Danie, Aleah, and One Direction?

This book is about me my best friend and I with one direction!
In joy ;)



Hi I'm Danielle but all my friends call me Danie i just turned 19 and i have blond hair but I recently dyed It brown and I have green eyes and tan skin and I'm five nine And yes I do know I'm tall.

And I'm the athletic one :)


Hay I'm Aleah and I do not have a nick name so just call me Aleah or Anne oh I guess I do have a nick name any way I have brown hair but I dyed It red and I have blue eyes and I'm the funny But sensible one ;p



Danie's POV
H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y DANIE!!!!!!!!! yelled Aleah insanely loud 
T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!!!!!!! I yelled back and no not as loud as her
Because she is freakishly the loudest 
Person I know and I know allot of People trust 
me........ no really trust me!
Ok now open my present first please please please pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeee
Aleah you are the only person hear!!
Oh ya right.... Open it now!!!!
Ok ok!!
I opened it patronizingly slow
Oh come on Danie just open it!!!!!
Ok I just wanted to see what you would do. 
You are such a jerk but I still think you should open it now so I can here you scream with happiness !
You are soooo wearied!!
I know right now open it or I will take it back!!!
When I opened it I screamed soooo loud I do not think Aleah could of screamed louder then I just did!!!
Thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u!!!!! If u could not tell I'm really exited about what she got me!
What you might ask is what is it I will tell you.
She............... Got me.............. Tickets............... To.............See.............. ONE DIRECTION!!!!!
OH MY GOSH I cant breath!! OH MY GOSH I'm going to see Harry Freaking styles!! OH MY GOSH thank you are the best friend ever!!!
OH MY Gosh you are Welcome gosh you do not knead to hug the life out of me!!!
Can't breath....... Going......... Too......... Die!!!!!
Oh sorry but I'm so happy thank you!!!
No du and you said that already but any way
You are vary welcome!!!!!!!!! 



Aleah's POV 
So what do u want to do birthday girl?
Watch movies and eat cake!!
Ok so what movie do you want to watch and I no it's your birthday and all but I I'm not watching the titanic it is just to sad!!!!
I was int going to pic that any way I want to watch the note book!!!!!! 
Oh my Gosh I for got u had that movie !!! At the end of the movie Danie was crying and I was like that wasn't even that sad!
Oh shut up Anne with a e!!Fine i will Diana! Five minutes later So what should we watch now Diana? 
I do not no said Danie stroking her 
Chin like she had a beard.
I started laughing at at her and she was like what is so funny Anna which made me laugh even harder!!
Anne Shirley stop laughing this instant and by that point I was crying cause I was laughing so hard. When I finely calmed down I had recked my mascara and eye liner oh crap!!! 
Then we watched epic cause we love that movie and by then it was like 12:30 and the I was like ok I need to sleep so night Diana.
Night Anne.


Ok hope u guys like it so far I no it's the first chapter and all but I really hope it's good...

Thanks for reading....
Well I hope there are people reading this and I'm not just talking to my self well any way...

Peace out fizzes 


Aleah Grace:)

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