Danie, Aleah, and One Direction?

This book is about me my best friend and I with one direction!
In joy ;)


5. Work

Aleah's POV
Hi are you ready to order?
Ya I think so I will have the cheese burger with French-fries and a ice water. 
Ok will that be all?
Yes thank you. 
You are welcome.
And that will be right out.
Hey mat here's a nother order for you.
Thanks Aleah. So Aleah I was wandering if you had a boyfriend?
Look mat I like you but not in that way.
Oh no no Im just trying to set my brother up whith some one.
well sorry but I'm not looking for a boyfriend at the moment.
Ok ok.
Bye mat I got another customer!
Hi I will be taking your orders for you to day.
Could I start you of with a drink?
Ya I will ......... Have..............a...............uh.........Root bear? He said with a British accent 
Is that a qesgen or a answer?
Haha a answer.
Haw about for you? 
I will have a water.
For you? Apple juice.
For you? Coca cola
And for you? I will have a water as well.
Ok I will be right back with Those. And it will give you time to look at the menu.
Man those guy look really fermilyr? where have I Sean them? OH MY GOSH THAY ARE ONE DIRECTION!!!!
I filled there drinks up and brought them to them.
Thank you. Louis
Thank you. Liam
Thank you. Harry
Thank you love. Niall . Oh my gosh he called me LOVE!!
Thank you. Zayn
You are welcome.
Are you ready to order?
Oh oh oh I'm louis yelled with his hand in the air and waving it like a crazy man.
Ok ok ok what would you like?
I will have the ribs with mashed POTATOES!!!! 
Ok for you?
I will have the cheeses burger. Liam
And I will have tacos.Harry
I will have the chicken pot pie. Niall said in is cute Irish accent.
Ok and for you?
I will have the chicken diner. Zayn 
I will be right back with that.
Hey mat another order for you.
Ok thanks and here's the order for table 11 thanks.
He you go.
Thank you mama.
You are welcome.
Can I git you any thing els?
No I'm good.
Ok enjoy.



Niall's POV
I can not believe she works here I could talk to her Or atlest try too.
Hey !! Is that the girl from the show last night? Zayn acts really exited.
Because you are staring at her like you were last night!
Oh shut up Zayn!
Oh he's blushing look at him louis said really excited!
He has a crush on her Harry said!
Just stop ok!
Ok Sher lover boy Liam said.
Oh come on not you two!
Sorry mate but you knead a poosh. 
I'm going to talk too her with out your help ok!
Fine. Zayn
Ok. Liam 
What ever. Louis 
Ya right. Harry
It was silent for a wile.
Here you guys go.
Thank you I said to her when she gave me my plate.
Be carfare it's really hot.
When she walked away to git the boys food I just watched her. 
Here you go she said to Harry,Zayn,Liam and Louis.
Is there any reason you gave me my food last louis acts with is arms crost.
Because you ordered first Du she said. Gosh she is so cute!
But is there a reason you gave Niall his first Harry said? 
No he was just the closet one to me.
I gave Harry death glare!
He pout his hands up in deafens.
The she pout her hand on her hips and bit her lip.
Did I menchan she was cute? Well she was really cute she was not giving me a chans! I had to look away or other wise she would see me staring at her. 

Aleah's POV
I was blushing so bad!
Ok can I git you guys any thing els ?
Om ya could I have your number?
I was totally fangirling in my head!
On ok can I have your phone so I can type my number in it?
Ok…… oh crap my phone is dead! 
Then I pulled a pen ot of my apron and grabbed Nialls hand and rout my number on it and my name.
Well I got to go guys enjoy your meal.
Oh we will said louis with a big smile.
Then Niall smiled at me and waved like a ideate.
ALEAH GIT YOUR BUTT OFER HERE NOW yelled Danie with a smile.
Then I speed walked to her and gave her a big hug.
Finally you can take ofer for me!
Oh and Niall Horan asct for my number!!
Did you give it to him?
Well du!!
I have to go or I will be late for class 
BYE STYLER!! I yelled to Danie but Harry turned around and gave me a weird look.
I was not talking to you so stop staring at us!!
Then all the boys laughed at him.
Bye Aleah!!
Danie Said to me.


Danie's PVO
Twenty minutes later........….............
Can I take your plate?
Yes thank you love Harry said to me!
I almost died!!
I took there plates away and came back with the check here you guys go. Hey I was wandering if I could have your number? Harry said with a nervous look oh his face.
Ya sher here give me your phone.
Then he gave me his phone and I tipped my number in and gave it back to him.
There you go.
Thanks love he said with a really really big smile on his face. 
Gosh I melted!! 
When the boys were leaving Niall tappet on my shoulder and I said can i help you with some thing?( not in a round way )
Oh um do you think um you could um give this to Aleah? Niall asct.
Ya sher but first what is it?
It is the tip for her from me and the boys.
Oh ya defiantly.
Thank you so much!!


Ok this is a really long one I hope there are a lot of people reading this!
Thank you guys so much!!


Love Aleah Grace :)


Peace out Frizzies ;P

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