Danie, Aleah, and One Direction?

This book is about me my best friend and I with one direction!
In joy ;)


11. WOW

Aleah's POV
We found Harry and Danie kissing by forever 21!!
And then louis fake screamed and yelled THERE KISSING!!!! so loud that I think china was like what the heck was that a girl,a dude or louis Tomlinson?like really it was louder then me! Harry then let go of Danie and she fell on the ground with a thud. Aaaaaa!!! Oh my gosh I'm sorry love he said to her wall holding his hand out for her witch she gladly took. There faces were red as a tomato!!
Oh um hi guys Harry said.
We did not respond we just stared with are mouths open at them.
I leaned over to Niall and whispered In his ear I was right! He then gave me a weird look and started to laugh. 
Then Harry back slapped louis in the face.
How could you!!!! My beautiful face!!
We all started to laugh!
Hey Aleah what time is it? Asked Liam. 
It is............... Oh crap!!!
I'm going to be late for class!!! Oh we're is it? we can take you said Niall.
It's just down town.
Ok then lets go go go said Zayn who started to run.
Hey that's not fare I wasn't ready!! Yelled Lou
Shut up and run then said Niall grabbing my hand.
Yyyyyyaaaaaayyyyyy yelled Lou running after Zayn!!
Then Zayn screamed when Lou jumped on him!
I started laughing at them because they looked so stooped!!
You have a cute laugh said Niall.
I blushed and said thanks.
We finely got to the car and climbed in and started to drive.
So Zayn was driving and belting out the words to I'm sexy and I know it.
Liam was in the passenger seat dancing like a idiot to the song.
Danie and Harry were talking to each other and Lou was yelling superman out the window at unsuspecting people on the street and it looked like some of those people wet there pants!!! Then there was Niall and I we would roll down are window and yell compliments to people on the street.
Niall yelled i like your shirt to this girl with Harry on her shirt.
She was going to say thank you. But when she saw who it was she fainted and her friend cot her wall screaming I love you to Niall!!!
Which made Niall laugh so hard he fell on me.
When we got to my college I jumped out of the car and said thanks to the boys and winked and Danie.
Then I ran like crazy to get to class.
Which I made it to on time!!
When I finished class Niall text me:

To Aleah
do you want us to pick you up when Your dun?

To Niall
Yes that would be awesome!!! :D

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