Why Me?


23. A Walk With Zayn

Zayn's P.O.V.

"I hope this makes up for everything," I said, hoping Sammy would forgive me. "Yeah, but like I said, I do expect more from you in the future," Sammy said, pointing her finger at me. She was holding Mist currently. She meowed, and I awed. Mist is my favorite. I swooped her carefully and swiftly from Sammy's arms. I ran as carefully and swiftly as I could to see if Sammy would notice. She did. She came after me, screaming my name. I put Mist in Sammy's room, then ran to mine quick enough for Sammy to think I still had her. I closed and locked my door so Sammy couldn't get in. "Zayn!" Sammy screamed, laughing playfully at the end. "I need my little Mist," Sammy said. I felt bad already. "I put her in your room," I said, giving up. "Thanks, Bro!" Sammy squealed. Her footsteps faded as she ran to her room. I sighed. A knock came to my door. "Hello?" I responded. "Zayn?" answered the voice. It was Sammy. I opened the door. She stuffed a ball of black fur in my face. It was a kitten. "Misty? I asked. "No. It's a new one. It's a male, and he's yours!" Sammy squealed. "Mine! I shall name you Jet!" I say as I hold Jet up, examining his tiny body. He meows, then yawns. I put him on my bed =, and he falls asleep. It has been a good day.

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