Danie, Aleah, and One Direction?

This book is about me my best friend and I with one direction!
In joy ;)


7. The Next Day

Niall's POV
I was on my way to pic up Aleah at her house. 
I was so exited to see her today!
When I pulled up in front of her house I got out of the car And nocked on the door and herd some one yell I GOT IT!!!
And then Aleah opened the door and she looked apsalotley gorges! She was wearing black jeans and a tank top with palm trees on it and black boots and peach lipstick and her hair was in a braid. Hi come in Danie will be like twenty minuets she said joking. Then she led me to the living room and smiled. And then we talked about random stuff un tell Danie came down. Hi sorry it took me so long! Aleah payed me to stay up stares longer she joked. I did not do that. aleah said blushing.On I wish she did. I said to my self.



Aleah's POV
we walked out the door and then I locked the door. Niall pulled his keys out of his pocket and then he oped my door for me. Thank you. He just smiled at me. Then he walked to his side and got in. Danie was in the back and she was smiling like a ideate at me a and Niall. Then she started texting some one and I bet it was Harry.


Five minutes later 


Aleah's POV
we were laughing at a story Niall was telling us about this prank they played on Louis when he was asleep. They pout him on top of the tore bus when he was asleep. And he was like how the heck did I git up here!!! 

Danie's POV 
So how did you git louis on top of the tore bus? And then louis poppet out of the trunk and said yes how did you git me on top of the tore bus? What the heck were did you come from? The trunk du!! Said louis. Then Harry, Zayn and Liam came out of the trunk. Really Liam you two! Said Niall. Lou threatened me with a spoon!! Liam yelled!
Ok you do not have to yell! Said Aleah!
Welcome to my world I said to her!
She Turned around and stuck her tung out at me!! And the boys just laughed at us. So any way back to the story! Aleah said to Niall. Lou played a horabel joke on me and so the boys dusided to help me. So Liam picked him up. and then we went out side and then Liam climbed this latter and throe him on top of the tore bus. and then we ran back in to the bus. And when we Lou woke up he was like how the heck did i git up here? And when he stood up he saw a crowed. And did I menchan He was in his boxers? oh my gosh no! ok any way he was really shocked. and then Eleanor said Lou is that you? And then he said Eleanor? Lou have you been drinking? No I mean I do not think so!? Then we started laughing like crazy!when Aleah stooped laughing she said Oi what are you laughing about Aleah said In a really good British accent. Hey that's my line Lou said in a fake angry voices! Hey you said that to us at the consort! Oh ya what were you laughing about any way? Lou said to Aleah. Ummm we were umm laughing ummm about umm. Aleah looked at me for help and I was like we where laughing about this girl next to us. She was like that is my fyoncae and it made us laugh. Then all the boys stared laughing with us. So who was she talking about any way said Louis?
She was talking about Liam said Danie. WHAT!!! Liam u stole my girl Lou yelled and pretended to cry.
Liam just rolled his eyes.
And the rest of us just gave Lou wearied looks. What are you looking at Zayn louis said in a fake defensive voice. Um you because your acting like a freaking wearied oh!! 
Well I'm sorry you feel that way Lou said.
What that does not even make sense Zayn yelled at louis!!







Niall's POV 

So we got out of the car after louis little tantrum witch was quite funny.
We were walking in to the building and Harry was flirting with Danielle, louis and Zayn were talking about some sort of gift for there girl friends And Liam walked in to a pole because he was talking to his girl friend and then there was Aleah an I. Wow that just sounds right! And then Aleah started blushing and I released that I might have been staring at her to long. 
So Aleah how long have you been living in Colorado?
Um about one and a half years. 
So how long gave you guys been here? 
I think two days.
Maybe you and Danielle could show us around.
Ya that sound like fun.
For the first time in my life I was at a loss for word!
We came up to the door for the building and are bodyguards were out side waiting for was.
Paul had the moist piste off look on his face.
Ok louis what did you do to Paul?!?!
Nothin! Wy do you?
Because Paul looks like he is going to bite your head off!
I may have thrown a carton hove eggs at him.
I just might have. 
That was a really bad idea! You know that right?
Ya but I just wanted to see what he would do!
Paul started to walk toured us.
Then Lou yelled you will never take me alive!!!
And he started to ran away!!!
And Aleah was trying not to laugh so her cheeks were turning really red!
Witch made me laugh at how cute she looked!
Aleah started to laugh out loud so did Danie and the rest of the boys.
Your laugh is so contagious Liam yelled to Aleah!!
Toiled you Aleah Danie said with a lough.
When we looked at Lou and Paul.
Paul had Lou pined in a corner the Paul Grabbed Lou and started to drag him in to the building and Lou was yelling NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh dang that was funny!! Aleah said.
Then we all walked in to the building and to are dressing room.
When we walked in Aleah and Danie's mouths dropped!
Is this really your guys dressing room? Danie asked.
Yep Harry said with a cheeky smile.

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