. I liked her company, but after bullying her, I don't think she'll forgive me anytime soon. I'll go to her house after school and apologize. Maybe find out about my past. My last name is Tomlinson, but I decided it would be best if I were called Cassandra Jones instead. That is why I bullied Sammy, I was just sad. I live alone, since I'm eighteen and got kicked out of my parents' house. Well, the day's over. I'm going to head to Sammy's house.

Sammy's P.O.V

My day ended with the lesson with Zayn, which was beauty, of course. The last thing he taught me today was a bow with hair. I have to say, it looked pretty good on my hair. I was glad Zayn's hair was to short for a bow. It would have probably looked just a bit weird. I heard a knock on the front door. "I'll get it Zayn," I shout as I go down the stairs. When I opened the door, Cassandra was there, but she wasn't wearing anything glittery or pretty like usual. She was wearing black yoga pants with a pink brim and a pink tank top. She still looked pretty. "May I come in?" she said in a soft voice. "Yeah," I said moving so she could walk in. Her hair was in a ponytail. "I need your help," Cassandra said, a little bit of helplessness in her voice. "Sure. With what?" I ask her. "My family," Cassandra stated quietly. "Can I have your last name?" I asked. "Jones," she told me, obviously lying. "If you want help, tell me the truth," I tell her. Cassandra sighed. "Tomlinson," she said, almost in a whisper. "Hold up. Tomlinson?" I ask her anxiously. "Yes," she said, a little uneasy. "Sorry. Have you ever had a brother?" I asked her, now having more control over myself. "Yes, but he left when I was young. Probably ten or eleven," she explained. "Oh my god," I almost scream. "What?" she asked, nervous. "Your brother is Louis Tomlinson!" I squeal. "Can I see him?" Cassandra asked. "Of course," I said, calmer than before. When I knocked on Louis's door, I whispered to Cassandra. "Stand behind me," I told her. She did As I told. Louis opened his door. "What's up, Carrot boy?" I ask, being silly. "Why, hello," He said, trying to be formal. "By any chance, did you ever have a sister?" I ask him, out of the blue. "Yes. but I left her when she was ten or eleven, for the X Factor," Louis explained. "Why?" He asked, suspicious of me asking him. "Ta-da!" I say As I jump out of the way so Louis could see Cassandra. Louis's eyes filled with tears. So did Cassandra's. "I've missed you so much!" Louis sobbed into Cassandra's shoulder. "I've missed you too!" Cassandra sobbed into Louis's shoulder. I laughed lightly. "I'll leave so you two can catch up," I said, walking away. "Wait!" Cassandra said, her hand on my shoulder. I turned to her. " I can't thank you enough for what you have done. Why did you help me?" She asked. "Easy. I knew you bullied me, but I also knew you had a side to it. I figured ignoring the bullying and being nice to you would make you realize that if you like to be treated that way, then you would spread the happiness," I explained. "Thank you for caring about me," she said happily. "Of course. Now you two catch up!" I said, shooing them into Louis's room. I'm glad that the both of them are happy.

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