Danie, Aleah, and One Direction?

This book is about me my best friend and I with one direction!
In joy ;)


3. One Dirction

Aleah's POV we were waiting to git in to the consort. We were warring are dresses that we bout yesterday. When we finally got in we were trying to fined are seats. NO WAY WE ARE IN THE FRONT ROW danie screamed. Yep I worked really hard to git thees so you better like them I said with a smile on my face. We bout some Tee shirts and bracelets and other stuff. When the consort started I was fangirling like crazy and so was Danie!! Half way through the consort the boys sat at the edge of the stage to sing little things my fav song on take me home. Then I saw Niall was staring at me an I started to blush. When he sow me blushing he smiled and then he kept on singing. At the end of the song Harry winked at Danie and she trend really red. Then the boys answered qestjens from twitter and one of them was.. Oh has a girlfriend in the band? Well I have a girlfriend and sow dus Liam and Zayn. And then Niall looked at me and smiled agean and then Harry winked at Danie agean. Then I whispered to Danie do you think they are drunk or some thing? She started laughing! Then louis looked at us and said OI what's so funny? Which made every one laugh. Then they started singing I want to save you to night Then I hugged danie and said hope you like your bday present! Well du I love it! Then we sang along to the rest of the consort. At the end they thanked ever one for coming and stuff like that. That was so much fun said Danie! Thank you for the ticket! You are vary welcome miss Styles! miss Horan!! Danie's POV ok I git to drive on the way home miss Horan ok? Ya sher miss Styles I'm to tiered to drive any way. Half way through the drive Aleah fell asleep. So I started to think about Harry. Could he really have been drunk? Or did he really like me? I bet he was drunk! Harry's POV hay louis you know that girl you yelled at at the concert? Ya the brown headed girl right? Ya There was some thing about her that made me not want to look away. She probably thinks I'm drunk. Oh I now what that is. What? You........ Are.......... Just spit it out Lou!! As I was going to say before I was roundly it erupted. You are in love Harry du! No that can't be right! Think what you want hazz. Niall's POV man that girl with the red hair was so Cute I just could not take my eyes of of her. I should have said hi! I'm such a ideate! Niall! Niall!! NIALL!!! Liam! Liam!! Liam!!! What!? Did you here a single word I just said? Im Sorry mate I was just thinking. Well what I was saying was that you were really staring at that girl in the front row. Ya she was really cute wasn't she? I'm sorry mate I'm not at liberty to say because Danielle would kill me if she heard me say something like that! Haha ya you would be so dead!!!! Ya lets not talk about it ok? Ok..... This one was pretty bad sorry! But keep reading it gets better i promos! Thank you ooh ever you are! Love Aleah Grace :) Peace out frizzes;p
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