Danie, Aleah, and One Direction?

This book is about me my best friend and I with one direction!
In joy ;)


9. Shopping!!

Danie's POV
When we got to the mall Aleah looked like a five year old on Christmas Day.
Aleah loves One Direction and shopping it's her two fav things!
Lou was jumping up and down like a three year old that just got gum! 
(Did you know that if you give a three year old girl gum she will fallow you around all the time asking for gum)
When we got in to the mall Lou said lets go to top man really loud!! What's top man Aleah and I said at the same time! All the boys gasped really loud and drumaticly except for Niall he roiled his eyes at them and we just laughed at them then Niall smiled at Aleah. you could tell he really liked her.then he looked at the boys. To make sure he was not staring at her. Are you kidding me you have never been to top man!?! Said Zayn.
Ya it sounds like its for guys duh!! Said Aleah.
Well that's going to change said Zayn grabbing Aleah's hand and dragging her throe the mall too top man.
When we got there niall was giving Zayn the death glare.
Harry was walking right next to me and I leaned over to him and said I think Niall is going to kill Zayn for holding Aleah's hand! Harry chuckled and said I bet thirty dollars that we will find Zayn in a tree when we wake up tomorrow! 
I bet forty dollars that he will be on a blow up thing in the pool!
Oh you are on Harry said and shook my hand!




Aleah's POV
We were walking through top man and Niall was making me laugh so hard.
He tried on a woman's scarf and sun glasses it was sooo funny!
Oh and Niall and I were running away from the boys and Danie she was trying to make me wear a Dress!!
Oh no I see Zayn let's run! Said Niall and he grabbed my hand.
What's with thees guys and grabbing my hand!
We ran out of top man and in to forever 21 witch I love!! 
When we got in to the store we stopped running and looked around.
Oh look at this I said and grabbed a snap back with wild printed on it.
I did not take you for the snap back type at all!
Ha I ware them all the time.
I like to take other people's.
Haha really?
Yeah but not to keep just to wear!
Here then you can ware mine.
Really thank you!
The we walked to the check out counter and then I was just about to buy the hat but Niall pulled out is wallet first and payed for it.
You know you did not have to buy that for me?
Yeah but I wanted too.
I was just about to say some thing dum but I was cut of by one of the boys. 
There you guys are we have been looking all over for you!! Said Liam really piste! 
Sorry Liam we were really bored of you guys so we dusided to go. Said Niall wall winking at me.
Liam was about to come back with a really good come back but Niall cut him off.
OH MY GOSH THEY HAVE A NANDOS!!! he yelled really loud!
I have a Q too ask you? I said
Yeah? Said Niall.
What the heck to they serve at nandos?
He grabbed my hand again. 
But stopped to say to the rest of the group STAY!!
What said Louis!?!?
Ya it's just me and Aleah!!
I got butterfly's when he said that!
In that case I'm taking Danie some were! Harry said.
then he grabbed danie's hand and walked away.
Ok the the rest of us will fined some were els to eat then!! Said louis.
Ok fine by me! I said


Niall's POV
Well not really I'm kinda dragging her wall she laughs at me being so serious. 
It was kinda cute.
So you must like nandos she said sarcastically.
Ha yeah but I bet you already know that?I had slowed down so we were walking side by side.
Yeah i did. She said smiling.
I was wondering?
Out of all the of the boys and me who was your fav?
Well before you met us.
Her face Was really red know it was cute!
Um um well um you and louis. She said.
I was exited I was her fav well one of them.
stooped louis!! 
We finally walked In to nandos!
Hello! The lady said to us
Hi two please! I said looking at Aleah who was looking around. then I realized we were still holding hand witch was awesome!!
Because people will think we are a couple!
Wow I really sound despret in my head!
Just shut up Niall. I yelled at my self in my head mined you!!

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