Danie, Aleah, and One Direction?

This book is about me my best friend and I with one direction!
In joy ;)


6. Texting

Aleah's POV 
I was walking out of my class when my phone vibrated and it said text from unknown?

To Aleah 
Hey Aleah it's Niall!
I was just wandering if you 
If you wanted to hang out with me And the boys tomorrow? If not thats ok. But I really hope you do :)

To Niall 
Hey Niall 
I would love to! 
Is it ok if I bring Danie ?

To Aleah 
Ya it's fine.
Well she better come because 
Harry has been threading me that 
If I did not in viet her to that he would
Kill me so pleases bring her :/ 

To Niall 
Haha ya I think she will
Want to :)

To Aleah
What time to you want me 
To pic you up?

To Niall
About twelve thirty. 
Is that ok With you? And here is my address **************** 

To Aleah
Ya that's fine. 
See you tomorrow :)

To Niall 
See you tomorrow :D

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